Prayer for Resilience

crocusBeloved God,

In my sacred heart

I place my trust in you,

that each stride,

which feels like more of what I can no longer bear,

is another recognition of my resilience,

another acknowledgment of how much I willingly offer of myself.

It is tribute to my

service to All.


Beloveds aligned with

the Law of One,

please surround me when it feels like too much,

and lift me into the Light,

so that I can feel it,

that I can know it as

my truth.


From this choice point,

I nurture my

highest expression.

May I remember that this comes always

from standing in my truth, my unconditional love,

and my authentic heart.


From what has been my pain, I free myself.

To what is to come,

I open.

For what is here now,

I say “thank you, yes.”


(Amâeil) Melinda Urban