Sexuality, Gender and the Confusion



When it comes to sexuality and gender on Earth there is much that has been distorted and twisted about both. Our news headlines about sexual perversions and abuses reflect how commonplace and accepted this confusion is as today’s reality. Yes, it is our collective experience right now, but it need not be accepted.

Sex is often misused. Many people turn to sex when they have a need to fulfill: a need to release, a need to be loved, a need for stimulus, or a need for understanding, and the list goes on. And yet, sexuality is not about needing. Sex is intended as a natural and organic expression of Divine, heart-centered, sacred love, which generates healing for each partner and circulates life force. Notice that none of this speaks to abuse of the body, the fragmentation of the soul, or the disconnection from Spirit, and yet, worldwide, a great deal of sex is used to gain energetic power. Trace back in history to the origins of many of today’s rituals or practices and you may often find that they intersect with some reversal or alteration of its original intentions of Light because the ego deemed there was power to gain.

When abuses of power occur, there is a stream of dark energy that pervades the fields, accumulating each time there is an act of violence to go with it. This is common knowledge, and we often ask, “Why it is happening?”, or “Who did it?” However, the broader important question is, “Why is this so pervasive on this planet?”

Its roots are in the needs of the negative alien agenda to siphon energy. Manipulation and abuse are black magic and dark energies that fill the feedlines by draining life force. Now, ask yourself how often this occurs on this planet, and who needs this much dark energy? We see the individual acts of sexual abuse and frown on them, with good reason, but we still don’t collectively see that it’s an epidemic. The figures globally are staggering.

Gender inequality is a contributor. The distortions to the masculine and feminine energy principles lead to confusion in relating with oneself and therefore with another, violations of boundaries, fear of intimacy, and fear of differences. All this feeds the darkness. Where the feminine principle is quashed and subverted in misogyny and patriarchal domination we see that there seems to be a free-for-all for men.

But the rising consciousness is slowly changing this, and this is why the atrocities that were too hard to witness before are being seen and heard now. We cannot continue to deny the truth of what is the darkness of this world, anymore than we can continue to deny the Light of this intelligently God-created natural Earth.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


If you personally have suffered from sexual abuse, please take the healing opportunity before you to clear your field of its energy, if you have not already. You are a Divine human, a dignified creation of God that should never be destroyed in the name of energy abuse and control of power. Neither have a place in this world moving to greater love. Your body is a vehicle for that love. Reclaim it and free your consciousness. Energy psychotherapy and the AoA Hieros Gamos System are highly effective for clearing any sexual misery programming, fears, defensiveness, relationship patterns, addictions, lack of trust, fear of intimacy, shame, invalidated and buried feelings, self-blame, inorganic implants, confusion between sex, pain and love, and imbalances of the gender principles.

May we each come to know our own authentic power and be inner-sustained with Living Light, to value God-sovereign freedom, clarify equal respect between women and men, and allow sacred unions to flourish.

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