Are You a Good Host to Parasites?

'302/365 - out of power.'

‘302/365 – out of power.’

Defining a parasite: If someone was sponging off of you, that is living in your house, using your resources to survive, never making a move to become independent, and intending to harm you, would this be concerning to you? Draining? Unfortunately, parasitic relationships like this are too common. To change this far-reaching pattern we have to consciously reclaim our spiritual house, sovereignty and God-power, and stop being a good host.

The parasitic planetary model: The pattern of consuming what belongs to others without consideration for group consciousness is what has played out on Earth. Corruption, greed, deception, and predatory behaviour are all rooted in consumptive modelling, and the negative alien agenda (NAA) to dominate and completely control the human mind, body and soul. These are the default addiction patterns that humanity has self-perpetuated into their own disempowerment and enslavement. It was designed that way and humans are the unsuspecting hosts.

Parasitic relationships: This agenda and their programs filter down into the thoughts, emotions and behaviours in human relating. Parasitic relationships are not symbiotic relationships of mutual benefit but relationships of imbalance. We may use the term “energy vampire” to describe someone who takes and takes for their personal agenda, and intends to harm you, while deceiving you into believing that there is a another purpose. They only know how to meet their own needs at the expense of another. An example of this is when someone deliberately creates conflict so that you will take their side, give them attention, and bolster their energy. This is the “divide and conquer” strategy.  A parasitic individual can also attack with aggression or interrogation and act as though they are powerful, but in truth they do not believe they have power so they disempower or tear another person down in order to feel more powerful. They hold no intention of operating from equality or fairness, and nor do they seek resolution or win-win outcomes. They operate from fear, so they don’t trust others but use others.



It takes to “two to tango” in relationships. In the same way that a victimizer will find resonance with someone of victim consciousness, or a predator finds prey, a parasite will seek out a good host. The parasite looks for someone who is weak-minded, weak in moral character, or weak in boundaries, or at the least, experiencing a moment of weakness or vulnerability, and available to be subject to their control. An example is the timid child bullied at school, or the employee that is repeatedly subjected to a boss’ ire. This “host” is not able to discern subtle energies, stand in their power, and say “no” to intimidation. These hosts don’t truly believe that they are powerful either. When they seek attention by presenting as a “poor me”, they are trying to gain energy from another too. Sometimes they act aloof and get energy from those that chase after them. These passive partners can also create a false self-perception by feeling better about themselves for not being the aggressor. Yet again, they do not have strong self-esteem. They will continue to sadly ask for help, but never receive it, or continue to be distant, so they can keep living in their powerlessness and drama.

Parasitic relationships are unhealthy, ineffective and co-dependent. The individuals that contribute to the dynamic both operate from fear and lack of self-love: they believe they lack authentic power, do not know how to meet their own needs, do not trust themselves to discern and choose, have low-self-esteem and poor boundaries, and look externally for their source of power. These wounds are commonly found in many individuals in various forms. Keep in mind also that life has lots of grey areas, so a relationship may hold elements of this dynamic without it being entirely parasitic. Healing is possible.

The unconscious consent: Our subconscious ego programs determine how we think feel and act, and whether we allow parasitic relationships to take hold.  These are essentially the limiting programs that can get triggered, and then it would seem that we have no control or understanding as to why we behave as we do. Of course, this is an illusion to our true nature. When we are conscious of who or what is “running the show” we can observe and choose a higher response. The key is to be very discerning to know if and when the parasite/host dynamic is operating and how you contribute to it.

fear of the dark

‘Fear of the Dark’

What remains hidden:  When we have awareness of the larger negative alien agenda on this planet, we understand that we are not alone and that these behaviour patterns can be manipulated through extra-dimensional beings and entities of various forms that control from beyond the visible light spectrum of this dimension. They believe they have a right to do so, and it has been this way on Earth since the alien invasion. Therefore, until we consciously, and with commitment, claim sovereignty of our Lightbody, declare our alignment with the Law of One, stay grounded in our sustained inner power, and are a clear vessel of God-Source, we unknowingly consent to dark force infiltration by default.

Given that most humans can’t see into the broader light spectrum and see the parasitic entities, and have been disempowered, enslaved, soul fragmented and disconnected from Spirit, the entities can easily manipulate. They can piggyback on a human being, literally hang on the back of an individual, or enter the human energy body. An energy parasite can live in our body and energy field – this is our spiritual house. It uses our life force and our awareness for their own gain. A parasite of this nature does not have a perpetual supply of God life force of their own and needs to feed off of another to survive. It siphons our energy and drains us. At the least, it compromises us and influences our thoughts and emotions. At the most, an energy parasite creates spiritual disconnection and possesses a being. Possession is common and it does not have to be like that sensationalized in horror films or depicted in exorcisms. Possession means that the entity has “taken over” and it can take many different forms. A person may still not be aware of it, and nor have they consented.

down the drain

‘251:365 – Down the Drain’

The effect of a parasite: Depending on the specific intention of an energetic extra-dimensional parasite, the effect can feel like a slow siphoning of our life force, where we become increasingly drained. At the other end of the spectrum, it can feel like a something suddenly came out of “left field” whereby we are thrown off-centre, feel out of sorts, queasy, and unsure of what we’re feeling or where it came from. Thoughts can feel jumbled and the energy can feel confusing and chaotic. Over time, we may find ourselves gravitating to addictions, even those that were in our behaviour pattern long ago. Energetic parasites know our vulnerabilities and use them.

We’ve all heard of physical parasites that can live in the flesh of the body and create illness, and energetic parasites follow the exact same modus operandi.

Energetic parasites become physical parasites: Most health-conscious individuals know that it is wise to periodically cleanse the physical body of parasites since they are quite common. Parasites are found everywhere and come from many sources: pets, contaminated water and food, pollution, other humans, through travel, or simply walking barefoot on the earth.

However, it’s important to remember that energy always moves from formless to form, un-manifest to manifest. So this means that when energetic parasites are left unchecked they can become physical parasites in the body.

The lesser known parasites include alien implants of various kinds (biological or synthetic materials, etheric substances in the Lightbody, or programmed nanobots of artificial intelligence technologies that are designed to create submission to the negative alien agenda through individual targeting, infiltration of the planetary fields, and collective mind control) and the chemtrails (geo-engineering) to which we’re exposed. These inorganic, foreign substances invade the body and create electromagnetic imbalance through a “metallic” frequency overload. In coping, the body’s brain, central nervous system and immune system become stressed, leading to adrenal exhaustion and yeast/fungi, parasite and microorganism imbalance. Mind, body, emotions and Spirit are impacted, creating dis-ease states.

Artificial intelligence parasites like Suppressor Parasite Entities can enter the nervous system to track the patterns of the thoughts and emotions of a person and mimic them. It then takes advantage of this to create low frequency thoughts of a predatory nature.

This information is shared not to create fear but to expand consciousness by exposing the truth. The stronger our Lightbody and inner spiritual connection the less vulnerable we are.

For awakening beings parasites may persist: Those awake and aware and here to serve in the ascension and the transmutation of energies on this planet, can experience a sensitivity and intensity with these parasitic energies as described above, even when our personal life no longer outwardly expresses victim or victimizer consciousness. Given the long-standing consumptive modelling on this planet, and an energetic parasite’s need to keep its food source and to survive, archons and entities will attempt to thwart any being’s embodiment of higher frequencies, and especially those who stand to get in their way.

For many on this path, parasites and candida, which often go together, are a persistent issue. For the various reasons described above, flare-ups can occur even when one doesn’t eat any sugar or fruit and follows a candida diet. I speak from years of personal experience and know many other individuals who have to work diligently and consistently at managing this with on-going health protocols.

Further, when the body undergoes kundalini activations, the body’s digestive functions are naturally compromised while dealing with this organic process of ascension. A considerable amount of fermentation may take place in the bowels especially if one is not careful to keep the diet very light during this phase (raw, sprouts, superfoods, quality not quantity). The body can experience this as a build-up of toxicity, and constipation can add to the problem by not moving out the food that has had a hard time being digested. This creates a perfect environment for yeast overgrowth and parasites.

Clearing parasites: Keeping the physical body healthy to help minimize parasites from taking hold, and keeping the Lightbody clear by cleansing energetic parasites, negative emotions and thoughts, and healing or dissolving parasitic relationships are all required to increase and sustain our higher frequency and keep a clear spiritual house. The more we stop bolstering the negative ego and stay in the power of infinite, present-moment Christ consciousness the less we feed the parasite machine.

'Solar Rays'

‘Solar Rays’

Energy psychotherapy and core pattern release bring subconscious information to the conscious mind to enable our power of choice, and strengthen our energy field. Healing our wounds and the patterns of fear, control, insecurity, passiveness, co-dependence, and self-victimization, at the root cause, through multiple timelines, heal us individually, our relationships, our bloodline and the NAA addiction programs and agenda. The AoA Hieros Gamos System also deeply supports our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies with clearings and upgrades, including releasing parasitic energies on multiple levels: sponging, attachments, entities, toxicity, generational vows or soul contracts that allow our soul essence to be used for their gain, inorganic implants, etc.

While dis-ease in the body arises from multiple factors including blocked life force, compromised immune system, low oxygen levels and decreased vitality, body acidity and toxicity, suppressions in the spiritual-energetic body from trauma, miasma, emotional pain, fragmentation, etc., and dis-ease of the central nervous system and brain through accumulated factors, some would claim that all dis-ease is rooted in parasites and pollution. Dr. Hulda Rehegr Clark, Ph.D., N.D., was a wholistic practitioner who discovered that you can safely electrocute such organisms. Her work led to the creation of “the zapper” and protocols for cleansing. Dr. Royal Rife created similar technology in the 1930’s with a broader spectrum of frequencies to treat a variety of illnesses. Many practitioners of various healing modalities are highly accessible to address illness from a wholistic perspective, and can sometimes even diagnose and address parasites through long distance consultations.

12D Shield

12D Shield

Self-responsibility and self-sovereignty: Taking responsibility for the care of our multi-dimensional self, including learning how to stand in our genuine power and discern energies, goes a long way to fortifying ourselves from negative forces. When we commit to developing a nurturing relationship with our inner Spirit, and learn to participate in our consciousness expansion, we no longer see ourselves as a victim and make ourselves a good host, and nor do we need to be the parasite that looks externally for its sustenance. Instead, we know that our perpetual life source is our infinite God-Self. This is what it means to be lovingly inner-sustained, and this is the anti-dote to the NAA agenda.

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