What Dreams May Never Come


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Often, we see dreams as associated with a future timeline. It’s a state of self into which we think we grow and expand, and make manifest. But dreams are not this. Dreams are ego self-expectations disguised as noble expressions of the Higher Self, and confused with truth. Dreams are ego-driven illusions and not Kristic (Christ consciousness energy). They lack integrity with the present moment, and they are not of Divine will.

Many of you may feel that this declaration denies the human capacity to stir promise and hope into something real. Humans would say that without dreams there is only a stagnation and lack of vision. These are all mind control programs, for dreams are speculations of the mind. There is no substance of the Divine in this, only an assertion of the ego and stories of how life should be. Often, they are entwined with material possessions, financial gain, and accomplishment. They can be attached to outcomes.

Therefore, when your dreams die, when the veil falls, or something interferes, it is devastating to the ego. This is a shock to the mind, for the ego sees that it has not really been in control. “It wasn’t supposed to be this way”, says the ego. Fear ensues as the ego scrambles to regain control.

So if you wish to manifest a ‘dream’, let it be clear from where the energy sources: let it be of Divine substance. Base it in eternal truth, from which there is ever-expanding expression. Let your Higher Self direct you into alignment.

reaching out

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There comes a time in personal, spiritual evolution when the activation of your monad (the 8th chakra seed atom in the 7-9 dimensional triad body) shifts you to leave behind the ego will: the movement to planetary service supersedes the individual’s assertions of must-haves and desires. It is to surrender to your higher purpose, and engage with Divine flow.

“Give your life to the one who already owns your breath
and your moments.” Rumi

Surrender cannot be in alignment with fear. To surrender you must lead with faith, and respond, engage, and act for group consciousness and the highest good of all concerned.


‘Rachel Naomi Remen

When we know ourselves to be connected to all others,
acting compassionately is simply the natural thing to do.

This is by no means implies becoming passive, without boundaries, or putting oneself last. On the contrary, to be fully surrendered to your highest purpose on Earth, you must have the inner core strength to hold anchor with your highest expressions at all times. This requires a firm sense of Self as expressed through your personality’s form, a capacity to be consciously discerning of what energies are being held in your field, and a willingness to be flexible and compassionate with others while self-respecting. This is why many struggle with holding Kristic energies, for it means knowing one’s God-Self while acknowledging the God-Self in others.

“If you want to support others you have to stay upright yourself.”
Peter Høeg

There is so little to consider of the future when you hold Christ consciousness as priority in life. Truly, only the ‘now’ moment of truth can serve as the foundation for expansion, one moment unfolding into the next. Your conscious focus in each moment is what matters; this is the intention.

Breathe deeply into the ‘now’, and the future is revealed as the past is healed.

12D tree of life

12D Tree of Life

We are currently ascending into groups of massive awakening. It’s within our grasp to bring the embodiment of Christ consciousness into the masses. The DNA blueprint for this is already coded into the planetary field, far surpassing what was held on Earth through Jesus in our previous history. The global anchoring of this may still seem to be far in our future, but the clarity within oneself to allow this and embody Christ Consciousness begins and ends in each ‘now’ for each individual.

When you find yourself thinking of your future, you may indeed see your ascended Self as less fragmented and more whole and, more at peace in acceptance. Yet, do not mistake this for future either. For simultaneously, you are this in the past, present and future – the ‘now’. Let go of who you think you should be. Do not create separation within yourself through what might be of you later. Invite your whole Self into your consciousness of ‘now’.

Christ Consciousness: own it, claim it, be it. This not a dream. No, your ego dreams may not come, but your truth is already within.

How are denying your truth?

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