Life is Repeating Itself. Is it?

If you were to paint a picture of yourself in the future you would paint the most wonderful you, right? Not the one necessarily that would bring you the most money, or the most fame, or the greatest ease. Instead, you would see yourself in the life version that would be truly meaningful and valued by you. Is this what you would choose?

In this reality, right now, we have this choice but not everybody sees that. It’s easy to get swept into the rhetoric that is being pushed by the false authorities telling everyone what they need to pay attention to, who they need to obey, and how they need to comply.

Truly, if one was to observe this and ask, “How is it that so many people at one time can find this reality so appealing?” The answer would be is that they don’t, but, in truth, they are lost in a reality that really doesn’t suit them. It doesn’t suit their highest expression. It suits the version that the negative controllers would want for them and for many reasons, they are unable to move past that reality. It seems like they are in charge of themselves but are they?

Frequency Fences

‘Go Beyond Limits’ by Amâeil

On this planet, there are frequency fences that have been placed on the consciousness. These are artificial mind control fields that block higher frequency access and manipulate human perception. Even for those sincerely wanting to ascend, as you work to expand and move yourself beyond the limitation of our universal time matrix, you can find yourself thwarted. It can feel like a glass ceiling that is very difficult to move beyond. You wouldn’t be able to move about multi-dimensionally and ultimately return to your spiritual home.

Anti-Christ Wars & Genetic Experimentation

To understand this we have to go back to our history that’s in every human’s cellular memory.

Our Earth has 3 forms in our Universal Time Matrix: in the higher Soul Matrix Harmonic Universe 2 Earth is called Tara (dimensions 4-6), and in the Monad Matrix Harmonic Universe 3 it’s called Gaia (dimensions 7-9). These are all planet Earth at stages of higher consciousness.

“The angelic human prototype on Tara was incredibly genetically advanced and was designed to embody and hold all of the Universal Genetic Library, as well as have direct communication links with the celestial management structures and other star civilizations…Collectively we held the jewel in the crystal heart of the entire Universal body.”*

For this reason they were highly coveted by other non-human civilizations for breeding and genetic hybridization. Today, these alien hybridization and eugenic programs are still underway as part of the negative alien agenda (NAA) to steal these God Creator Codes from us angelic humans.

‘The Fall’ by Amâeil

Universally, as on Earth, there are those who follow service to others agendas and those who follow service-to-self and conflicts arise. 20 Million years ago we had the Lyran Wars with the Alpha Draconis in the cradle of Lyra where humans were first seeded, and the beginning of the Christ consciousness vs. anti-Christ wars. Ever since then, Earth and her humans have been seen as a resource for some reptilians races, and therefore, from their perspective, need to be controlled and enslaved with mind control and genetic alternations. This ensures that the Krystal/Christ consciousness DNA does not thrive. It also meant blocking off our access into Andromeda, and blocking Christos Founder Races from gaining access into the Milky Way.

The Lyran war spread to the Orion Constellation and is known as the Orion Wars. At some point, due to power abuses by the fallen Melchizedek factions, Tara exploded and scattered into 12 planets that now comprise our Solar System: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Nibiru and then the Sun star. This cataclysm had the devastating effect of splitting apart the human soul and monadic consciousness, separating and trapping soul families on Tara and Gaia respectively, and fragmenting many souls, some of which became part of the consciousness units and atomic body of our planet.


So a plan was created by the Paliadorians to repair the morphogenetic instruction sets and reseed the angelic human’s DNA, and reclaim those lost souls. This began with the Hyperboreans and the Polarians as the first root races on Gaia, with the intention of eventually reconnecting Earth with its higher timelines on Tara and Gaia, and bringing about the fulfillment of the 12-strand Avatar Christos consciousness.

However, as you can imagine, the explosion of Tara also had a negative impact on many other civilizations, who were now concerned that these reseeding attempts may create further damage. Therefore, through the Founder Races and Lyran-Elohim, an agreement was reached to place a quarantine on Earth, so that as the human genetics were restored, it wouldn’t impact others. Additionally, it was understood that it would be lifted at some point. Was that fair? Was it wise? Was it something we would want today?

The Electric Wars and Beginning of Artificial Intelligence on Earth

However, 5 million years ago, the Electric Wars broke out, still fed by a desire for control by the NAA (Annunaki, Draconians and Necromitons) who wanted complete control of Earth. They come from phantom matrices (think “disconnected from Source”) and have a predatory, warring mindset. It’s these entities that took advantage of the damaged 8D portal in our Galactic Centre, and opened wormholes to gain control over access in and out of the Earth realms. They are responsible for first bringing in black subtle forces during the Electric Wars, which eventually were converted into alien machinery/artificial intelligence (AI) and brought into each dimension. That has enslaved the planetary body and the human lightbody ever since. The NAA plan has been to bring the Electric Wars drama into physical manifestation on Earth.

The Guardian Azurites, Polarians and Hyperboreans of the Golden Age

It was during the Electric Wars on Gaia that the Hyperborean Holocaust occurred, as well as capturing of the Guardian Azurites. This is what was lost:

“The Hyperborean period is like the golden age. This is when the level of identity is fully connected and fully in your Christ Consciousness, meaning that we have this understanding that we are fully connected to the Godhead, there is no pain and suffering, there are no types of situations like wars, killing and violence, that we deal with on planet Earth.”*

“It was in the Gaian timelines many hundreds of millions of years ago that the original Guardian Azurite race incarnated into etheric forms and these race lines are the direct genetic lineages of angelic human beings seeded upon Tara.”*

“They are angelic beings of 48 DNA strands sourced from our Christos Founder Races:
the Gold Ray, the Emerald Ray and the Violet Ray.”*

The original creation code, the living matrix of Gaia, was stolen and siphoned. The NAA also replicated the Gaian body with AI to create a Black Sun for the immortality of the NAA. The Azurite DNA was damaged and their race line merged into the artificial timelines. For those captured, their etheric body parts were mapped and assimilated into AI. These are painful memories of separation and splitting of feminine and masculine sacred unions. The artificial architecture the NAA created was massive and formed the beginnings of the inorganic, metatronic reversals, and the artificial tree of life that still impacts humans now. They also created unnatural distortions in the planetary blueprint that serves as an electromagnetic harness. This was later fed into a NET, which is exactly as it sounds: sonic pulses form an electro-static field surrounding the Earth that interferes with communications into Earth and out to the higher realms. In short, they have controlled Earth with their artificial intelligence through their wormholes and black hole system to infect the angelic human DNA and our entire planetary matrix.

Among the trapped and captured souls were the beloved Ascended Masters, so it’s important to understand that they too have been AI-hybridized. False ascended masters will walk and talk like authentic ascended masters infiltrating new age channelings, and deliberately preventing those of the Christos families from regaining their Gaian memories and knowing the true history. We have imposter Azurites as well. Simply put, these stolen genetics from Gaia are being used by AI hybrids associated with Azazael and Toth anti-Christ dark forces.

Timeline Parallels

In truth, right now, we have these same issues showing themselves. Or think of them as the Gaian timelines in the parallel, running simultaneously to our Earth experience here now. It’s no surprise that we see the themes of quarantine and isolation, eugenics-driven public health dictates, false authorities, medical tyranny, service-to-self greed by the oligarchs, deception, aggressive repressions and abuses of power, divide and conquer tactics, genetic modification through vaccines and swabs, a push on technology, and the attack on those holding the light and speaking truth. These are crimes against humanity. The NAA have had no intention of doing an about-face now to make peace with humanity and especially those here on a Christos mission.

Now we have those same alien controllers/cabal/Satanists believing that they can still replace the human with a machine, ignoring the consciousness intelligence of the human soul-spirit and our DNA, and in fact, creating genetic mutation and digression. This is the transhumanist agenda that has early ties to eugenics like those experiments of the Black Sun Nazis. (Apparently Hitler was obsessed with Hyperborea.) This is what has been occurring with the AI and nanotechnology that has found its way into the vaccine, the swabs, our food, into smart phones, smart cars, and smart homes, wireless networks, and into the air through chemtrails. Like alien etheric implants in the Lightbody, nanotechnology is being used to infiltrate, block or siphon life force energies and harm the human organic bio-spiritual energy system. There has been a gradual morphing of our bodies and minds in order to make humanity less human and prevent higher consciousness embodiment. But how many people would you say are aware of that? How many people would you say know our human history in order to see the pattern? Not many.


‘Breakthrough’ by Amâeil

So here it is. In understanding this, in seeing just how involved and insidious the plan has been, and in seeing just how susceptible humanity is to repeating the same cycle of enslavement, what would you choose now? Would you choose your smart phone? Would you choose Alexa? Would you take the vaccine? Would you get the latest tech so you can follow group think? Would you eat GMO foods? Would you allow your young child to be made consubstantial with the anti-human agenda that replaces the heart and soul of their Divine being? Perhaps these seem like easy choices to make, unless you consider just how much we’ve already been assimilated and how we function in this world. May be then they don’t seem so easy.

The question to ask yourself is this, “Do I want to be able to ascend and give myself the best opportunity to reclaim the truth of who I AM?” because if you do, you have to ask yourself how you’re complying with the negative alien agenda. This is a serious question. I’m not just referring to the technology you use. I’m referring to how you live your life. I’m referring to what you allow into to your life to influence your thoughts and your emotions, and who you allow to make choices for you, and perhaps your children. And for all children.

It may be the information age. It may be a time of rapid change. And there are positive changes. But we’re also in a place of deciding where we go from here and who we want to become. In those timelines that have played out repeatedly, where humanity was on the losing side, somebody else has been deciding for us. Somebody else has been thinking that we can’t think for ourselves and we can be taken advantage of.

The Light

I feel it’s very important to recognize that in all the videos being circulated from wise and dedicated truth tellers, very little is being shared about the Universal changes taking place, so humanity is receiving only part of the picture, and many times only a very negative one of frightening eventualities from a 3D perspective.

We have the unprecedented return of the Solar Rishi into matter form (the Founder Races, dimensions 13-15) to thank for the positive universal changes occurring now, in co-operation with those humans who have been dedicated to clearing the planetary grids, and embodying higher consciousness:

  • The new Harmonic Universe 6 for dimensions 6-8, has been repairing the damage from the Electric Wars and the Gaian Matrix.
  • The Black Suns have been evicted from the Galactic Core, and it’s been reclaimed. The 8D Galactic Core now shines solar frequencies for the Gold Diamond Sun Body.
  • The shadow body of Gaia – the artificial duplicate – is dismantled and can no longer be used to send holocaust timelines to Earth! The timeline has been collapsed.
  • Azurites and our true Ascended Master identities are being freed from the Black Sun constructs.
  • The lost Souls of Tara are being retrieved and transited.
  • The angelic human DNA template can now be reclaimed from the timelines, prior to the fall of humanity’s consciousness.
  • For those of sincere heart on the ascension path, it is possible to move beyond these frequency fences as you increase the light quotient in your Lightbody. Healing is more and more accessible.

There’s no question that the war is won. Humanity’s ascending and moving to disclosure about the negative alien agenda and our history. But remember, we are sovereign beings. We’re each responsible for our consciousness. Our heart makes us human but so does this. So now is the time to witness what’s unfolding to raise your consciousness to truth. This, in turn, raises the consciousness of the collective. Keep doing your research, support others who stand for freedom, and take action in the way that most resonates with you. When you feel discouraged or overwhelmed go within to strengthen your alignment to your God-Self.

It’s also a time to attend to your healing to move out of the ego personality and artificial timelines. Heal these painful memories if they surface for you and reach out for my support if needed.

It’s time to reclaim your Spirit and decide who you want to be.

Thank you for caring and shining your Light. Blessings and love to us all.

With deep love and gratitude to my Guardian Teams for bringing this article through me, Lisa Renee and Tomas of for the historical information, Krystal clarity, and loving support of Earth that is beyond words, the ES community members for their dedicated service to humanity, and the Krystal Guardians and Solar Rishi.

♥ ♥ ♥

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