Reconciling Our Relationship with Mother

Humanity has had a conflicted relationship with our Divine Mother. We’ve needed her and refused her, been devoted to her and distorted her.

Divine Mother, Earth Body and Our Lightbodies

‘Tears’ by Mait Jüriado

With the macrocosm reflected in the microcosm, what happens in the Earth body is what we feel in our physical and energy bodies. If we’re to truly reclaim our inner feminine in sacred balance, we must welcome the return of the Holy Mother frequencies to both our planet and our spiritual house.

If we were to walk through the earth body at this timing we would see something rather different than what it has been in the past.

Where before it was like a deserted, dry forest, burned and forgotten to languish in the ashes, there is now renewal.

‘Divine Mother’s Abundance’ by Amâeil

The earth body is full of light now. More than before.

The Divine Mother’s inherent wisdom has been called back to be restored in her true nature – to flow with the Krystal frequencies that were once unpermitted to ground into her being. She has been reunited with the forces of God-Source in her body.

In the same way, the Source Light is more accessible to us, our body-consciousness, than it has been in the past.

So together we are reclaiming the God-Source Light for our resurrection.

Who is the Divine Mother?

peace on earth

Peace on Earth

The Divine Mother principle, as the 13th dimension of the 3 Universal Founder Rays (13D Mother Arc, 14D Christos & 15D Father Arc), is essential to the center of all, the Godhead. Her Aquamarine-Blue Ray emanates the base tone of the universal primal sound-light of creation. Without the Mother Arc, we have been lacking power, love and harmony.

She is the giver of life, but she was stopped from being her True Self.

Since the negative alien invasion, her heart could not flow with the love of her spiritual energetic force to nourish all forms of life. She wasn’t in the core of the Earth or on the surface. The spinning vortices in the planetary grids that would have directed her life force and frequencies in a heart-brain circuitry were reversed into the Anubian Black Heart system. They accumulated distortions, dead energy and miasma, where no life could circulate. The bi-wave looping of finite energy could only deplete itself. Much like being in a closed room with no circulating air, we eventually feel its staleness and it becomes harder to feel nourished. This is what humanity has been feeling – the lack of her nourishment.

‘Creatrix Usurped’ by Amâeil

The Divine Mother was abused when Tiamat was exploded by the Moon Chain beings (soulless beings like alien Greys and Zetas). As a 5D planet, the female principle of our planetary logos and gatekeeper to the Christ-Buddha-Avatar matrix, Tiamat was an extension of the Mother, her Sophianic body. Her goddess consciousness fell and her fragmented parts were trapped in the 2D underworld/phantom spaces by the NAA (negative alien agenda), exploited to impregnate archontic and reversal/anti-life creatures and spirits. This is what is known as the Baphomet field or womb world, and it’s this reversal of the Sophianic female energy that is used in Satanic and black magic rituals. Every female body on Earth, as the one who holds potential to birth life, is negatively impacted by these lunar influences. And every human has been controlled through the parasitic entities and their programs of sexual misery to destroy the human Spirit and the possibility of sacred union, within an individual or subsequently in partnership.

To prevent the Divine Mother from uniting with the Divine Father in equality and sacred marriage, the 6D/male and 7D/female leylines were severely blocked. Through frequency fences, alien machinery and reversals, every effort has been made by the NAA to prevent and split apart their Divine Union. And so we see these efforts manifest into the difficulties of our meaningful partnerships. As well, we see these blockages within our own lightbodies that make it challenging for us to build our wings: to unite the 6th dimensional sphere of 12 Tree Grid in our soul body with the 7th dimensional sphere of our monadic body. When these merge we activate the higher heart of Christos-Sophia consciousness at the 8th dimension, and achieve the first level of sacred inner marriage in our ascension process. But the Divine Mother was crucified.

The fear of her creational power is the seed of this long-time misogyny. This Black Madonna Network of anti-Mother mind controlled collective consciousness feeds the black magic grids.  She was put in her place as only second to the male Solar Light, and associated with the Moon Goddess or Black Lilith and her dark lunar seductions. She has been made to be the Dark Mother and the False Parent. She has been called the Black Witch and Black Widow. The negative forces have denigrated her, denying her all respect.

Divine Mother’s Return

‘Aqualine Sun’ by Amâeil

However, there has been a profound evolution to Mother’s return, increasing in both complexity and accessibility to more fully return the Krystic Divine blueprint into the planetary grids and therefore, our consciousness and bodies.

Her heart is healing and so is ours.

It was only 10 years ago, but she returned to the Earth’s core, and to the Earth surface through Mother Arc gates. Now linked to the Aurora and Krystal Star Unity Intelligence, and into the Galactic Sun frequencies, the Earth’s Inner Sun has been activated, allowing plasma Aqualine Healing Light infusions.  So while it seems that the earth is suffering and we’re not taking care to preserve her beauty and essential nurturing, waves of Galactic Solar Light are raising the frequency of Earth’s blueprint.

The purity of her of magnetic base tones, with the electrical resonator tones of the Holy Father, creates the particle and anti-particle template of our Universe, the contraction and expansion, the in-breath and out-breath. Coming together, as equals, the synergy of their unified pulse creates a tri-wave tone, as it is drawn into the Source of all creation, the Zeropoint, where there is an infinite supply of life force.

‘Starsong of Cosmic Sophia’ by Amâeil

It is this tri-wave that regenerates consciousness. Her heart is able to love again. The life force of her sonic vibrations is flowing through the energetic circulatory system of the Earth again, correcting the Earth’s grids to the organic Crystal Diamond Heart pattern, the Sophianic body or Christos-Sophia consciousness. It can be said that our true God-parents are now able to reclaim their child, the expression of their sacred union, and it is the Mother principle that gives birth. Our DNA now has the potential to return to its original 12 strand silicate/crystal matrix so that we can ascend to experience our God consciousness.  Yet, it is only through the Divine Mother principle that our mitochondrial DNA can be corrected: it’s only the birth mother who passes along her mitochondria to a child. These structures within the cells convert our food to energy, and provide access to body-consciousness Light that we can increasingly hold in our cells as we evolve in consciousness and soul embodiment. This deep Mother-Child bond is being regenerated.

Gradually, the patriarchal codes, the negative forms, the artificial timelines are being pushed out of Earth. As the Mother Arc and the Aurora align, the raw elements in the earth body, and our DNA, that were usurped, darkened, stripped and reversed at an atomic level right down to the imbalance of protons, electrons and neutrons can be re-encrypted.

‘Morphogenesis’ by Amâeil

Now we are truly breathing fresh air again. Now we have the structure of the planet resurrecting itself into a much richer soil if you will. One that fortifies the growth of new life.

How are We Perceiving Her?

Our perception of Mother Earth matters. One can look back and say we had better soils, better food and better water. But the constructs on Earth were no more sustainable then than now. Now, we have greater clarity about what is and is not, and so it seems that there is less life, more destruction, and there is a decline in the viability of our planet.

It can be said that this is true.

However, the Divine Mother principle returned back to Earth is what is revitalizing the abundant life force, in her womb of creation, so that what has been dead, what has been uncertain, and what has been depleted, can be restored. This is a new stabilizing foundation for all of life.

‘Infusion’ by Amâeil

And so it is true for each of us in our light bodies, that we are being nourished in the elements of our bodies, and that which composes the light and sound of who we are. This is the work that we have undertaken individually, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as we participate with our consciousness.

It will take time but, without any question, the direction of movement is this resurrection. It’s a time to open the heart to this knowledge rather than just focus on Earth’s depletion. For those aware, always know that there are layers to progress and it is not a black and white perspective. It is not all declining, nor is it all enriched again. It is a process much like depleted soil that needs to be reintroduced with new nourishment and organic seed, and cultivated to allow the nutrients to come back to the land.

This is possible.

As an example, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado saw the hills of his childhood in Brazil completely deforested, depleted of vegetation, water and animals. But he and his wife Lelia were committed to restoring the land, planting over 300 species of trees.  It’s been a miraculous recovery. Not only did the arid hills turn lush again, but natural springs returned, as did the wildlife. They declared the area a national park and called it Instituto Terra. Now 17,000 acres of barren Brazilian land has been reclaimed and is thriving again.

This is the same with Mother Earth.

This is the same with our bodies.

Divine Mother and the Mother Presence in Our Lives

‘Mother And Child’

With the macrocosm reflected in the microcosm, the distortion that has been placed on the Divine Mother has influenced our mothers and our relationships with them. If we’re to truly reclaim our inner feminine in sacred balance, we must allow reconciliation with both the Divine Mother and the woman from whom we were born, or the mother who raised us.

While every child would have wanted and is deserving of an unconditionally loving and nurturing mother, quite often it’s the Dark Mother influence that we experience, and the Dark Mother that then lives on within us. Our inner child knows her at the controlling or critical mother. But as we take the time to heal our wounds and appreciate the wounds of our birth mother, and all mothers, we can forgive and we can accept.

To our Divine Mother, to the mother we’ve known, our healing prayer could be so very much the same:

Dear Mother,

I’ve missed your love when only you could comfort me. I missed your gentle touch, never imposing but waiting for my invitation. I hoped for you there, never belittling me for needing you, nearby when I did.

I’ve refused your wisdom though I’ve been lost in the noise of my confusion: I didn’t care to hear what you could whisper to me in guidance, too afraid that you might speak the truth.

I’ve blamed you for the growing pains of being your child, while silent about the blessings. From you I’ve been birthed, millions of your atoms eager to cocoon around my soul, that I may know you through my eyes, my voice, hands and heart. You’ve only asked me for my courage to be a presence with you, as our histories of being denied and wounded are twisted together in our bones, awaiting healing.

So while I know you deeply, I’ve tried to be separate. I felt your care for me but also felt abandoned. I wanted you to recognize me but I faltered in my expression. I loved you and hated you. I cared for you and hurt you.

And I’ve missed you.

Forgive me Mother. I feel you now, and humbly witness how you too have suffered. In truth, we‘re eternally bound. I accept your gift to give me wings. Thank you.

Only now can I know nurturing without condition. Now I AM my own comfort.

Welcoming Divine Mother’s Nurturing

We have a bond with our Divine Mother- the giver of life.

As the Divine Mother returns and the Diamond Heart hubs are reactivated in her Earth body, so too can the Diamond Heart be reclaimed in our personal lightbody. During monadic initiation (dimensions 7-9), when the thymus gland in the 8th dimensional higher heart is activated and the inner Spirit unites with the Permanent Seed Atom. This holds the Divine blueprint for Christ Consciousness.

“Blue Bathurst”

The more we embody our monad, the more we pulse in heart rhythm with the Divine Mother, and help her to build the Diamond Heart network on Earth.

We heal when we welcome her. To receive her Divine love, simply open your heart and call upon her Aquamarine Ray, a beautiful emanation of aqua, ultraviolet and bluish rays of liquid plasma light, as deep as the blue hues in the oceans depths and as bright as the blue sky. Intend this or envision it.

She is a fundamental frequency to our light and sound bodies. She is the nurturer to our Divine inner harmony and balance. She is our blessing when we are in need of healing and unconditional soothing comfort. She brings calm and peace to emotional fear, chaos and trauma. She is our true Mother. Allow her love to be with you.

Signs of Reclaiming the Divine Mother Within

‘Nurture’ by Amâeil

When we are willing to be receptive to the Divine Mother, and unite in balance with her, we are blessed with the natural gift of our intuitive wisdom. We are learning to honour the practice of listening to our inner intelligence and to trust again in being with what is in the present. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by inner chaos, or confused by decisions and choices, we cultivate inner clarity. This is what leads us in our lives.

As we reclaim our feminine principle, we fortify our authentic power and our ability to bring comfort to ourselves through our inner Spirit, instead of continuing to rely on external love, including the love we wish we had Divine femalefrom the mother who raised us.

To be One with the Divine Mother Within means that we flow with gracious, nurturing love for ourselves and become a healing presence for others.

Yes, humanity’s had a conflicted relationship with our Divine Mother, and therefore the mother-figure in our lives, and our ability to know ourselves as unconditionally loving. We’ve needed her and refused her, been devoted to her and distorted her. But now, as the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm, we have the opportunity to welcome her, heal, and return to sacred, inner balance. Thank you God.

 ♥ ♥ ♥

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2019 Amâeil (Melinda Urban) 


With gratitude for the Guardian teachings and Lisa Renee,

Photo credits:

Image: Tears: Mait Jüriado

Image: ‘Mother And Child’

Image: ‘Blue Bathurst’