Be Wonder-full to Heal Your Ego

'Finger Waggling' Found on

‘Finger Waggling’ Found on

I remember watching my baby great-niece notice her finger the first time. Captivated, she swept it slowly through the air and followed it closely with her eyes. Enthralled, she did it three more times and giggled with sheer delight. It’s this capacity to wonder about herself and her world that will propel her in her growth and brilliant discoveries. But this is true for everyone! Our amazement is our God-given birth-right. It’s wise for each of us to reclaim our wonder now, and for the coming year, as a gift to our hearts.

mind controlled

‘Chaos inside’

Wonder will heal our wounded inner child and ego pain. The ego is unnatural, negative alien consciousness, which generates fear-based, automatic emotional reactions, superior- inferior polarity thought-forms, and filtered perceptions. Stemming from the Atlantean conflict, the dark forces abuse technology to maintain unstable and chaotic frequencies in the mind-body for harnessing, and to suppress higher consciousness. The more imbalanced the mind, the more we fear and feel unsafe. The more we identify with old wounds, victim-victimizer addiction patterns and their archetypes, such as the hero, or lonely child, as examples, the more our wonder-full inner child is kept in the dark. Then we’re more easily targeted to be triggered, especially if our spiritual growth threatens their dark agenda.

catching a thought

‘Catching a Thought’

However, self-awareness is the anti-dote to being the automaton they wish humans to be. Wonder can go a long way to becoming familiar with the patterns of our emotions and thoughts, and how they impact our behaviours and responses to our life’s challenges. Knowing ourselves this way is essential for discerning what our inner child needs for healing, controlling our emotional impulses, and disciplining our ego. To wonder implies willingness, engagement, open mindedness, exploration, inquiry, possibility, expansion, and rebalancing to neutral.

upside down world

‘Glued in Firenze – Forced Perspective’

Wonder-full questions can liberate us. They can shift us from feeling stalled: “I wonder what would happen if I stopped being afraid?” A curious inquiry can release pressure: “I wonder who I would be if I stopped proving my worth?” or “I wonder how I would feel if I was enough?” Wonder can expand our multi-dimensional awareness: “I wonder, what’s the purpose of my soul on Earth now?”

And if we lose our footing on the mountain of our faith, lost with more questions than answers, wonder can lift our feelings of overwhelm to fascination with what might come next. To wonder is to meet God in the vast unknown.

'Happy-Feelin' CirclyStars'

‘Happy-Feelin’ CirclyStars’

Wonder calms fear into a safer, gentler space, and offers pause to our need to quickly fix our pain. It transforms drudgery into effortless grace. The ordinary turns to extraordinary, finite to infinite, and humanness reunites with the Divine. Creativity then ripples with possibilities across the Universe, and gives birth once more to awe – who we’re created to be.

Our wonder-full inner child is our essence! I have my great-niece to thank for serving as a reminder of how it is to be alive with curiosity. My dearest wish for her is that she never stops gazing in awe at life, no matter how old, and no matter how many times she looks at her own hands. And with her newborn baby brother, I’m given the chance to see more finger waggling, and more joy as they discover each other. Oh, what wonders await!

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