Responding to Your Own Choices for Ascension

yield sign

‘Y Intersection Yield’

There comes a time when we face a challenge that interrupts the patterns of what we know and do. Often we imagine that life will be worse. Instead, difficult days can be the manna for the ascension of our soul. Our response determines how gracefully we navigate the passageway.

My client Suzy is a skilled practitioner who heals the subtleties of the body with her intuition and the skill of her hands. Yet, the theme of our healing work together revolved around her incessant drive to have and experience more in life, which distracted her from her essential stillness. She was restless if she wasn’t doing something. We collaborated to ground the focused healer she was with her clients into her everyday self, and she was well on her way.

However, the same conditioning that directs our daily living can also dictate our spiritual pursuits. It seemed Suzy wanted more soul learning. As she surrendered into an asana in yoga class, a passing thought stirred immediate and intense fear; “I could never get through a physical injury.” Feeling relief when her class was over she headed out. Then came the grand interruption; she broke her wrist even before she arrived home!

This was Divine perfection; what appeared to be a dismal turn of events was exactly what she needed. Unable to work for six weeks Suzy initially feared having little income, but quickly considered the gain instead of the loss; she had the chance to learn how to BE. Also, she was scheduled to attend professional training and wondered how she could participate. We chose to hold a higher perspective; not having two hands with which to work could bring her to the threshold of discovering new healing gifts within her. True enough, her mentor simply suggested she learn to heal others with her heart.

Taking full responsibility for our circumstances is a cornerstone for ascension. Suzy realized that she created this experience, and chose to embrace what confronted her without resistance. Typically very self-sufficient, she had to learn how to accept help and receive without feeling undeserving. As she opened her heart to love she gave permission for others to do the same; her relationships began to deepen.

The most joyous expansion came from having to step outside of her routine. Unable to get through her day as usual, Suzy witnessed the choices she had been making, and delighted in breaking patterns. Something as simple as having to put her shoes on in a different order restored childlike curiosity and wonder to help her break her doing addiction.

Additionally, our focused work with core pattern release helped her to release deeper, unconscious beliefs that were still keeping her from recognizing that true fulfillment was already within her. Old beliefs kept her searching outside of herself for a roadmap to her inner self, and she organized her life around controlled efficiency rather than involution. Ultimately we released core illusions that impede many people: “I am my body”, “I am what I do”, and “I am my mind.”

All our moments are ascension opportunities. Our seemingly mundane activities are openings to change as much as the times we choose unsettling catalysts for our evolution like a broken bone. And isn’t it wonderful to be shown how precisely creative our Spirit is! It’s only a matter of how we choose to respond.

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