The Current Virus, Spiritual Immunity & a Choice to Awaken

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‘March Against Monsanto Salt Lake City, UT+5.25.13’

There are many viewpoints being bandied about right now about what the virus is and isn’t. I won’t name it, I’ll just call it CV.

It’s a bioweapon and it’s not a typical virus. But if you’re immune system is strong and you catch the virus, your symptoms may be mild. When your immune system is weakened, as it is sometimes in the case of the elderly or ill, you may experience the heavier symptoms which negatively impact the lungs. This seems to be the key indicator rather than the sniffles as is the case with a common cold.

There’s a lot circulating about what you can do physically to protect yourself, and it is necessary to take care of the vessel that houses your Spirit. It’s no surprise, however, that there is less emphasis on taking care of your spiritual immune system – your Lightbody/aura and your heart. The stronger your aura the stronger your immune system. Nurturing your inner God-Source connection is your immunity.

Your physical well-being is not separate from your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. You can take many supplements, and they are supportive, but when the cause of the pain is at another level of your being and it’s unhealed, it compromises your whole health. This isn’t fear-mongering. This has been proven time and again and this holistic principle is the basis for all healing.

More and more people are understanding that fear is the #1 stressor to your well-being and never helps matters. It drains your energy. However, there are many other influences that can weaken your aura. Your immune system is compromised by your cellular, subconscious memories of trauma and other painful events, whether from childhood or other lives. When your current experiences trigger stress, fear, anger, loneliness, sadness or anxiety that are out of proportion, it’s a signal that it’s old energy. And it’s an opportunity to heed that prompt from your soul and heal it, so you can release it forever.

Here are a few more influences that weaken your Lightbody:

  • negative ego emotions such as fear, hurt, anger, sadness, anxiety, grief, depression, guilt, shame, etc.
  • repetitive negative thoughts, including recurring negative images
  • unhealed inner conflicts
  • disconnection from your heart
  • unhealed traumas of any kind, from any time
  • dark force interference
  • ultra-high and ultra-low electro-magnetic fields from cellphones, computers, routers, TV, tablets, etc.
  • artificial intelligence mind control assault frequencies – specifically targeting the root chakra
  • solar flares
  • transitions in life that create high stress
  • consumption of recreational drugs, pharmaceuticals, alcohol

But let’s take it deeper. Your immune system is connected to your thymus gland, that’s located precisely behind your breastbone. This is the location of your 8th dimensional higher heart, your seed atom and the seat of your eternal Christ consciousness.

New age teachings that have focused on the 7-chakra system. Why did awareness stop there when our Lightbody has 12 chakras? Who stands to gain from this? Those that do not want humanity to know that they are Divine Humans and can indeed be a powerful vessel of unity consciousness. Your higher heart, and the higher heart of every human has been damaged by our planetary and galactic traumas. You may even feel your higher heart resonate now with the collective pain of holocaust timelines.

Make no mistake that this is entangled in the negative agendas on this planet, as with many events that impact humanity’s freedom. Please remember however that the planet is ascending, without question, into higher consciousness, and according to the Guardians, the apocalypse timeline is never going to happen on Earth. But we do have to move through the ascension process, just as we each have to heal through our pain. And so, as with all personal challenges that come our way, the situation with this global virus, and its impacts on the dismantling of deceptions and rebirth, it’s an opportunity to step into an awakened response.

‘Destabilizing Alice’ by Amâeil

How are we doing? You may be noticing that by now it’s hard to sort through the lies from the truth: how many infected, how many have died, how it can be transmitted, and how it can be prevented. Not knowing what’s up and what’s down has always been the purpose behind mind control – to spin you into confusion so that you feel unstable, incoherent and cannot rely on your inner guidance. Stepping out of routine alone can create a sense of instability for some people. So taking the time to ground and breathe deeply for a few minutes several times a day can be valuable to release building tension from being hit with constant news up-dates about the virus or just feeling cooped up at home. For some, your children will be home from school for extended periods so practice this with your children as well.

Do acknowledge the truth of the situation but don’t let yourself get caught in the collective wave. I’ve heard the phrase “the world’s gone mad” several times. And in some respects it certainly looks that way. We’re watching the behavioural expression of the fear-mongering mind control. So be mindful of your own thoughts. A repeated phrase like that adds to already heightened frenzied collective energy, and it can spread more of it like wildfire, creating that reality.

It’s also no coincidence that “social distancing” has become the “solution”. Fits right into the negative agenda to divide and conquer, as nations separate, and if humanity pulls back their hearts from each other. I’m not saying that it doesn’t help to minimize the spread of the virus, but be mindful to remain connected to your heart with empathy and kindness, for yourself and others. Check in every now and then, and ask yourself, “Am I contributing the fear or the healing?” Now is the time to call on your spiritual practices, and help others who may not understand the bigger picture.

12D ShieldDiscerning a balanced perspective is important, just as it is to know how many tools are available to boost your immune system. Some would have you believe that there is nothing you can do if you get the virus and that it’s totally beyond your control. A mandatory vaccine may be the next control they try to put upon us. But it’s not true – you don’t have to give away your power. Having some tools can offset any sense of powerlessness. For example, gently tapping on your breastbone at your thymus gland boosts the immune system. You also have the 12D Shield for Lightbody protection, and the clearing the negative form meditation to clear out lower vibrational energies including fear.

I feel as though the question remains as to how humanity will choose to recover. Will we move back toward each other in togetherness, to balance the polarity of the distancing? How long will it be before we enter into relaxing trust? What will be the lingering imprint? Will many more people recognize that their life force and power is greater than their pain or fear? I pray so. We have choices now. Let’s visualize the most grace-full resilience for our planet.

The choice begins in the present. The opportunity is to witness how we react or respond. It can be a time to be with yourself, and look at what you may need to heal, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. What fears and patterns have surfaced for you as this has all unfolded? Where are you being guided? Your personal healing right now does heal the planet!! Use this time well to step into your higher expression.

Yes, be wise, take care of your physical health. If you do get the virus, it doesn’t change the truth of you. We are all human, in a physical body that needs care to stay healthy. And it’s a really intense time of change on our planet. That too can wear on us.  But also boost your spiritual immunity! So that you becomes stronger in your Lightbody, not just for times like these, but for the sake of your Life and for All.

I do pray that this global transition creates an opening and awakening, to our authentic vulnerability and power, and to the truth. May it be so in the highest and best way possible.

♥ ♥ ♥

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2020 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban