Are You Clearly Remembering Who You Are?

if not now when?Do you remember who you are? For many, remembering comes in layers: we outgrow unbeneficial ways of living, our conscious choices trump habits, we allow ourselves to be released from programming, cellular memories arise, and we affirm our inter-connectedness when synchronicity graces us. All these forms open us to knowing ourselves as much more than a human being, and more than a soul that has come to Earth to experience. There are massive, multiple layers of intelligence fields beyond the 3rd dimension. As we deeply open to our truth, we can see that we are already multidimensional beings in Oneness with all Creation throughout the multiverses. Our capabilities are unbound and our authentic power is immense. We can create that which we consider to be miracles. But the awe is in knowing that this is our intrinsic nature and our birthright.

Do you consistently feel like a multidimensional being? I imagine that most people would honestly answer ‘no”. We live in a physical container called a body, with a mind that likes to control, and we reside under a ‘net’ of control programming by our governments, religions and big money! Yet this is exactly what we are being asked to see and move beyond. For everyone the message is the same: this is the time to remember who you are, to align with Earth’s miraculous ascension and claim your sovereignty. It is time to make a daily choice and commit to living in heart consciousness.

Core Pattern Release and ego dismantling can help you expand your commitment to your ascension. There is no right and wrong in what you have transcended and what persists in challenging you. There is no destination awaiting your arrival. Any pressure you place upon yourself to be more evolved or “get it” will only result in a polarity boomerang. It’s your gracious acceptance for all that is you that will bring the gentlest expansion for your soul. And acknowledging that you can release the limitations you place on your Self affirms your wholeness. With core pattern release, unsupportive beliefs, generational patterns and painful emotions can be easily purged at the root.

What’s still stopping you? If you still find yourself denying your multi-dimensional self in any of these following ways or others, consider that liberation is possible:

  • you find yourself cycling through a pattern of wonderful abundance/expansion and then scarcity/contraction
  • you become distracted by chaos around you or create chaos
  • addictive patterns are still part of your experience
  • you have difficulty acknowledging, naming, feeling, processing and/or releasing your emotions
  • your mind chatters with defensive self-talk, fear scenarios, or messages of self-denial
  • your ego mind directs your life, and you have difficulty practicing observer consciousness
  • you hold back in relating to others out of fear of being hurt again; you see people as “the other”
  • you compromise yourSelf to be accepted
  • you thrust your energy outward in an effort to be heard over others, appear smarter, or be in control
  • you fight or resist any condition of dis-ease in your body
  • you continue to look outside yourself for answers and place value on others’ opinions of you
  • you disregard your intuition and what you already know you need to act upon
  • you feel you are holding yourself back from embracing your highest soul expression
  • you sabotage yourself just when you’re on the brink of change
  • for healing facilitators; you experience yourself as a more powerful being when you’re with clients than when you are by yourself

We are all in this journey together, from the empathy we can offer each other to the space between our atoms. Have compassion for one another and for yourself. You have chosen to be courageous at this challenging and miraculous time. ThetaHealing can help you love All That Is.

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Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR), is an experienced, intuitive, energy psychotherapist and multi-dimensional healing facilitator working with individuals who are committed to consciously participating in their ascension. She is a master at unraveling the confusion in your concerns to heal the root cause, and teaches self-empowerment through your own inner wisdom.