Releasing Patriarchal Domination

woman silenced

woman silenced

The dominion of masculine power has been a force of imbalance on this planet for a very long time. Gratefully, balanced feminine power is re-emerging to find its rightful place while the patriarchal control structures in religions, finance, and corporations are unraveling. We are witnessing an unprecedented shift in consciousness on this planet and it is our own inner work that will ensure continued progress.

I see many female clients who are carrying unconscious programming to remain submissive, dutiful, and co-dependent. Sometimes they are surprised at their revelations because they would not consciously subscribe to this stereotype. Yet, as a child, they witnessed the female figure in their family (Mom) blindly acquiesce to this agenda, and through osmosis, they followed suit, or they were openly overpowered by the male force (Dad & brothers). They were diminished by their fathers, unsupported by their mothers, and made to feel separate, inferior or unworthy of opportunities, while their brothers were encouraged, respected and deemed to be more valuable.

However, it is important to understand that this encoding is not solely arising from family of origin experiences but reside in the mass consciousness through genetic lines. In addition, this hierarchy of elitism and power is a deep architecture in the Universal macrocosm. This does not mean we are powerless.

Energy healing can uncover your hidden, limiting messages. Regardless of whether the source is planetary or personal, you are being called to discipline in healing your energy field. There is great value in releasing your limiting programs, for as long as they reside in your subconscious mind they influence your behaviours. As a woman, if you don’t have an awareness of the patriarchal beliefs themselves, you may experience them through the following manifestations: you keep taking care of others who are capable of taking care of themselves, you feel you have to take responsibility for all the household tasks, you downplay your own educational or career potential, you feel guilty if you put yourself first, especially before your male partner/husband, or you feel unworthy of self-care.

Energy work can clear your belief structures at their root, clearing them from this lifetime, all other timelines, past generations and soul. Often, I am guided to also directly release these same energies for all women in the collective when they are being released for a particular client. Your personal healing always has a positive impact on Earth but this is another way that we raise our planetary consciousness.

While it could seem that the patriarchy was of great service to men, they too have suffered. Through the manipulation of the male principle, men have understood that they must be the breadwinners, hold social status, and remain unfeeling. They were also used to perpetuate the victim-victimizer consciousness.

Recent planetary shifts are bringing the female principle and male principle into Divine union at an atomic level. Since every human being holds feminine and masculine energies, both women and men can expect that it will be more comfortable to be in their feminine and masculine authentic powers. We can now reclaim our whole self, rather than exist in restriction and distortion.

It’s been a long time coming but it’s wonderful to see equality coming to fruition in this new life foundation.  If you wish to actively participate in this alchemy and clear your own limiting beliefs, please consider that my core pattern release work and the AoA Hieros Gamos System can assist you in your transformation with ease.

**see also Releasing Self-Victimization in Patriarchal Domination.

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