Intelligent Spiritual Embodiment

Divine femaleWhen we speak about embodiment it’s clear that there is reference being made to the physical body. Fundamentally, embodiment is the means by which the soul becomes fully merged, anchored, and expressed through the physical form. Our collective spiritual evolution and our personal consciousness expansion can only transpire as unmanifest energy moves to manifest from, while we are inhabiting a human body. So our body continues to be a highly important focus.  But what does this all involve? And how do we support ourselves?

masculine and feminine

masculine and feminine

In every person, place or thing there is the gender principle of creation: the natural pairs of opposites, the feminine (magnetic) and the masculine (electrical). The unity of the two is the creation of balance and harmony, and it is the core of the spiritual ascension process for Earth and within the human body. It is this sacred, inner marriage that gives rise to the hiero-gamic union between the human and Divine God, the Christ-Sophia. It’s this return to energetic balance that allows for the life force of God consciousness to integrate and flow with self-perpetuating energy in neutrality. This is what it means to live as inner sustained Living Light consciousness.


‘Morphogenesis’ by Amaeil

This energetic synthesis comes about through a series of organic transmutations. It is an on-going, gradual process, as our intelligent energy shifts into higher dimensional perceptions, through a personality/ego focus (dimensions/chakras 1-3), the soul body (dimensions/chakras 4-6), the monad (dimensions/chakras 7-9), and Avatar consciousness (dimensions/chakras 10-12). While the overall direction for expansion of consciousness is the same for every human, this is not a linear process, meaning that we do not fully complete one stage before moving to the next.



It would be more accurate to say that we are each moving through multi-dimensional spiral consciousness, in which all dimensions are simultaneously active, and we connect into these through our unfolding experiences and awareness. As that happens, we access even more of our energy field, and each dimension offers more healing opportunities. It’s infinite layers upon layers of energy. This is important to acknowledge because the ego mind has a tendency to define success by measurement, based upon hierarchal thinking, and arriving at some destination fulfilled. There is no value in self-comparison, and no judgment of anyone’s value as more or less, and there is no final goal or destination. There is, however, for each and every person, always the choice of operating less from limiting, ego programs and deepening our inner connection to God-Source.

Collectively, we are now integrating soul consciousness, however, a person’s embodiment experience is entirely unique due to countless variables such as the consciousness with which someone incarnated, their ancestral history, genetics, cumulative experiences through all lives, astrological influences, and the willingness of the individual to participate. If someone takes the time to nurture awareness then there is the movement of both Spirit and matter through time and space into higher dimensional realities. There is the movement of life form from density to a Lighter energy, a greater silicate matrix that is more crystalline in nature. This is the restoration of the original 12 strand human DNA imprint that existed before the Luciferian Rebellion and Atlantian Cataclysm, at which time our higher functioning DNA was lost.

Participating means paying attention –

to how the body works, what is available and coming into the body, what is transforming, and what is releasing.

Pillars of Light

Pillars of Light

Let’s first consider that our personal evolution, and humanity’s evolution is occurring in tandem with planet Earth’s consciousness. We are one with the planetary body as a group human soul. What we shift in our bodies shifts the planet and vice versa. There’s a lot that can be said about that, but for these purposes, I want to speak to the Aurora Guardians’ assistance with humanity’s embodiment. This is the re-encryption of the Christ or Krystal Star coding in our silicate matrix – to restore the four elements of our DNA which are earth, fire, water and air.  Again, this is necessary because the alien invasion and the manipulation of the our human genetics. It also helps us to transmute the miasma at an atomic and subatomic level that we each took on upon birthing into 3D, and that has kept us connected into the phantom matrices of the 911/negative alien agenda. It therefore supports clearing our ego personality/1-3D, and helps is more easily manage the higher frequencies becoming accessible to our planet, while re-establishing the natural laws governing our universal creation and the Law of One – All is One. Despite the fact that we have collectively shifted to the soul body, it’s these lower fields of 1-3D that are still being cleared of distortions, which includes the pain body and the conscious mind, in order to move toward inner, sacred harmony.

Further, let’s remember that the Earth, and we as its inhabitants, move through cycles and consciousness gateways in our ascension. Moving through the Galactic Zodiac, is one such level. It gives us insight into the alchemical process underway during each phase of the ascension process, and informs us of the impact of cosmic transmissions on our Solar System and planetary collective consciousness. Since our bodies serve as the microcosm of the macrocosm, as we embody Christ consciousness, each period has a specific organic expression through our bodies. Further, each pass through has potential to open up more connections and levels of healing. Having this understanding gives us a context and makes it a bit easier to accept our transmutation experiences.

Messier_74 in PiscesIt’s noteworthy that, as opposed to the 12 astrological stages to which we are accustomed, Ophiuchus now provides a 13th stage: “This phase is the solar alignment with the Cosmic Aether which is at the core of the Galactic Center…….which represents pouring … healing spiritual waters into the earth and humanity from Mother God. Previously, these waters were corrupted ……During the ascension cycle this constellation is to return to its original geometry, to represent the union of all polarity, as the perfect blueprint of energetic balance and harmony for humanity.”

During all stages of embodiment, as the body electromagnetically recalibrates, we can experience many symptoms. It can sometimes seem like the body is not coping well, or is ill, or at the least, is operating in some different way. It may feel like anxiety or an uncomfortable pressure in the body.  It can indeed be painful. Sometimes, this is illness in the sense that dis-ease states have manifested into a form. Other times these shifts pass through the body. Discernment is essential. Overall, these shifts are designed to allow for a new way of expression – a higher expression. For example, the clearing of 1-3D is now impacting the bones, skin and blood matrices, as well as any negative ego constructs. It has not been an easy time for the body of late, however, the need is still the same – listen to your body and always ask, “What support does my body need now?” The body will share that wisdom if it’s asked.

'where the light shines through, scott richard'

‘where the light shines through, scott richard’

Of course, shifting requires our energy – energy that then is not available to other aspects of living. It can feel at times that the only energy that is available is for rest and stillness! Even digestion in the ascension process will be slowed and more challenging, because all focus is the embodiment process. You may also find that it’s difficult to take in information or learning because the body is focused on integrating on other levels. Your personal experience will depend on your sensitivity, what you are processing, how actively you are participating with your consciousness, and perhaps your service mission. For further understanding and a complete list of possible symptoms please see blog “Ascension Symptoms”.

Any imbalances in the gender principles that we hold within our energy field will also be reflected to us in outer experiences and our internal dialogues. These provide direct clues as to what needs to be cleared. If we feel like things are not going smoothly, or we get triggered by our exchanges with others, or we keep running into the same pattern of our ineffectiveness or unhealthy behaviour, it’s up to us to be willing to look at that and choose to change it. Our thoughts too need to be re-encrypted in that they are vibrations that hold intention. Either they move us toward a higher expression or lower. If our mind is holding a density of heavy thoughts, painful memories, or negativity, then this is what the mind has to purge in order to realize a new, more  pure frequency.

insecure mind

‘Insecurity mind’

We all know what these limiting beliefs and thoughts are if we simply stay aware of our internal self-talk and our body’s automatic reactions. What is the mind ruminating about? What conversations or phrases keep looping repeatedly? These will connect with painful emotions of the pain body. What is the emotion that surfaces in the body with the thought? With the simple process of acknowledging the emotion and then locating it in the physical body, care is being taken to acknowledge the wound of the inner child and to help him/her feel safe to be authentic with his/her emotions. This opens us to the possibility of changing that which has remained unconscious and maintained denser frequencies in our field. This is why the process of clearing ego sub-personalities, or any wounded part of the self is so essential to embodiment. This practice of consciously connecting the mind, body, and emotions not only takes us to knowing ourselves more deeply, it’s what builds integration and inner balance. These are not the times to judge oneself, but to stay open and curious, and above all, compassionate. It’s only unconditional love that creates healing. It’s when pain is authentically witnessed through the compassionate, neutral observer consciousness that any polarities can be integrated into unity. The more we heal, the less reactive we become and more we are liberated into emotional stability. We naturally, and gradually, move toward the neutrality of inner, sacred balance.

Healing Heart

This brings us to the heart. Embodiment and energetic balance cannot take place without expanding the heart. Clearing and releasing the mental and emotional pain, which is other-wise known as ego dismantling, is what brings one back into connection with the heart and opens us again to love – self-love! The 4D astral heart is the bridge between the lower and higher dimensional bodies, but as we move into monadic embodiment, it is transformed into the higher heart of 8D. This is where the permanent seed atom resides, and where the Spirit body comes in at conception in preparing for incarnation. It holds the instruction set for the Krystal Body and the Christ Consciousness 12 strand DNA silicate matrix. So we come full circle to see the high value of the Aurora re-encryption in dissolving the miasmatic densities that were imposed upon us at birth, to allow for higher monadic activation. It’s at monadic embodiment that true hiero-gamic union of the masculine and feminine energy can begin to be anchored. Only then can we move into Divine purpose. Until then, our clearing work is really where our focus needs to be: miasma, karma, trauma, fragments, other selves memories, ancestral influences, phobias and fears, addiction programs, etc. The AoA Hieros Gamos System is ideal for this inner work, along with any emotional and mental body clearing work.

It’s compassionate to acknowledge that while embodiment is an amazing process, it’s not necessarily an easy process here on Earth. Some people have very challenging experiences to see the truth of how things operate here, and to bring about polarity integration into wholeness. Others have life lessons that repeat until the layers of consciousness are transformed, one step at time, each time refining the body and mind into another level of heightened awareness.

hearts on body


Therefore, be mindful that the more consideration and awareness is given to the body, the easier the process is. The more we resist, the longer the process can take. The more we resist, the more we stay in the old. The more we resist, the more the embodiment takes of our energy. Keeping the body relaxed and giving it rest when it needs that is most helpful. Equally important is keeping the mind open and flexible. We may need to slow down to allow this. Meditation, supplementation, homeopathy, myofascial release, acupuncture, cranial sacral treatments, yoga, chanting, etc. are all supportive means for keeping the energy of the body moving through its process. If we keep the conversation going with our body we are being kind and loving to our inner child. It can be as simple as authentically honouring what is coming forward in our consciousness and how we are feeling. Yet, from my experience, what arises is often more profound than we realize, so let’s be gentle and patient with ourselves and others. If you require support, please call. We can also call upon the Aurora Guardians if we have developed a relationship, and ask for elemental re-encryption. Their energy frequency is shimmering pale white with all the pastel colours of the rainbow, visually looking like cellophane.

The body, mind, emotions and Spirit, yes, are all intricately connected. They each play a valuable part in our personal ascension and the planet’s. That’s an understatement of this God-created intelligent process! And yes, it can truly challenge us to change our history and move to embody Cosmic Christ consciousness through all the distortions, but if we want our freedom we have to accept the invitation to participate. For those dedicated to higher consciousness, and those having a very difficult time right now, in whatever way that is for you, may you feel the love too. We’re in this together – thank you – and we are all constantly learning and expanding, and we are Divinely supported. Of course, the more we know that, we’re well on our way to energetic balance.

With loving gratitude to Lisa Renee/ for informational clarity, the Energetic Synthesis community for all that they hold in love.

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