Symbols of Peace

peace symbolA few years ago, I was gifted with some insight from a shaman who told me that part of my mission here on Earth was to create peace. When I was studying spiritual psychotherapy I was honoured to be chosen to give a lecture and guided meditation on peace. It was an act of community support for many of us that were reeling from witnessing the horrific act that came to be known as “9/11”. There was a huge turnout. Thereafter, a few of us continued to gather monthly to meditate on peace and pray peace. Unfortunately, the numbers became smaller and smaller.

“Never think of any right effort as being fruitless – all right effort bears good fruit, whether we see results or not.

Just concentrate on thinking and living and acting for peace, and inspiring others to do likewise, leaving results in God’s hands.”

Peace Pilgrim

Since then, through my own inner work, and together with all the spiritual seekers who have graciously invited me to participate in their journeys as their guide, I have been creating inner peace. Today, my Spirit makes my mission clear once again. I am reminded, “Your journey is no longer about achievement. It is about who you are. Be peace, show peace, communicate peace, receive peace and create peace.” And so it is.

It is the year 2009 and we are moving into the Golden Age of Peace. I know some days you may question this given what you see and hear in our world right now. But remember that the old must dissolve to make way for the new. This indeed has been happening through the decades of our evolution, and you and I are now fortunate to see years of change bear miraculous fruit. Collectively, we have fought for peace, protested in the name of peace, healed for peace, and prayed for peace.

We all know peace, for each and every living being, in essence, is peace. Whether you have felt a fleeting moment of this bliss, or experienced continuous waves of love, or believe you have never touched peace, your common bond with me is our authentic, innate awareness of peace. You don’t need to give me a definition of peace, or explain its importance, and I don’t need to describe the feeling it imbues. In truth, we all desire it, not only for ourselves, but for everyone.

peace doveOver time, humanity has created symbols of peace to communicate and anchor our mutual visions, to ignite our shared passions, and to help us remember its value.peace cranepeace fingers crossed

But living symbols of peace exist everywhere. We need only place our intention on them to shift them from ‘nowhere’ to ‘now here’.* We need only look around us and listen, or look within. A peace symbol is:

  • one driver allowing another to merge into busy traffic in front of their car
  • a “thank you” expressed for the door that was held open
  • birds sitting in acceptance of the frosty winter air
  • trusting yourself
  • a shopper making an offer to another to cash out first because they have only a few items
  • two cats grooming each other
  • a teenager asking advice from a parent
  • a baby sleeping
  • the vibration in the room after a group of voices have chanted “om”
  • a blanket of fresh snow
  • comforting your inner child

Even in the midst of these trying transitions, let us remind ourselves, as often as necessary, that we are peace. Peace lives in what we choose to see, how we decide to act, what we elect to say, where we pick to focus, how we prefer to feel, and when we opt to act. Our thoughts, emotions and perspectives that we express outwardly in words, actions and choices can be symbols of our inner peace. Let us find it within us. Let us BE peace.

Suggested Peace Practice:

Take one day soon to focus on peace. Why not today? Set your intent. Look and listen for peace surrounding you. Much like the examples given above, you can find many instances that reflect your peace to you. Each time you connect with a symbol of peace, breathe, and feel the peace within you. You are not “taking it in”, as it is already present. If need be, say aloud or silently to yourself, “I am peace (repeat as many times as you like). I allow this peace in every atom of my body and being to expand into my consciousness. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.” The universal law of attraction is ‘like attracts like’, and what you focus on expands. Your focus on peace will bring you more peace. When you witness peace in someone or something, you are honouring peace within yourself through Oneness. Choose again and again to create your personal symbols of peace. Share them with your world.

To be a  clear vessel of peace in this world, heal your pain. Book your healing session today.