Resilience, Vision, Commitment



Awakening into power and purpose for the greater good.

A descending hub is an area that is energetically moving in the direction of negative polarity, depletion and contraction, as opposed to ascending, which is growing or thriving in energetic expansion.

Detroit is one of those descending areas. However, that doesn’t mean its energies can’t be changed. This was the thought of a woman named Mama Shu who awakened through the pain from the tragic death of her young son into claiming her power! She set about to restore her neighborhood into an eco-village through astounding vision, unwavering positive intention and heart. In her own words, she describes how she is bringing the feminine and masculine energies together in re-birth.

This is such a beautiful example of how one moment can change us and bring about greater good. It’s worth taking a few minutes to listen to how she came into realizing just how powerful she is.

In this video clip, Mama Shu is presented with the eWomen Network 2016 Humanitarian of the Year Award and shares her story. I hope you find it as uplifting as I did.