I Respect You to Be Responsible for Yourself

It isn’t helpful to say to someone “I will be responsible for you”. To truly help someone, you let them be responsible for themselves and make their own choices. Otherwise how will they come to know themselves in their truth? Each person is sovereign and can only be responsible for themselves. Yet, this is often misunderstood, and this distortion is being leveraged right now, when everyone, healthy or unhealthy, is being mandated to wear a mask for the protection and safety of all as social responsibility. It’s a message that’s been put forward amidst many other deceptions, to serve a larger agenda of control. Be cautious. There’s a war on for your consciousness. Claim it.

To be self-responsible means that you are willing and open to observing what takes place within your own consciousness and making choices about that. What are your thoughts? What are those that keep repeating themselves? Do they support you or do weigh you down? Do they take you in the direction of your inner peace or do they take away from your life force?

The same applies to your emotions. Are they heavy emotions still lingering from pain long ago? Or are they joyful emotions that lift you into a freedom with yourself and others? Do they constantly stir within you as though you’re riding up and down on an emotional roller coaster, or do they appear in their subtlety, and you notice them to heal them?

Your thoughts and emotions determine your choices and behaviours. The question is whether you find yourself to be on autopilot with them most of the time, or whether you pay attention as though your life force depended on them. Because right now it does.

Collectively humanity is waking up from acting as automatons- those that do not question the contents of their mind and heart. It’s taken a long time for humanity to arrive at ‘now’ to claim what is natural and so vital to their consciousness expansion. You would think this would be easy, especially when humanity’s wisdom is brilliant, creative, loving and exceptionally intelligent in the image of God.

Yet, the years of control by the negative alien agenda (NAA) has kept humanity recycling in a self-destructive force of looking outside of ourselves instead of inward. Trauma and mind control dulls critical thinking, inner clarity, and natural flow with Divine will. These and countless manipulations have had humanity living according to the edicts of false authorities. False authorities are those who have named themselves as an authority over another through abuse of power, such as the negative aliens, archons and controlling elite. People also give their power away to false authorities when they automatically deem someone else to know better than them, or to be smarter or superior in some regard. But it isn’t always this because sometimes people know their own truth, but they acquiesce because they’re scared and feel the pressure to succumb to false truths, and be like everyone else: to challenge what is in conflict with their inner knowing requires too much risk.

fear of 'what if'

This is learned acquiescence. I’ve counselled so many adults who hold these programs from childhood. When faced with the need to survive abusive parents or emotionally painful experiences that create wounds of hurt, confusion, anxiety or any kind of emotion that brings inner disharmony, a child will take it upon themselves to try to change the situation. It matters a great to deal to them that life return to the balance where they are loved. In most cases, this means putting aside their own needs in order to please another, or meet the other person’s needs. There are many who learned that they had to protect their Mother, make Mom happy, or help her cope with her life challenges. There are many children who learned that they had to abide by Dad’s rules or suffer the consequences. Of course, any of these dynamics can be applied to either parent depending on the family circumstances. But it becomes most painful when all the effort of the child has no effect. No matter how much they try, no matter how much they adapt and deny their true nature, no matter how sincere they are, they are never truly successful. Of course, this would be the case because the child is trying to change what is outside of his/her control – the parent’s behaviours rooted in their childhood wounds. However, a child doesn’t know this, and the failure to change Mom or Dad or the situation in the household feels devastating. When a child fails to correct the course of what’s unfolding s/he judges, criticizes and punishes himself or herself and suffers shame. This is exactly what it can feel like now if you think you have no choice to effect change with what’s taking place on Earth.

The entrapment in this self-perception remains as you become an adult, and it sounds like this: “Why would I want to know what’s inside me and what I think and feel? It’s painful. If I go inward I’m not sure what I’ll find. If I find something that isn’t comfortable then I won’t know what to do with it. How will I resolve it anyway? I’m powerless.” And so then it follows that it’s much easier to back away from having a relationship with your inner self, sidestep self-responsibility, do as your told, or just hope it will change. It seems like a reasonable way to avoid conflict, more pain and consequences.

The most profound consequence though is that you will never come to understand who you truly are. And this matters entirely if you want to expand your consciousness. To put that in more accessible terms, self-responsibility is the only way for you to choose the thoughts and emotions that drive your behaviours, and choose to feel more freedom and peace. Life won’t become perfect, but you will become more power-full – not so that you can use your power to control others, since that’s a false power, but when you fortify your inner core Spirit you can be okay with yourself even if the world around you isn’t okay.

It’s important to acknowledge that as a child, you may, of course, have had little power relative to the authorities around you and therefore, you did your best in your circumstances. Often a child’s survival strategy is very wise. While that painful and hurtful original experience can be life-altering it’s not the entirety of the problem. The stagnation is spiritual growth occurs when you continue to operate from your wounds, acting as though you are still that powerless child. Still seeing yourself as a victim to your circumstance is core to not taking responsibility for yourself.

You can keep looking outside of yourself but what happens then is that when things don’t go as you hope, or your needs are not met, you will blame someone or something for how it is, and/or give your power away to them, all the while never questioning what in your thoughts, emotions and choices created your dissatisfaction in the first place. And so the subconscious pattern of feeling powerless remains unchanged. Then the collective mind of humanity doesn’t change.

To be clear, inherent in self-responsibility is the understanding that each human being is sovereign. As a capable adult you can only be responsible for your own well-being: your emotions, thoughts, behaviours and decisions and this includes your physical health. Nobody can be responsible for another person’s emotions, thoughts, behaviours and decisions. Someone’s health decisions like that of your child or elderly family member may rely on your care. But in truth, nobody can be responsible for another person’s consciousness. We can still be respectful, compassionate and understanding, but we are not responsible for others. A false authority implying that we are responsible for others does not make this true. Many people believing this does not make this true.

Our choice to be self-responsible is being challenged now with the lockdown, mandatory masks and behavioural programming. The controllers would rather we remain automatons. The higher purpose it can serve though is that each person is confronted with powerful choices. Each person can awaken to deeper self-responsibility, and look at what’s being stirred in their mind and their heart, and what feels true and what feels false, and what is triggering the past and what needs to be released to move forward with more inner freedom. Each person can take self-responsibility, and with discernment, decide how they are going to honour their truth.

It would seem that only if you don’t comply will you suffer some consequence. If you’re a business owner you may fear being fined (in my area this is not part of the mandate so check for truth in yours). You may also fear putting others in jeopardy. You may not want to suffer the social shaming or feel alienated. For many people on a conscious path, especially of Indigos/Starseeds, it would not the first time that they remember what it’s like to be ostracized. The controllers know this.

Of course, some people feel safer with a mask and the quarantine measures. If they are immune compromised, or their health leaves them vulnerable to any virus, then they may feel that the public health orders are of great benefit to them and they feel safe and protected. They rest easier knowing that others are looking out for them. The controllers know this too. Let’s remember though, they are ultimately responsible for their health.

However, to others, wearing a mask feels highly uncomfortable, and can be especially harming to their health as it can trigger trauma in the body. If forced, your inner child may feel like it’s another experience of being abused, violated or ignored. God knows humanity has plenty of experience with that and every human holds cellular memory of multiple traumas. Wearing a mask then does not feel safe and creates more trauma. This can also be true for children of any age. That’s what the controllers want.

The controllers are watching their social experiment – how will humanity respond?

If this was all unfolding in full disclosure and transparency, it would feel quite different. But many people know it’s not- something feels not quite right. Humanity is not being allowed to make choices from informed consent. This is black magic. If you listen carefully to the authorities outside of you, you’ll hear inconsistency, find lack of integrity, and witness conflicts of interest. Our history is filled with deception and so is this time now. It’s just becoming more visible. This is why it’s important to build your own inner stability.

There’s a consequence to being denied your power to choose. There’s consequence to remaining silent when your freedoms are being taken away. There are consequences to your inner child who has been waiting for you to pay attention and heal him/her with unconditional self-love, from your inner God-Self. So be self-responsible, take care of you, and know that your only authority is God. Love, honour and cherish those you love. It matters. But let’s respect and uphold the right of each person to claim their consciousness.

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