Shock & Awe

We’ve come upon a time in humanity’s history where lies can no longer be hidden. The manipulations of the dark forces have been compounded for thousands of years, hijacking our reality with a complex alien, inorganic architecture enmeshed with artificial intelligence.  But this architecture, which runs reversal/anti-life frequencies and black magic, and which has been responsible for sexual misery, pedophilia and human trafficking, addiction, mind control, dis-ease, trauma, and more, is now being even further dismantled by Krystal Guardian Hosts, and the predators evicted. We’re at zero tolerance.

If you didn’t read my article “Things Are Not as They Appear. Thank you God!” I highly recommend it.

In our day-to-day reality we’re seeing the human forms of these negative forces still avoiding accountability for their misdeeds and humanity’s enslavement. Resolute in their need for control, members of the deep state like to blame others for the very thing of which they are guilty, even when they reveal themselves to be imposters.  They desperately and recklessly want to continue to harm humanity and destroy Christ consciousness to the point of making us automatons. But it cannot happen.

There is one consideration to this, however. In order for humanity to reclaim what is our birthright – freedom and sovereignty – there must be the willingness to look and see what has been false and what is being offered now. Our collective awakening of consciousness is shifting the false salvation model that has been fed to us, to one of revelation so that we can liberate our own hearts and minds from the consciousness traps.

This means waking up to another reality. For many, that awakening is not likely to feel like a stunning sun arising in a blissful show of rainbow rays. More often, it’s a hard fall of the ego. This catapults a person into a new perspective – to go where they may have been reluctant to go.

Shock may be the very prevalent experience for many people in the hours, days or months ahead, whether that’s because it appears Biden will be the US President, or because Trump is still the US President, or as the manipulating mainstream media comes down. The truth about the depth of corruption in the deep state will be another big realization. There’s been plenty of information to follow, but many are still asleep to the truth. Even those of us who have been diligently following the art of war playing out in the US, waiting with bated breath to see the victory for truth displayed for the masses, are not immune from feelings ranging from disappointment to surprise, anxiety or even shock in this great awakening.

The degree of shock you may experience is directly proportional to your self-knowledge and inner core strength. But it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on a conscious journey, none of us have been ‘here’ before having this exact experience. Also, as I’ve often said, all of us have experienced traumas through multiple timelines and we may get triggered but not be able to pinpoint the timeline or cause of that experience. It’s also true that you may surprise yourself and discover just how resilient you are.

The Experience of Shock

If you’ve experienced shock you know it feels as though you’ve been hit by a massive force. You cannot touch ground. Life is upside down. You feel stunned, numb, and perhaps frozen. You can’t think straight, or process your thoughts at all, and you don’t easily function. You’re no longer who you were and you’re not yet the person you are becoming. You are between worlds, in the void, suspended in disbelief.

Shock is the most severe form of emotional trauma, when you don’t cope well and shut down in self-preservation to cushion the blow of what has entered into your awareness and what illusions must be left behind. At these times you may not even recognize it as shock. It may not matter to label it but it does very much matter that respect is given to your experience as the body and mind moves through it.

You may feel very raw, fragile and vulnerable. You may go back and forth between feeling suspended in time, and reeling from a flood of emotion. It may feel like an emotional roller coaster, unsure of which emotion is going to spill out next. Yet, feeling your emotions and expressing your thoughts is a tool to keep your energy moving toward healing. If your body is not given the freedom to allow the experience, the trauma will lay hidden, stuck and surface at some other time, in some other way. To press forward with things that seemingly need to get done despite your shock, will potentially deny the healing, and the breakthrough in consciousness.

It’s helpful to recognize that while emotional shock is a very surreal and uncomfortable state, it’s also an awesome one. Awesome may not be the exact word you would use when you’re in a state of shock. It’s too jarring, too surprising, or too unravelling. But to acknowledge this in some part of your consciousness right now can save you from a devastating perception later. No, it doesn’t have to be this way to awaken, but there is a wisdom in your God-being that provides momentum for the Divine time of profound ego dismantling. It can feel like anguish, feel surreal or even like death, but it’s taking you to higher ground, where you’re liberated from the suppression, the blindness, and the mind control.

The ego mind may continue to want to grab a hold of a familiar reality. It will want to dismiss the truth that has appeared and go back to the moment just prior to the shock to put life back in order. It will insist that what happened just can’t be. Believing what has unfolded is to risk all that has been invested in the ego mind, and the safe reality it created. But instead of trying to hang onto what was in the past, you can recognize it for what it is – a freeing of your Spirit. Drama is unnecessary. The space and trust to allow your God-self to carry you over the abyss is. This can be a much gentler ride. There is no hurry. You will move into harmony with your Self if you give yourself permission to be in the uncertainty, and trust in the pace and Divine timing of your transformation. Accept the invitation.


“Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear?

Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?”

– Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


What I’ve described is rather ideal but not impossible. If you’ve been on a conscious journey and have developed a core trust in God, you will know that whatever is being undone is for the highest good of your soul. You will know that you are being called to a higher expression of who you are, and it will be more aligned with what truly matters in your heart. If you’re willing to follow the call, explore what comes into your awareness, and witness as best possible through your observer consciousness, and with curiosity and gentleness, then you can be taken to a more meaningful relationship with yourself, and to spiritual riches.

Many people will not know how to gracefully move through shock like this when the truth is revealed to them. Some will deny what is happening to them and pretend they are fine. Distractions will be conveniently found. Others will want to keep the mind busy looking for solutions for the problem of their discomfort. Yet, I imagine that many will feel angry because they feel betrayed by the liars and deceivers. When we feel betrayed it’s because our trust has been violated, and it can be staggering to consider the chain of implications: “If the truth wasn’t being revealed about this, then what does it mean about that? and that? and that?!!” Everything can come into question. And while the point is to bring truth into the open, too much at once can bring more overwhelm. Some will blame themselves for not having seen the truth before. Examining why they didn’t is very valuable, but this too comes in its own time, when there is more acceptance and when there is inner space to own what is necessary for their soul’s growth.

If you’re somebody who has experienced shock or trauma at some point, and has inner self-supportive resources, and can understand what has been written here, then you can possibly help others. However, do not do so at the expense of yourself: first take care of your own needs to regain your own inner stability.

How to Help Yourself When Shocked

  • Put your hand on your higher heart. Breathe deeply. If you feel frozen, unable to move, ask yourself. “Can I just be okay with this for the moment?” Take it one moment at a time.
  • Come into the present and ground. Use your sensory awareness as you recall a calming and safe experience.
  • Let yourself know that what you’re experiencing is okay and let your inner child know that s/he is safe right now. If you can, ask her what s/he needs to feel safe right now? Hold compassion and unconditional love. Be.
  • Align with your God-Self and ask for support. Listen to be guided.
  • Listen within. Your inner voice will inform you as to what’s bothering you the most so you can focus your process on that. Journal on that.
  • Ask yourself when you felt shock like this before? Remind yourself that you got through it. As needed, draw upon your inner strengths and what felt supportive for you in the past.
  • Remind yourself that some of what you’re experiencing has a context. Review what knowledge you already have about managing change, mind control and manipulation and wherever else your intuition guides you. Take inventory of your tools and use them.
  • Don’t push yourself to ‘get over it’. Give yourself permission to take time to rebalance in healthy, nurturing ways: walks in nature, meditation, sound healing, exercise, yoga, extra sleep, nourishing food, supportive friends, stillness and quiet, healing and counselling, bodywork, journaling and humour. These will go a long way to helping you to untangle the confusion, relax the body and mind, and see beyond the delusions and veils that kept the truth hidden. All this helps your mind and brain to integrate the new information.
  • If you feel stuck in fear, or you’re not coping well, contact me to book an appointment. Invest in the healing support that will help you to rebalance, and integrate your multi-dimensional lightbody.

How to Help Others Who Have Been Unaware

  • Bring their awareness to the power of breathing deeply, and show them. Bring them to a state of calm.
  • Listen compassionately to their concerns even if the truth has been obvious to you. Hold neutrality, not superiority.
  • Help them to know that what they are going through is okay and they are safe right now. Validate that their reaction is understandable, and that we live in a very complex world that can keep us confused. You can do this without explaining the entire negative alien agenda right away. Follow their lead and listen for natural opportunities to explain more. Don’t shock them more with more than they can handle.
  • Remind them that they can give themselves permission to take some time to re-center. Encourage healthy ways to do that, by whatever means they already use to de-stress – walks in nature, exercise, yoga, extra sleep, nourishing food, supportive friends, mindful quiet, healing and counselling, bodywork, journaling or laughter. Reflecting, talking to a trusted person, or journaling will go a long way to helping them untangle the confusion, and move beyond fear. All this helps the mind and brain to integrate the new information.
  • Ask them if they experienced a shock or trauma in the past and what was most helpful to them then. Perhaps share your own experience of shock with them and show them that it’s entirely possible to cross the abyss and survive, and more than survive, thrive! But don’t rush them. Honour their journey.
  • Sometimes the simplest support can be your calm presence to nurture them in some sacred space of non-judgment as they find their own way – the way that’s right for them.
  • If needed, suggest that they can always reach out for counselling support from me who understands the big picture and the context for what they’re experiencing.

If we honour our inner process, the pain of shock eventually recedes and is replaced with an inner strength of character and wisdom. It takes time and patience, but the soul can weather great storms to show its remarkable resilience, as it’s pulled gently toward the peace of knowing God within. Our God consciousness has the intelligence to flower higher awareness and higher love. When the heart opens to this, we find our way to deep gratitude and awe.

♥ ♥ ♥

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2021 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban