Patience is a Virtue for the Unyielding

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There are times in life when we feel pushed to make a move. We are pressed against the edge of the familiar and our sense of safety. We may feel a nudge or perhaps intensifying pressure to expand!! But before we do, patience is required – to be fully in the moment to yield to the obstacles that have stood in our way for so long, so that they may be dissolved, not with force but with inner alignment to the Spirits of Christos consciousness.

Patience is a virtue, a quality of goodness that serves as a spiritual force for personal and collective peace. The more strongly this frequency is cultivated and anchored within, the greater the opportunity for the gifts of God’s grace to be imparted to us and through us. But we must prepare our spiritual house into which these Spirits of Christos are to be welcomed and reside. The central nervous system must be recalibrated to allow the body, the mind and the heart to unify into right alignment, to allow for right action. For this reason, we commit to being in right relationship to God, and to clear ego and the barriers to a strong spiritual foundation for our personal 12-dimensional manifestation template/Tree of Life. The AoA Hieros Gamos System, a multi-dimensional healing intelligence template, was given to humanity for this precise purpose.

Patience honours the true creative process of our spiritual-energetic nature. I can’t imagine that the tree tells itself to “hurry up and grow”, or that the sun gets irritated by the clouds that block its rays. In the same way, when we are patient, we allow each new moment, in trust, without expecting it “my way”, or right now. Patience allows for living and assimilating an experience rather than trying to control it.



We associate patience with the passage of time because we link patience with prolonged tolerance and endurance through on-going challenges, waiting, or delayed gratification. But it’s not time that’s important, it’s our inner state of being with ourselves. In truth, when we are being patient, we are allowing ourselves to be fully present to what is beyond time and space  – the vastness of infinite consciousness. This is where true harmony with oneSelf lies and  through which all possibility unfolds. In patience, we trust that it is the Divine Higher Self orchestrating the unfoldment, whether we choose this faith in one moment or many moments as time passes. The Spirit of Patience offers us the gift of attuning to our inner alignment, which then determines the right time to engage or allow.

Patience yields to the fullness of consciousness to be here now. In this way, it’s simple to be patient. Patience comes with disciplined choice to relax fully with the ‘now’ no matter what is arising. In being patient, we observe what is – the beautiful, the difficult, or the painful. We immerse with what exists in that moment. It is our willingness to accept it that allows grace. When we flow with what is, truth more easily reveals itself for our highest expression and freedom. An effortful task can become effortless, and adversity a blessing. It requires us to witness our experience without any judgment. It requires only our natural God-Presence.

It’s impatience that brings complication, the resistance we create when we work to push past what is surfacing in the ‘now’ moment and focus on the future. When we feel impatient, we lose our truth to negativity. We all know how this can feel: we move farther away from our inner core Spirit that guides the way, and anger, frustration, or anxiety can take over. The physical and energy bodies contract. The effect on the central nervous system and brain can lead to confused thinking and disorientation, and disconnection from the God-Self. Karmic consequences can be created.


‘Untangling Hillbilly Balls’

Impatience is an extension of the spiritual abuse that has been imposed upon humanity by the dark energies (archons) to perpetuate our self-enslavement. Through mind control programming and technologies, the nervous system has been blocked and damaged, also disabling our brain processing and DNA. So, consciously choosing our patient responses to our circumstances and “rewiring” our brain patterns with higher frequencies and healing is the way to our freedom. (see My Supportive Services and Multi-dimensional Healing Intelligence)

Sadly, our impatience with ourselves is unexceptional. What makes us impatient with ourselves is often a reflection of disharmony within ourselves. We can acknowledge this with resistance or meet ourselves at the edge of our comfort zone to effectively address our long-standing barriers to being naturally Christic/Kristic in Spirit. If we leave self-judgement out of our missteps, and drop the demanding self-expectations of our negative ego mind, then we cultivate self-respect. Then we can allow this same unconditional, heart-centered respect for others. Our empathy is key to tolerance with others, but our unconditional acceptance of ourselves is our anchor.

Patience is the antidote to anger, rage, or frustration about your personal difficulties, God, and about happens here on Earth. Patience comes from choosing Divine neutrality when we are challenged to stay centred – it’s the path of least resistance. To cultivate the virtue of patience during impatient times, the question to ask ourselves might be, “Do I want peace now or to keep being angry?” If we want peace then we must intend to align with the Spirits of Christos.


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Here are some common instances that can trigger impatience and suggestions on how an awakened, patient response can move you through them with greater ease. Note, however, that anything can trigger your impatience because the associations you make are rooted in your unique wounds from this timeline and your multi-dimensional experiences.

  • Your phone or computer fails repeatedly, so instead of trying to make it work right now, you keep out of frustration by walking away, and return to it when you feel anchored in neutrality.
  • A repetitious sound jangles your nerves so you harmonize with it rather than resist it.
  • You find yourself still repeating a limiting, addictive pattern that you’re trying to change, so you witness yourself when you engage with it or are tempted to engage with it, and feel and acknowledge the underlying emotion with your inner child.
  • You feel unsure of your next steps and start to get impatient waiting for clarity, so instead of just taking any action for the sake of taking action as your ego would have you do, you recommit your intention daily, ask for guidance to discern the blocks still standing in your way, and take the time to clear them.
  • You imagine something to turn out a certain way and when it doesn’t, you don’t get frustrated but inquire with your God-Self to understand the higher purpose.
  • When you get irritated by someone else’s repeating limiting behaviour, you recognize that some painful emotion is feeding their behaviour and trust that they are learning in their own way. When you are guided to offer them a possibility of a new choice, you do so without expecting them to meet your timeline of change.

It takes great patience to heal, and patience is very healing. As we know, the healing process is organic. The expansion of our state of consciousness comes about as we move progressively through the dimensions, recalling memories and activating our Lightbodies in synergy with the Divine Intelligence of this Universe and the planetary changes. Our energy fields need to integrate these changes in frequencies or the central nervous system can become quite taxed. To push or rush healing is ego-driven – the impatient ego thinking that it can outsmart Spirit. Paradoxically, it will also push back and refuse to let go. When we respect the pace of our healing process we bless ourselves with optimal receptivity: we grant ourselves gentleness, understanding and acceptance, which are all inherent in patience and self-love.


‘Lepidoptera chrysalis’

It seems to me that that as we witness the dismantling of the old distorted patriarchies and the suppression of the feminine principle, and the deception and corruption on this planet, patience becomes more essential to our way of being. What we have come to expect and have taken for granted is falling away to reliance on new ways. The path to change is through the threshold between the two, and it may bring hidden pain, unexpected surprises, and inconveniences. Resistance to this holds up our ascension process, and patience allows a pace of unprecedented transformation. During these experiences, the Spirit of Patience can help us to make wise choices with our personal energies and resources, and revalue aspects of our lives.

The virtue of patience is necessary for expansion: it will always ground you into the deep trust of God’s grace. Patience is the gateway that will take you through the 11th hour, the companion to keep you evenly steadfast when the healing journey seems long, the frequency that can dissolve the most difficult blocks, and the gift that can soften you into love for yourself and others.

Beloved Mother/Father God and Holy Christos-Sophia, I lovingly command your support to release anger, rage, frustration and irritation from my painbody. When I am impatient with myself or any other person or animal, please help me to align with the truth of who I AM – patience and peace.

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