Waking Up to Power of Choice

Quite a few people now urgently want others to wake up to the dark deceptions in which we’ve been enslaved. Even with some lifting of the lockdown continued fear-mongering is suppressing the collective consciousness. Some people have had enough of it, and others remain in various levels of fear. It’s definitely essential, now, for humanity to powerfully reclaim our rights, freedoms and sovereignty, and stop giving consent to the agenda to control us. So it would be easy to justify our impatience and frustration with others, and maybe even with ourselves, generously stirred from our unresolved past traumas. However, what’s always been true in the past is still true now – we cannot force someone to wake up. So where do we go from here?

Collectively we’re at a choicepoint of evolution. In the higher dimensional parallels we’re living through the Lyran War. Simultaneously, on our 5th dimensional parallel Earth Tara we’re remembering the catastrophic explosion of our home. This was humanity’s fall of consciousness, and what ensued was a long history of galactic warring. We’re again triggered into the trauma of being invaded, controlled, and losing a peaceful, conscious Life pulsing in sanctity with God-Source Light. For thousands of years, those who have feared the Christ families have abused their power over humans with a predator mind, and relentless indifference to our pain and suffering. They remain determined in their agenda to dehumanize us, and fulfill their plans for human genocide.

Light is liberating us from the darkness of the Black Suns and One World Order timelines through the Guardians, as well as many Light Beings from the God Worlds, and many dedicated souls on Earth, which is resulting in more and more dismantling of old structures. Many more people are seeing the lies, but we cannot submit to the spell of the false narratives being spun around us, nor that something or someone outside of us will rescue us. We are the conduit of change on this planet and we still have work to do. Most people will not have any awareness of just how critical this time is. But the opportunity is now. Globally, we’ve been adapting to new ways, but high awareness is required to clarify to what we’re adapting. As difficult as it may be to confront our current reality, we do have to be willing to thoughtfully consider the consequences of the choices being made for us, and our own choices. Some are not easy. We can’t succumb to our mandated position as the victim and a dystopian reality in which choice is but a distant memory, individual freedom is squashed with censorship, behaviour modification, and tyrannical Draconian laws, and our organic nature is merged with machine. We don’t have to look too far to see how governments are extending their control and tracking through virus contact tracing, cameras, facial recognition, drones, cell phones, etc. Remember that these were not in place in previous health scares nor was there a lockdown. We can look to China and the Communist Party as the model for Black Sun control and One World Order. It’s no longer a far-off idea of what might come. We have to be willing to see the hidden agenda, the way it’s rolling out, and its eventual implications as difficult as that is. We have another opportunity now to reclaim the truth of who we are – powerful, sovereign Divine humans with rights. Remember that we are the many and the controllers are the few. They count on our continued self-enslavement. This is why they separate us from each other and seek to diminish our unified power, and began programming us for a 2nd wave of the virus.

Each person is responsible for their spiritual growth and choices, and so it’s wise to respect that each person is following the unique orchestration of their soul’s journey in this dark night of the soul. Even if we’ve been repressed it doesn’t mean we each won’t awaken more deeply in our own meaningful way if we commit to that.

It follows then that we each courageously heal our own fearful triggers first. Lead by example rather than being a saviour or martyr. It seems to me that many are being presented with core inner conflicts to heal – the ones that have the potential to take us to another level of consciousness expansion. The soul will bring this to us in just the right way, but let’s be willing to inquire within as to when we do not live in our Higher Expression, and where our ego mind still deceives us with lies about who we are.  Let’s ask which Self needs to now emerge to rise above the fear and the enslavement and victim programs still being pushed into our consciousness, and work to maintain mental and emotional coherence.

We can seek truth with an open mind and critical thinking: understanding that we have controlling agendas and inverted systems on Earth, it’s essential to challenge the edicts, consider various possibilities, research, and be willing to assimilate multiple sources to draw our own conclusions. We take what resonates. There is a vast amount of information to discern, so my suggestion is that rather than overwhelm yourself, lean into researching a topic that is meaningful to you or to which you feel called. For some this will mean investigating the vaccination agenda, or big pharma, while for others it might mean reviewing 5G, the secret space program, or financial corruption. This is a way to shift consciousness beyond the limiting matrix.

We came to embody our souls, not to please others nor conform. Our open heart is still the master tool for discerning what feels true for us. Resonance always feels as though there’s flow and ease as an indication of alignment with the true self, the God Source-Within and the Natural Laws. It sustains us. If there’s dissonance then we can feel questioning, put upon, or mistrustful as indicators. However it’s not about right versus wrong but rather clarification. So we must not get lost in fictional social norms, blindly accept external false authorities, or justify why tyranny and fear-mongering is acceptable. Instead we have to come to know and claim our true Selves. Our resonant choices will take us to mutually supportive and healing communities.

We are called to be powerfully compassionate with others. Share truthful information to reveal what’s been hidden. Plant seeds. Nurture growth, and hold faith in the capacity of the human Spirit to recognize truth. But if we tell someone who they should be or how to live, even if well-intentioned, it’s more control. Rather than be tell-directed, we can intend our highest self to communicate with theirs – heart to heart. If we open to curiosity, we ask what matters to them personally in all this change. This is the context in which an individual can own more of their Divine essence and authentic power. We help liberate them through their own awareness, and reflect back their power of choice. We hold empathy. We discover with them, and stay out of fear that they may choose differently than what we would want for them. The fear contracts our energy and theirs. Instead, we allow them to make their own choices, and recognize that choices can evolve as they digest new information and integrate those energies. It’s in the neutral compassionate witness that God can help. This is when change is possible.

We each have a unique contribution to make or we wouldn’t be here on Earth now. But often people feel like they’re not doing enough, stemming from shame programs. It’s also a mystery to individuals as to what exactly their contribution is. This Divine purpose comes when the monad intelligence (chakras 7-9) is integrated. Some will feel purpose in leading through outward action or activism, while others are more effective in their stillness of being. So, please consider that holding the higher frequencies of Light through whatever natural or authentic expression we choose now is highly valuable to shifting the consciousness. We are not powerless. Sincere prayer and meditation are also valuable as are heart-centred acts of kindness, and living in alignment with God’s Natural Laws. Choosing love over fear is key.

It’s important to note that if you are more spiritually mature and feel that you would like to do gridwork to change the planetary structures, or directly confront the ways of the  cabal and dark forces, you must be highly adept at psychic self defense and know in your heart that you can handle any repercussions and targeting against you for having done so. This is to be taken seriously. Please take care with yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses before you consider embarking on this.

Change occurs in the inner self first. However, here are some further simple suggestions to mitigate the hook into these negative timeline manifestations: stop relying on social media, turn off your cell phones, assert that cash is still legal tender, write to your government representatives about your concerns with overreach, and don’t wear a mask or gloves if it doesn’t feel right to you.

Let’s pray for liberation and unity through our collective awakening, and respect each other. Let’s intend inner clarity and peace for each other, so that when all is said and done, we feel encouraged to allow our authenticity and love for ourselves. This is what changes fear timelines. Let’s practice forgiveness for what we thought was truth, and where we find ourselves now. Let’s BE love. We are Divine humans. We can no longer deny it.

Beloved Holy Presence of God, in Cosmic Sovereign Law, I AM your compassionate witness. In service to humanity and all of God’s creations, I pray with all of my heart to bless us and protect us in the eternal light of God, and in the blessings of the Holy Spirit and Spirits of Christ, to be fully freed from the spiritual burdens and shackles that have been placed upon us, by those impostors and deceivers of God’s eternal light.

May our sincere prayers and intentions override the multiple strategies manifesting and being utilized now to create fear, trauma and hate, disrupt the human DNA, and track, harness, siphon, reverse and block the lightbody, and the right to direct our own consciousness and uphold our well-being with sovereignty.

May all those who seek, live and share truth for the peace of humanity be fully protected. May our true leaders be recognized for who they are in their hearts and supported in their God Purpose for the sake of our collective freedom.

Through the light of God that I AM, through the power of love in my heart, I consecrate and bless humanity to be freed into our highest expression and true nature, that we may be God, Sovereign, and  Free in the eternal light of God, now and always.

Thank you, thank you, thank you God. It is so.

♥ ♥ ♥

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2020 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban www.MelindaUrban.com