Are You in Sacred Marriage?

masculine and feminine

masculine and feminine

Sacred marriage is the realization of your God-Self. It is a union unlike any other in that the primary focus in the relationship is spiritual alchemy through the creational power of Living Light. It cannot be considered a union through ego for there is no place for this. In fact, the ego is the uninvited guest that will always find itself being transformed to Divine love.

Many times, people participate in relationship from the ego self. This is a limited view, for the energies are looping in a bi-wave or polarity, closed system. In this case, the relationship is fed only by a siphoning of energy from one another, and the overall paradigm is often “what can I get?” This closed system is a distortion (vesica pisces). If one only has this limited perception of relationship, then it is challenging to be in an effective one.

The opportunity on Earth today is to transform the bi-wave/polarity system to a tri-wave with an eternal life force. This means that God-Source also enters into the relationship dynamic for mutual healing and balancing. Yet it is more than just gender reference, it is creation mechanics at the particle level; when God-Source Light is present, the masculine and feminine principle energies coming together as polarities are regenerated through zero point, the Source of all creation. It is unification of the Mother God and Father God energies within each partner, and through the partnership, creating Christ consciousness, and the foundation for expansion.

When someone expresses to me that they wish to attract a spouse/partner who can meet their ego’s needs (generous, creative, established, etc.), my question to them always is, “Are you this?” You have to be that which you wish to experience. More importantly, applying this to Divine relationship, the question becomes, “What is your relationship with your Spirit/God?”

Sacred marriage, first and foremost, exists within, and can express in a committed relationship, but this is not essential. Either way, personality is secondary to alignment with your pure, infinite consciousness. Individually, the ego is intended as a vehicle for transformation and genuine soul expression. In partnership, the harmonization is much more meaningful than personality compatibility; it is purposed to serve Oneness. Your relationship is first with your Spirit. Your relationship with the other is with their Divinity.

When you are committed to Oneness, anything else will have to fall away, and this is your inner work. This is not to say that you have to be perfect in relationship with God, or with another Divine human being, but you are aligning with unity consciousness and service. This requires commitment to your spiritual ascension, and learning to be inner-sustained from your own Light. Your intention shifts to “what can I offer?”, both to humanity, and perhaps a partner.

Now, the Avatar of Ascension Hieros Gamos System has been brought to humanity for its freedom and empowerment, by providing the opportunity to release all that interferes with inner sacred marriage. This Living Template Technology has the capacity to restore your original, Divine blueprint from its distortions, which have limited your multi-dimensional self-awareness. Healing through this holographic consciousness field helps you regain the natural balance between your human self and Divinity, and your Divine inner feminine and masculine, for embodiment of your Christ consciousness.

May all your relating be luminous.

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