Things Are Not as They Appear. Thank you God!

‘Changing the Program’ by Amâeil

During this past year, and still coming in this month especially, we’re experiencing extraordinary changes to our planet and our universal time matrix. The question you may wish to ask yourself is, “Am I feeling genuinely curious about this?” Because there’s plenty of reason to be: while the outer landscape looks at times grim, never forget that in this daily Earth reality, things are not as they appear.

The mainstream media continues to blatantly and desperately lie to humanity about the US election, the virus, the vaccine, the Great Reset, and anything else that will maintain the controller agenda. Gaslighting, fear-mongering, and distraction is name of the game as they do the bidding for the cabal and the Satanic and Luciferian forces. Yet, the energetic architecture that these forces rely upon cannot exist in our new Earth, and some is already dismantled and the negative forces have been purged.

Additionally, even through alternative media we can only attempt to know the truth. While much less is hidden through these channels, with certainty, there’s just as much, and much more, being held back from the masses – both negative and positive. We can fully expect that in 2021 we will see more disclosure about the negative alien agenda and the immense impact it has had on humanity. This may bring more shock, emotional pain, and feelings of betrayal that we have been deceived. This stirs old traumas and we have to go through it to heal.

This is the way it is in the journey of the dark night of the soul. A catalyst, often one that shakes up what you think you know, calls you to question and confront what has shaped you in the past and pulls you to discover who you want to be. While that soul-searching and healing can bring up heavy emotions, healing always leads to release of the shadow, relief from the burdens you have carried, and joyful freedom for your Soul-Spirit. This is happening in the Earth’s body, the collective body, and your body. Are you willing to participate in the healing of your shadow in order to know freedom and peace?  

It Ain’t What You Don’t Know That Gets You Into Trouble.

It’s What You Know for Sure That Just Ain’t So

Mark Twain


Because all the while, please know that the support for Earth through our Krystal Guardian teams and the Divine Mother, Divine Father and Christ-Sophia consciousness keeps expanding in very profound, unexpected and unprecedented ways into higher dimensional access, namely dimensions 16, 17 and 18. An entire new Universe has opened, Harmonic Universe 6, which provides the true, organic morphogenetic blueprint of the Divine Mother and Sophianic body consciousness. Respectively, these dimensions provide a new tri-wave configuration in our blueprint for dimensions 6-7 (our wings) and dimension 8 (our higher heart), which holds the permanent seed atom of our Christ consciousness. For this to have occurred, the Black Sun and Black Hole entities of the Yahweh Matrix held in the 8D Galactic Core and Metagalactic core of our Universal Time Matrix have been evicted! Thank you God!!

At the same time, we have reclaimed the original 12-strand DNA of the angelic human that was lost during the Fall of Tara – the Fallen Angelic consciousness. This template for the Gold Ray Seraphim Body now offers Diamond Sun embodiment potential as natural ascension for all the Seraphim/Avian lineages, and this activation occurs on the Winter Solstice. This has been part of my spiritual mission, and many who have healing sessions with me may recognize that they too have been participating in this reclamation. (for more details go to: newsletter)

The Light keeps pouring in. Why wouldn’t it keep expanding? Why would we believe that our time matrix as we know it would be all that we can know? After all, consciousness is infinite and filled with possibility. Things are definitely not how they seem.

We are by no means forgotten – far from it. We are immensely supported. It’s understandable that this may feel inaccessible at the moment, and you may even feel doubtful as we witness the abuses of power and fear playing out around us. Remember, spiritual-energetic change moves from the spiritual realms, to the mental, then to the emotional, and manifests into the physical layers last. So patience is required here, as is faith. The change is not coming. It’s upon us now, and we are the Co-Creators with the power to fulfill freedom timelines on Earth. Create the joy!

The Solar Eclipse on December 14th, and the Solstice on December 21st (the Jupiter/Saturn alignment) bring a consciousness shift for everyone! Ophiuchus has been preparing us. We’re all a work in progress and each of us will experience our own version of opening to new levels of consciousness expansion. Will we grow in leaps and bounds? Will it feel extraordinary and surreal, or natural? Or, as is most commonly the case, will it feel more gradual?

We cannot yet know exactly how these intense energetic shifts in December and beyond will ripple into our daily life experience, and how they will impact our consciousness and those we know. Typically people insist on keeping things as they are because it feels safe, certain and familiar. In other words, they don’t want to have to rethink what they thought they’ve come to understand about the world in which they live. 2020 probably helped many move along from that resistance! Yet, sometimes the mind control and implants will literally blind people from seeing beyond their current perception. Some new things they learn will be relatable and digestible, while others will be too fantastic or painful to grasp. Respect this. If you’ve been on a conscious journey remember how long it took you to process your pain and come into your awareness! Let’s continue to hold compassion for all those who are unaware, or living in fear during this time.

There’s definitely a great momentum to the changes afoot and that also means instability during this rebirth. Only fear will move our imagination into the worst case scenario. So breathe, stay grounded in ‘now’ and stay in love with life. What we can know, with certainty, is that there’s always more to discover. Can you be curious about that and hold open to receive its gifts? Can you feel the excitement and promise of the Divine Plan?

As we see the year end and step through more layers of the veil into 2021, hold steady in your heart and stay connected to your inner God-Self with a high frequency inner focus. The opportunity is exceptionally grand to set the tone now in December for the quality of life that you would like to live in the future years. Use this time wisely to create the highest intention for yourself and humanity. Practice love for yourself and unity with others. Keep joy in your heart, for truly, this is a time to celebrate our liberation!

May we be peace.

Beloved Holy Presence of Mother-Father God and Christos-Sophia, Beloved Krystal Guardians and all Christ Families Serving the Law of One,

I AM your compassionate witness in God’s Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, and hold heart-felt blessings for all courageous souls experiencing unprecedented change at this time on Earth.

May the flow of Divine life free our bodies, minds and hearts from the burdens of pain, dis-ease, heartache, illusions and disconnection from truth.

When faced with the demands of our daily lives, the challenges of our soul path, and future unknowns, may we find strength in knowing that we are not alone, allow acceptance in acknowledging how far we’ve come, and trust in the purpose of our lives and our love.

I pray that we each, in our own meaningful way, know how God feels in our heart, so that we may lean inward and find healing safety and replenishing comfort.

Protect us from harm and deception, and support us in our willingness to remember our power so that our experiences uplift us into our liberation.

May we recognize ourselves in the Divine reflection of God’s beauty, and know our joyful God Presence through the kindness, generosity, humility, and connection that is our birthright.

Beloved God, bless us all to receive, give and be peace.

I AM the expression of sacred balance, here on Earth, now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so.

G ♥ S ♥ F ♥

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