Respect Each Other’s Journey

Taking a different path2

Different paths. Image source unknown.

There are different paths unfolding right now on Earth, and many people are moving through a new level of spiritual growth. So some relationships will deepen, some will need healing, and others will dissolve. In every case, each person is responsible for their own path, fulfilling that through their own blueprint, soul-purpose, and choices. It’s not that everyone will have this all figured out. But it’s wise to respect that, if we’re relaxing into alignment with our truth, each of us is following the unique orchestration of our higher self.

We came to learn to harmonize our souls, not to please others nor conform. So do not assume that what works for you also works for others. When someone is at a turning point or lacks clarity, and they ask for your help, it’s supportive to help them discover possibilities. If you tell someone who they should be or how they should live, even if well-intentioned, it reflects your own agenda. Especially if their choice impacts you, it can be a challenge to remain non-attached.

‘2016/366/184 “Can We Talk About Our Differences?”

So rather than be tell-directed, allow your highest self to communicate with theirs – heart to heart. Offer your suggestions and experiences, and share what feels true to you, but do not judge or impose your will upon another. Open to curiosity and ask what matters to them, rather than assume that you know what’s best for them or how they’ll respond. Help liberate them through their awareness by asking meaningful questions. Inquire and wait for answers – patiently. Stay out of your fear that they may choose differently than what you would want for them, and perhaps for yourself. You are responsible for your emotions, thoughts, behaviours, choices, and healing, and they are responsible for theirs. Let them make their own choices.

'personal realities differ'

‘personal realities differ’

Differences do not automatically have to be points of argument or opposition. They can be co-existing expressions that bring about opportunities for discovery. Have empathy, and learn from each other. Quite often, if two people care to look deep enough, at the core of their conflict they hold the same pain.

Each of us has a specific contribution in our universal ascension. No two journeys are alike. None. So appreciate differences. Intend inner peace for the other person, so that when all is said and done, they feel encouraged to allow their authenticity and feel love for themselves as they unfold. Honour yourself this way for the greatest ease.

'olsen art vegreville-4'

‘olsen art vegreville-4’

“I offer you Peace. I offer you Love. I offer you Friendship. I see your Beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in You. Let’s work together for unity and love.”~Gandhi

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