Questioning the Virus Program & Awakening Our Spirit

In every life challenge we have an opportunity to consciously respond with the healing of our heart and our soul’s growth. The global impact of the virus and all its associated reverberations is such an opportunity. Much of what we’ve been experiencing is inorganic, a psyops, and spiritual warfare, so humanity’s ability to prevail rests not with more edicts, restrictions and rules. That has never supported our freedoms. The answer lies with our willingness to purge our personal shadows now, strengthen our spiritual immune system, and rediscover ourselves as infinitely powerful.

Looking into Lies

Seemingly, our collective reality changed overnight. However, the changes we’re seeing now are a manifestation of the dark controllers’ hidden agenda for Earth that’s been planned and played for a very long time. Investigate “agenda 21 or 2030” or “event 201”, read David Icke’s work, study humanity’s ascension at Energetic Synthesis, or go to my blog for many articles and highly recommended current documentaries and videos, and you can discern for yourself. There are many timelines of explanation, and as a friend recently commented, we’ll probably be deciphering this for years to come like 9/11. It is connected and this certainly is another major false flag event in humanity’s history.

I personally deeply feel the impacts now, and I’m remembering the immense sadness that rolled through me in 2001. It was shocking to me that humans couldn’t see what they were doing to each other. I was asked to lead a group peace meditation at the time. What I didn’t know then was that it was another pivotal moment in my Christos Mission here on Earth, as now. I also didn’t yet understand that the true cause wasn’t human. My path to uphold the hidden truth about humanity’s Divinity and our multi-dimensionality was just beginning.

It’s my understanding that this now is direct and desperate dark opposition to the power of LIFE, and specifically the reclamation of the Seraphim consciousness that is inherent in every human’s potential to evolve into embodied Cosmic Christ Consciousness. The intentions behind it are not new.

There are many questions we could and should be asking about what we’re experiencing – the obvious, the hidden and the synchronicities. Firstly, and always a wise question, “Who stands to gain from all this?”

Consider for a moment that the blueprint for our physical immunity and its related thymus gland is our lightbody from which our life form manifests. At our thymus gland is our 8th dimensional Higher Heart. At this chakra we have the seed of our spiritual inner Christ essence and the foundation to our Crystal Diamond Heart. During our spiritual embodiment our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies begin to unite in sacred inner balance here. This knowledge that we even have an 8th chakra that is an aspect of our monadic higher self and lightbody in connection to the Gaian Earth matrix (dimensions 7, 8, and 9) has been long repressed by the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA).

There’s a lot of trauma to our seed atom at the 8th dimension of our consciousness. The seed war over consciousness that continues to this day was the Orion Wars, fought in the 8th dimensional portal of the Orion constellation in the galactic plane, our Milky Way Galaxy. Essentially anti-life/service-to-self/anti-Christ tyranny became the opposing force to life/service-to-others/Christ consciousness. The victim-victimizer mind control addiction program that has impacted humanity with feelings of fear and powerlessness was propagated from the destruction and killing by the Orion groups. You may even feel your higher heart resonate now with the pain from various subsequent holocaust and pestilence timelines in our galactic history.

Recently, Krystal Guardian and Paliadorian efforts to reclaim the Metagalactic Core and restore Krystal organic architecture stirred retaliation from the Black Sun Draconian entities who largely resonate with the 8D Stargate in China and want global control with One World Order. They’re vying for control with the Annunaki Belial groups who want the New World Order. Neither has humanity’s interest at heart. The Metagalactic Core would have organically connected the Milky Way Galaxy to the Andromedan Galaxy (Seven Higher Heavens) but it was hijacked by black hole entities long ago, resulting in the Fall of Lyra and humanity’s 12D Christ Avatar consciousness. Consequently, in very simple terms, the Galactic Plane of our Milky Way System was damaged and then deliberately made into a reversal artificial Flower of Life system. This is why our reality is a combined organic and inorganic architecture, and why so much of our healing is directed to correcting the reversals and restoring the 12-dimensional Krystic template. 8D is significant!

‘Destabilizing Alice’ by Amâeil

Now consider the fear that has been provoked from the lockdown and the uncertainty. Fear weakens the physical as well as spiritual immune system and the lightbody, triggers memories of evolutionary trauma and spiritual abuse, and will feed negative artificial timeline eventualities that the controllers are hoping to bring about. Stay out of fear, and come into the heart.

If you haven’t perceived mind control fear-mongering in the media look more closely at the numbers. I will say that it’s challenging to make comparisons without spending hours in research, not to mention that the numbers being reported are questionable. However, I gave it some effort and here’s one view:

  • COVID-19 related deaths US – 24,582 reported to-date 14 weeks. That’s 4% of total cases.1
  • Preventable medical errors deaths US – 128,331 for the same period estimated from 440,000/yr.2
  • Reported missing children in the US: 232,600 for same period estimated from 797,500/yr. in 1999.3
  • COVID-19 related deaths Canada – 903 reported to-date 14 weeks. That’s 3.5% of total cases.4

Looking at other sources, it seems that the death rate is no higher than any other flu season. Knowledgeable individuals are saying the tests being used for CV are not accurate or are incomplete, and that the virus would not travel through the air but have to have been injected – think flu vaccines. Remember also that those with compromised immune systems due to some other illness or disease, are more vulnerable to any virus or flu, and if those people die they likely don’t die from the virus but underlying conditions and complications. Yet there has been very strong speculation that those people are being recorded as having passed from CV. How does that saying go? -“you can manipulate statistics to support any position.” Quite a few doctors and researchers are speaking out about the misinformation about CV and viruses in general, the detrimental treatments being used, as well as the readily available natural, successful treatment options. (please watch the videos before they’re censored and removed from access, especially the interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits)

It’s worth noting that the anti-human ideologies we see playing out come from the same factions that thrive on child abuse, child exploitation and child sacrifice.

Further, follow the money and you’ll start to see that all the restrictive measures aren’t so much about protecting humanity but rolling out the other parts of the One World Order or New World Order global plan –oppression of our freedoms, dependency on the government, mandatory vaccinations that genetically damage the lightbody and impair consciousness expansion, and 5G electromagnetic targeted poisoning. This is the problem-reaction-solution formula of the controllers that David Icke named long ago and that we’ve seen before. You may even be aware that these restrictions have been self-imposed in the same way that the NAA have generally programmed humanity into self-enslavement.

Our perceptions have been deliberately managed by the media with propaganda and psyops for many years, and now. The narrative is still being controlled. Notice that nothing is untouched by the words “COVID-19” or “Coronavirus” – it’s viral! Nothing is happening in the world right now but CV.  Truth has been infected with lies to keep you right where they want you, spun into confusion and self-doubt so that you feel unstable, incoherent and cannot rely on your inner guidance. Humanity has been deceived for thousands of years. Our minds are being controlled to accept a “new normal”. So one question to keep asking your Higher Self is, “What truth do I need to see/know right now?”

Light Always Dissolves Darkness

Pillars of Light

However, we’re so loved. We are love! And people are waking up. The Guardians have stated that the apocalypse timeline will never complete on Earth. The anti-life agenda of the imposters and deceivers is not unfolding in the way that they hoped. Their arrogance and addiction to power will be their downfall. They’ve overplayed their hand and people are noticing. Whatever is not in alignment with God’s Natural Laws cannot prevail and we’re seeing the necessary unveiling of all that has usurped our peace. Earth is ascending into higher consciousness, without question, with more benevolent Guardian support and energetic coding from God-Source Light than ever before. Earth has been consistently expanding spiritually, and we’re seeing it manifest into our reality with more apparent revelations about Bill Gates and his evil vaccination plan, the corrupt WHO, FDA, and Federal Reserve, and Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Most gratefully, we’re seeing the rescue of children who have been abused and tortured. There is considerable talk about the “white hats” who are working covertly to put an end to the corruption and tyranny by the “dark hats”. But we do have to move through the growing pains of the collective Dark Night of the Soul, and participate actively. We each have choices to make at this critical time. It’s very helpful to keep intending to align to the timeline of your Highest Expression, and hold a vision of what you want for yourself, your family, your children, grandchildren and humanity.

On a personal level, each of us is responsible for healing our pain. It comes in the form of looking at how our scarcity and survival fears, self-deceptions, inner conflicts, stresses, unhealthy choices, addiction patterns, traumas, victim consciousness and attachments are repressing our ability to be healthy, free and sovereign. Pay attention to what’s triggering you, as these will hinder your capacity to see and accept the truth, and have a strong immune system. Notice what limitations are surfacing in your awareness and calling to be healed. Seek support when necessary to make room for your LIFE. The opportunity is now.

Awakening to truth also means reflection and considered self-inquiry:

  • “How have I been living that is no longer supportive?”
  • “What matters to me?”
  • “What values are meaningful to me?”
  • “Who am I really beyond my body, mind and emotions?”
  • “What is my relationship with God-Source Light?”
  • “To what do I give my consent with my consciousness – my conscious and subconscious emotions and beliefs, and behaviours?”

Your Intention

It’s not okay to make people ill, fabricate lies to create fears, traffic people for profit, forcibly quarantine humans in their own home, forcibly vaccinate people, destroy livelihoods, track people through their cell phones, make people and animals suffer, have people die alone, or dictate that people not go outside to absorb the Solar healing rays, drive in their own car, venture to the park to breathe with life-affirming  nature, or hug their family, fellow humans and animal companions? These crimes against humanity have been happening for a long, long time, and are still happening – with our compliance.

We have the right to declare our intention – “I do not consent to the manipulation of my sovereignty and freedom or that of humanity’s. My intention is to serve my Highest Source only, fully, completely, thoroughly and totally. My intent, consent and authority is with God only, and to create Unity consciousness as an energetic reality on Earth here and now.” Make this your daily prayer.

I feel it’s important to say that we’re in this together – in a couple of ways. We’re all being confronted with these changing realities and helping each other with kindness day-to-day is one of the ways that our planet will be re-educated to Krystic values and prevail. However, it’s equally important to acknowledge that many people do not know how they may be contributing to the dark agendas that have been so deeply imbedded in our world, especially since information is intentionally compartmentalized within organizations. So many people may be heart-intentioned but, of course, not operating from informed consent. We’re all learning and growing – after 10 solid years of daily study of our multi-dimensionality and the NAA, and direct experience, I’m still gaining deeper understanding. The ‘Rabbit’s Hole’ runs deep. So, be loving and patient with yourself as more truth is revealed – it can be painful and it’s important to make healing space for what you’re feeling. Research, be open-minded, share information, share the videos, and offer your own learning as well so that everyone can be empowered, but gently. Then respect their choices in the moment. Practice empathy when you experience someone in anger or shock about all the betrayals, or even when they choose to remain in denial.

Praying with you for our peace and liberation – on many levels. Sending blessings to you and your loved ones that your journeys now may be as gentle as can be. Remember always that you are loved, supported and protected by God. Allow this knowing into your heart. This is what makes you peaceful, healthy and infinitely, Divinely powerful.






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2020 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban