“Why Blame Me?”: scapegoating, betrayal and disconnection from God


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It is an unfortunate fact that, often times, those who uphold the truth are not seen as the Light that they are.  Instead, as the one that “stands out from the rest”, we can be targeted, attacked, made the scapegoat and betrayed. There is a long history of spiritual leaders, humanitarians and Lightholders being persecuted for their God-power, and those traumatizing memories and patterns remain in the dark recesses of the lower dimensions of the Earth’s grids and in our physical bodies. You may have lived these patterns as I have. And now is the time to clear these energies, especially when our fears press forward, and as we get spiritually stronger.

Why Do We Get Blamed? As we hold the Light of God in our field, it can serve as comfort for some. For others it can bring awareness to a part of themselves they do not wish to see. If someone has an undisciplined ego and is unwilling to take responsibility for their own shadow, they will try to distance themselves from the discomfort of their truth. A defensive posture will surface, such as minimizing, denying, rationalizing or intellectualizing and projecting.  It’s the latter one that undeniably throws the biggest conflict into our relationships with others, because unlike the other defenses named here, projecting not only avoids accountability but also tries to make another person responsible. Example: “There’s nothing wrong with me!! I’m not yelling!!!!! You’re that one that’s always yelling.” Sometimes, in order to justify this blame and to make themselves feel better, a person can even fabricate a story that simply isn’t true.

If we are on the receiving end of this, it can feel shocking and disorienting because we can be left trying to understand why we are being made the scapegoat – the one that is unfairly blamed. We can feel caught off guard, say nothing in self-support,  and have a delayed reaction, only coming to some understanding of what happened much later. This is when we may hear ourselves say, “I should have said…”. This can even lead to feelings of betrayal, when those we trust are the ones that turn on us.  At other times, it can trigger deep, or vague, feelings of vulnerability because we have had similar experiences in other timelines or other identities, in which we were oppressed, harassed, tortured, betrayed and killed for simply standing in our power, being ourselves and doing nothing wrong. We can feel angry and because other timelines are not conscious, we feel confused by the magnitude of our reaction. It can touch our feelings of injustice for what has happened on this planet and during galactic wars. We can feel discouraged and isolated.

It’s Darker Origins: Like many archetypes, the scapegoat can be a pattern that we have taken on to clear from the collective. The term can be traced back to ritual in ancient religions (Judaism, Christianity) and cultures (Syria and Greece) where an innocent goat was cast out to take away the sins of the community, or remove evil. It is directly related to fallen angelic consciousness and the anti-God gatekeeper Azazael. This consciousness energy has heavily impacted the male principle by creating and perpetuating warring, killing, blood sacrifice, scapegoating and persecution complexes. In 2014, on Yom Kippur, an anchoring of the Krystal Star (Cosmic Christ Consciousness) architecture began shifting this consciousness out from the earth’s energy fields.

It’s also worth noting here that in the Christian belief system, Jesus Christ was the ultimate scapegoat or martyr in having been sacrificed for our sins. In truth, this idea of sacrificing oneself is not aligned with our Highest Expression as One with God. The story of Jesus’ crucifixion is a false story that has continued to be used by the negative alien agenda to propagate humanity’s suffering and enslavement. It is part of the victim-victimizer mind control software program, which is used by predator forces to especially target and persecute Christ forces. When our planet was invaded by negative aliens, alien mind control implants/holographic inserts known as crucifixion implants, were placed in the planetary logos and they reside in 7th dimension/7th chakra as control structures and down the left side of our bodies, the feminine principle. The crucifixion is a symbol of the crucified human since we are all Christ. Unfortunately, think of how many people perpetuate this salvation model and suffering through the worship of the cross and crucifixion. Jesus Christ, also known as Guardian Yeshua, was actually a “Sirian Blue Human from the future that came to change the 3rd dimensional timelines and bring the Essenes, Christos Templars and Law of One ascension knowledge and its consciousness technology back to planet Earth.” He was a Starseed just as some of us are, and his mission was partially successful. He was not crucified but ascended out.**

My Personal Experience: As far back as I can remember when my father and I ran into conflict and I tried to stand in my power, I was always told by my mother that I had to be the one to apologize. This probably has its origins in old, common thinking that one must defer to parental authority. The truth is that my father was wounded like many parents, and couldn’t find it within himself to own his issues that overstepped into my sovereignty. He was a gentle man and passive, and when he was hurt he withdrew. I was taught by my mother to break the wall of silence between us and I never felt right about having to be the one to apologize. When I questioned this I was admonished for objecting.

You can probably guess that through the years this early pattern followed me to my workplace and to relationships. I’ll never forget what it was like to have 6 men from a board of directors accuse me of being responsible for their shortcomings. At least for me, the one repeating, telling indicator that I was in the middle of another episode of scapegoating was that I was never asked for my perspective before I was accused of whatever was deemed to be wrong. No question, this would trigger me. Those who like to blame will rarely provide an opportunity for you to offer your side of the story because then the story that they have created to make the circumstances and themselves all right in their mind may just start to fall apart. In their mind, they have already determined who will take the fall. Further, it was never the person who originally had a problem with me that would first confront me. They always used a third party to deliver the accusation. This put me, the scapegoat, at a disadvantage because I didn’t have an opportunity to speak to the true accuser to ask questions and clarify understanding, speak my truth, or defend myself.

It all came to heal with exceptional clarity a few years ago when someone tried to make me the scapegoat again. The real accuser was a frightened woman who was of victim consciousness. While I was exceptionally gentle, kind and careful in my interaction with her, she still perceived me to be a threat from years of her being in abusive relationships. Once again, a third-party rescuer stepped in, asking me to apologize for the victim’s reaction to me standing in my power. It was that literal. Again, she did this without first asking me anything about the exchange. I declined, rather vocally, explicitly and with great conviction as I shared what had transpired, asserted that I had a right to stand in my power and had done nothing wrong. She insisted. Expressing my feelings with much greater inner clarity this time, as it happened in the moment, and standing firm, felt entirely self-supportive, but some old anger also erupted. At the time, I didn’t realize the depth of the persecution complex from my multi-dimensional experiences. When things calmed and after some reflection, I apologized to the rescuer the next day. My apology, however, was only for expressing myself with anger and I made that very clear. I also took the time to explain the dynamics and point out to the rescuer that she had been used by the victim in this way multiple times. She told me she agreed, but never did I receive an apology for the accusation or her behaviour. You can guess that I was still the one that suffered further consequences after that: the rescuer continued to feel sorry for the victim and our relationship deteriorated after that.

Scapegoat Themes with Starseeds: What is common about my experience and those of other Starseed clients, is that scapegoats will often be the ones removed or eased out of the “system”, even if there is some acknowledgement of the truth. It’s as though the community, whether that is a school, corporate office, neighbourhood, or family, cannot allow a truth-sayer to be in their midst. The likelihood here is that whatever darkness is being revealed by the Light can lead to uncovering other deceptions, inconsistencies and weaknesses in the organizational structure, or the persons involved, and that can be too much of risk. This may be quite subconscious. As we have already said, a primary reason this persecution occurs is because many are challenged to be self-responsible. Transparency, neutrality, and equality often comes through the development of spiritual maturity, and this is the learning curve on the planet as a whole, and therefore, also in many organizations still built on closed systems, hierarchies, inequality, misogyny and houses of ego. Yes, it’s an unfair world right now.

The Priority is Our Own Healing: Many Starseeds and conscious individuals would be far more comfortable on this planet if everyone took responsibility for themselves. We would live in an entirely differently world. It would feel safer. It would have been an entirely different experience for me if my father was self-responsible for his wounds, but it wasn’t up to me to change that. Our acceptance is required here because we cannot force anyone to wake up – this would be a misguided sense of responsibility for a Lightholder. However, through our spiritual dedication and personal healing, we are shifting collective consciousness.

We can feel safer in this world by healing our own victim consciousness and learning to genuinely stand in our power. This means to let go of thinking “if only they would…”: this is blaming others. Often we fear that our needs will not being met when we feel like others don’t truly see or hear us, they misunderstand us, or don’t acknowledge who we are and what we know. As in my personal example, the wound for a child arises from both being unfairly accused and not being allowed to express his/her feelings about it. When we re-experience this later as an adult, we feel unsafe and vulnerable again. Then once triggered, we too can get defensive or offensive instead of taking self-responsibility. Learning to express our feelings and speak out as we stand up for our wounded inner child is very healing.

Being the scapegoat arises from a blocked 2nd chakra, the subconscious mind and pain body, so fears of betrayal, abandonment, and rejection in relationships abound. If we have repeatedly been persecuted, it can erode our self-confidence and create self-doubt. It’s at these times that we can also feel like we are unsupported by God, and this can cause us to disconnect from or reject our God-self. This is painful. Guilt, shame, mistrust and codependent relationships can all have a part of this healing focus. If we continue to believe that we are unworthy, weak, hopeless and helpless then we will have a tendency to believe that we do have to take on someone else’s problems, when it is not ours.

In session work, especially when I am supporting individuals to step into their power, beliefs of having been persecuted or being made the scapegoat will surface from other timelines and this one. It’s important to understand that beliefs such as “people don’t like the truth”, “I will be attacked for shining my Light”, ‘I have to hide who I am”, and “the darkness is stronger than my Light” are limiting if we continue to hold these fears and self-perceptions in our fields. In other words, while this may have been our experience in other realities, and it is still true that the negative forces will indeed make attempts to thwart our spiritual integrity, the more we clear our energy fields of mind control, fear, and old trauma the less we get triggered. The AoA Hieros Gamos System is ideal for clearing persecution complex.

The strategy behind the alien crucifixion implants is to create disconnection from Source, so it’s vital to strengthen our inner core Spirit. If we stay present to our experience and compassionately, neutrally witness it rather than get triggered, we stay in our authentic God-power. This is when we are protected from harm, and our self-protection does not have to come from defensiveness or offensiveness. With a clear sense of who we truly are as the Eternal Self, and clear boundaries, we can be confident in our ability to “hold our own” even under attack. The practice of coming back into stillpoint is helpful to stabilize our energies. Put your right hand on your stillpoint, between your heart chakra and solar plexus, where your ribs start to part, and say/intend “stillpoint”.

We are all learning to return to the purity of our hearts. Our intention behind healing is loving, healthy connections, and acceptance of ourselves and others. When it seems that being of Christ consciousness is a problem on Earth, and we feel unsafe or despairing, let’s remember that Spirit is not the problem, it is the persecution of the loving heart and mind that is. We always have choice, and may we know that true freedom can only come from aligning with our Highest Power. Imagine what it would be like to wake up and be in awe of the peace everywhere!

**Informational support from www.energeticsynthesis.com, with gratitude

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