Truth or Consequences

There’s a reckoning taking place on Earth now. Those that have opposed the Light are being taken to a new place of understanding with themselves, which is that they can no longer operate by the methods that abuse the Natural Laws of this Universe. This is the big shift right now- to restore coherence and harmony to what is Divine Order. While many people would like to see all of the current crimes against humanity and tyranny change quickly, there’s Divine timing in the Universe for all things. It calls us to deepen our faith that, despite how it seems, we’re not being abandoned. Profound spiritual awakening and expansion often comes at the darkest, 11th hour.

Our alignment with God is organic to us. While many people are still in the dark about this, it still holds true that if one uses their energy to usurp another’s free will, to create harm against another, to bring opposition to the Cosmic Christ consciousness that is the foundation of our human being, then they have misunderstood their purpose here on Earth. Evolution doesn’t come from tearing others down no matter what the justifications. Those intentionally opposed to the values of kindness, compassion, and harmlessness will find for themselves that, at one time or another, that harm burdens their soul and there’s an effect to their actions. This is what we need to remember as we observe the pain still being perpetuated.

If we’re to bring unity to this Earth one thing is certain – the darkness must be witnessed, on the inner and outer. This means that until we see our own shadow and take responsibility for it, there remain deceptions that pervade our reality. We cannot change what remains unacknowledged. Looking around us to see the manipulations, suppressions, inversions, and gaslighting is necessary, as it reflects the collective consciousness and we’re each a part of that. However, we also have to be willing to ask ourselves, “What’s the misalignment I am witnessing?” and “Where’s this misalignment still existing within me?”

The tragedy on Earth will not be solely because the darkness somehow managed to win over the Light. This is a very unreal possibility at this timing. But the possibility does exist that humanity will not remember who they are: sovereign beings with rights and freedoms, and even more importantly, that we are God-made creations, always and in all ways gifted with God’s power. How can we have truthful, full disclosure if we turn away in disgust and anger at the darkness without recognizing that our Light dissolves that darkness?

Today we each have a choice to reclaim our integrity, and our power to feel, see and speak truth without fearing what we’ll lose. Of course, cause and effect applies to everyone. However, we must consider the consequences if we don’t uphold truth – for us personally and for generations who follow. What if the choices we make are the infusions of liberation, where truth awakens us into exceptional awareness that we are an eternal Spirit and can be fearless, knowing that our souls have moved through histories of genocides, war, torture, trauma, shock, devastation, pain and utter disregard for Life, but we have found our way to ‘now’, to pulse in rhythm with the breath of God, sovereign, gaining momentum, to come back to our hearts and to where we began- free, peaceful, respectful and respected, loving and loved, willing and welcoming, knowing we’re all One.

♥ ♥ ♥

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2020 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban