Choosing Life or Anti-Life

my heart matters 2 (Small)

“My Heart Matters” by Amâeil

There are times when we have to choose between what’s going to move us forward or what’s going to hold us back. Often, we do want to move forward. We want to be free of the wounding, the pain, the dogma, the “small me”, the matrix and that which simply makes life dull. But then when it actually comes time to choose, we hold back and think that we’re better off where we are, as though our limitation is somehow healthier. Of course, we can acknowledge that this is fear surfacing, but we still have to consciously choose – between anti-life and life.

It’s fairly simple if you consider that moving toward the reversal of life will contract and break down your life force until it consumes itself. It is finite. The choice for life, on the other hand, brings expansion and vitality. It seems we want life but our daily behaviours can demonstrate the opposite.

losing control

‘Rough Waters’

Some will choose to keep hanging onto the old as though it’s a life raft: it’s familiar and it doesn’t seem to take much to keep doing that. But this is truly an illusion: it’s effortful to brace against depletion, and painful to simply stay afloat, unexpressed and unfulfilled. Your soul always wants to expand. Your heart wants to know true, unconditional love. It takes much less energy to go with the natural flow – to be free in discovering the Lightness that comes from trusting in your Divine Self. This is the certainty upon which you can rest, while change challenges your comforts. This enlivens you! It’s what brings you more joy because you come to know yourself better, to trust yourself more, and to be more present with Source, which is perpetually creating. Choosing Life with your Spirit is the only key to graceful possibilities and inner, sacred, peaceful balance.

Are you hesitating about a meaningful change? Ask yourself, “Am I choosing life or anti-life?”


Questions for Reflection:

  • Which behaviours of mine are anti-life and which are life-expanding?
  • What is choosing Life creating for me?
  • What is choosing anti-life creating for me?
  • In what way do I need to give myself permission to open to more Life right now?


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(Amâeil) Melinda Urban