A Journey to Home

merkabaAscension is the movement of your consciousness from your personality program to your effortless, magical, authentic nature. But many fear being luminous in their Light and standing out, falsely believing that this will intensify the separation consciousness which already tears at the heart’s peace – feelings of not belonging and aloneness. But nothing could be further from the truth because your ascension is the fulfillment of your core purpose: to BE love, and remember that you are already in unity with All That Is.

One cannot be a vessel of the highest love without acknowledging the darkness, and the deepest shadow looming over Earth has been the genetically usurped architecture of the human body. So remembering your authentic nature requires a deep cleansing of the distortions in your emotional body, mental triggers, ancestry, false memories, karma, implants, traumas from other dimensional experiences, etc.

These distortions are inorganic, artificial energetic structures that interrupt the alignment of your original, Divine blueprint with Source energy, and have intentionally blocked humanity from understanding itself and its vast possibilities. The forms of these disruptions are extensive, damaging and insidious. The dis-eases on this planet, emotional pain, addictions, and mental illnesses are manifestations of manipulations by the dark forces who are using our life force for their own perpetuation. When we enter into ego-driven behaviour, and give away our power, we feed this siphoning of energy. However, the majority does not have conscious awareness of these interferences and they are often just accepted as reality on Earth. Yet, they can be accessed and cleared through the holographic, multi-dimensional healing that I offer.

We can never ascend, nor understand the magnitude of this opportunity, through our lower mental body residing in the highly manipulated personality program (chakras 1-3) of our bio-computer. It is the controlled mind that fears not fitting in, or being cast out or persecuted, and drives someone to hide away amidst the hive mentality. Therefore, the intent is to override the manipulations through all dimensions) in order to allow the all-important eternal seed atom of Christ consciousness to ignite in the higher heart of the monadic 8th dimension of our Lightbody. We have the power.

So, ascension is the resurrection of God intelligence through the transformation of the anti-life, 3D energetic architecture. Clearing and detoxification allows the transmutation of our carbon-based biology to silicate. And as we own our shadow and those aspects that have been in resonance with fear and lower vibrations, we dismantle our personality program and reclaim our soul fragments into our wholeness. This rebuilds our spiritual-energetic foundation to allow for our expansion of consciousness, and moves our station of identity to another higher dimension/future timeline.

Ascension is by no means an easy or gentle process in this accelerated timeline. Some Indigos and Starseeds are moving aggressively through this process to be the foundational blueprint of God consciousness for the collective whole. For every person, in alignment with their own purpose, this call to be deeper in Love with the God within is a profound transformation, impacting not only our planet but our Universe.

Stay courageously true to who you really are, so that your individuality can be seen, heard and celebrated. Yes, you will stand out! However, as you share your Light, your nature will vibrate in resonance with the essential beauty of all sentient beings and creation, more joyful in the truthful peace of journeying back Home.

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