Leaps of Faith

'Yunnan - LA's pics (13)' flickrcc.net

‘Yunnan – LA’s pics (13)’ flickrcc.net

If you were walking along a road and it veered to the right, how would you tend to respond? Would you turn around because you couldn’t see where it takes you, or would you keep walking toward the possibilities? Chances are you would come face to face with the paradigms that both limit and expand you. Then it would be time to make a choice. What would lead you – faith or fear?

The imposed mind control program that deems humanity to be on a finite path is deliberately short-changing. This has come about from the enslavement of humanity’s self-sovereign power and right, and hiding the truthful knowledge about our eternal nature. The intended manipulation is that we would only see as far as the road goes and then believe nothing else is at the end of the road. So we do sometimes stop long before we even reach the end of the road. We stop miles back and doubt ourselves and doubt the Universe. The default position is often that it’s best to give up now rather than hold out for what’s possible. It also stands then that if we find ourselves with seemingly nowhere to turn we can want to give up.

In truth, all roads lead somewhere, even if it’s to the realization that the road we’re currently walking does come to an end. However, if we are going to find this out we need to keep taking the next step, while listening to our wise, inner guide. We cannot discover the path without “putting down one foot in front of the other”.

Global Dissolve

Global Dissolve by Amâeil

Wise faith is what will always guide us, now and in the future. The road ahead for humanity will continue to be filled with turbulent twists and turns. People will notice this more in various ways, whether it’s through financial or corporate scandals, the politicians and their falsehoods, the awareness of alien presence, abuses, the inexplicable violence by “sleepers”, and every type of darkness that exists now. There is lots yet to come for Earth to fulfill her ascension. The faith is that this is all happening to allow the greater embodiment of the Divine Feminine that has been distorted and pulled out of her harmony with the Divine Masculine. She is mostly definitely being reanchored, and for the controllers it will be “game over”. The global and galactic deceptions are being, and will be revealed, and service-to-self marauders unmasked. Our enslavement will become more apparent. Descending energy is being sifted from ascending energy as a natural by-product of what does or doesn’t harmonize with Unity Consciousness. We can also intentionally pray that the deceptions will become transparent, for without this, everything stays the same. We have inner deceptions to face as well. We can no longer hope that the great pretender within will keep us in peaceful oblivion. If we deny, unresolved inner conflicts will keep trying to release from our fields.

'Jumping Off Mt. Evans' flickrcc.net

‘Jumping Off Mt. Evans’ flickrcc.net

Despite great adversity on this planet, we see people living in faith every day, holding on to higher visions, healing deep traumatic wounds, and standing in truth. Some people even take courageous leaps of faith when there is all evidence to the contrary. It’s sadly true though that some people on this planet are subjected to the worst forms of indignity and dehumanization that exists here, precisely at times that they take that leap. As an example, think of the Rohingya refugees that find themselves hostage to unscrupulous smugglers, or those who try to make an honest wage only to find themselves exploited without pay.  It’s challenging to reconcile this suffering in our hearts, and I had to ask myself how their faith didn’t seem to serve them. I considered that maybe they weren’t leaping in faith, and maybe it some cases it was desperation. Maybe their heart was misguided or their consciousness unawakened. I cannot judge this in any way. The only place I could land with it all was in my heart of compassion.  I feel the truth that their faith wasn’t at all the problem – the problem is with those who take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, this is similar to how many of us lost faith at some point in life: at the moments we trusted the people in our lives, we were let down, turned away, or simply ignored. This is a manifestation of humanity’s emotional pain and mind control programs proliferating through our DNA. But when we are willing to walk through the barriers to our Divine consciousness, and diligently take steps to heal the Divine child within, we get back on a supportive road. When we reclaim his or her safety in the eternal love of the Divine Mother and Father within, then we are declaring that our sacred nature is no longer available to be victimized. Healing our deep wounds restores our energetic balance and our faith again, in a way that is truer than it ever was because it overrides the very old, repeating, addictive programs of the Controller Agenda.


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For each person there will come some form of personal realization of what’s been taking place behind the scenes all long. The collapse of an illusion can be shattering and painful to accept, but it surely unblocks the road, leaving one to wonder, “Why did I not see this before?” For others who already know there is more to this reality than what we are told, or have been awake and aware, it may not be as startling, but that does not guarantee immunity – it largely depends on what illusion is breaking apart and its significance to us. Either way, we have to be careful not to get caught in the ego bubble of separation: when something arrives in our lives unexpectedly, and sometimes tragically, we think “I never thought something like this would happen to me”.  To note, this same distancing can also leave us believing that miracles, graces, and joys manifest only for other people. We can keep these equally remote in possibility.

'Shining Through-2' flickrcc.net

‘Shining Through-2’ flickrcc.net

We are now freer than ever to let the facades fracture. This can be seen as a celebration, if we acknowledge that it is bringing us into more of our truth and freedom! Yet, we don’t have to wait from some external force to break through our barriers, though this often creates the impetus for witnessing, and for self-examination. We can’t force the ego to fall but we can inquire proactively to participate with raising our consciousness: “What illusion am I holding onto that is most getting in my way now?”

These are times when we have choices to make. It’s valuable to consider the consequences of our inner deceptions, and the trajectory that will unfold for us based upon what we hold in our field. This can feel overwhelming if we resist looking at what we need to see. When we want to clear our path of illusions we may feel that it’s enveloped in twists and turns, a lot of greyness, and confusion. We may even feel that we’ve already dealt with an issue in the past, and are surprised by its return. However, if it still comes up then it means there is more about it to witness and address with discernment.  As complex human beings, with complex histories, and complex distortions, nothing is definitively separated out and linear. So we take it one step at a time.

'five second fade' flickrcc.net

‘five second fade’ flickrcc.net

Those that travel the road faithfully know there will be obstacles but also that they are only illusions. And we hold onto the trust that there is another possibility that we just can’t see – yet. When we operate from this awareness we are actually creating the road – our faith creates it. Each step forward affirms our intention and our Divine inner security, and then one step at a time, the road unfolds.

Even though getting from point A to B in life’s journey is seldom linear, and therefore, can feel long and testing, the fact that energy is non-linear is actually the advantage. It’s the spiral nature of Universal forces that permits us to access everything in the ‘now’ moment – all the new possibilities beyond the old, expired perceptions.  The possibilities are not hidden in some remote area of the cosmos. They are accessible through our higher sensory perception, with our positive thoughts, our higher emotional frequency, and our virtuous actions, and most importantly, our committed and clear intention. Once we align all levels of our being energy can shift: decisive unity within leads to decisive action.

'Fractals' flickrcc.net

‘Fractals’ flickrcc.net

When we get out of our own way we find rhythm in our steps. To get out of our own way means to allow God to direct our moments rather than indulging the ego. This requires faith and trust that we are supported and that even when, especially when, things seems to be impossible and impassable, God has not left us alone on the road. We are not forsaken, rejected or abandoned. God always remains within, simply waiting to show us where to step next. And this anchors into direct knowing when we acknowledge and truly accept in our hearts that we are a God-Spark of this great wisdom and we are infinite in our potential.

Even when the possibilities seem remote that there is better to come, there is always another road that we can take. But we have to be willing to trust that it’s there. And no matter what comes before us, whether it’s uplifting and surprising, mind blowing, life-changing or devastating, it just requires that we take another step in trust. So if we are called, if we are awake to truth, if we are blessed with lives rich in choicefulness, may we leap fully in faith and take the lead for humanity.  New possibilities are birthing!

'leap' flickrcc.net

‘leap’ flickrcc.net

“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.”

Margaret Shepard.

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