Does Talking About the Dark Forces Attract Them?

fear of the dark

‘Fear of the Dark’

Many people are fearful of the dark forces and the negative alien agenda, so please know that these concepts are only introduced in healing sessions with me, gradually, when it is helpful and relevant to your healing. I follow your lead and your level of awareness. Healing sessions are intended to bring you freedom and sovereignty and that can include understanding how these forces and their agenda have interfered with humanity and your life already.

Bringing your awareness to the dark forces does not attract them nor give them more power. This concern often stems from fearful experiences you’ve had as a child or in other lives, but perhaps you’re not conscious of them. Negative forces are already present and interfering in everyone’s reality, and this has been known for thousands of years on Earth. By understanding their controlling agenda, you empower yourself. You can learn to pay attention to how they manipulate your energy field and how you can protect yourself.

If you don’t acknowledge that they exist how will you know the difference between what is energy that is natural and supportive to you, and what is harmful? 

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2021 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban