Medical Wisdom Questioning the Continued Lock-down Measures

Dr. Erickson & Dr. Massihi COVID-19 Briefing

Please watch this important video (on Bitchute)from 2 doctors who have been following the science and looking at actual data and direct experience with their years of medical knowledge, and level-headed wisdom.


The main question being answered: are the measures currently being taken still making sense? The answer in their opinion is “no”.

This video addresses:

  • Actual first-hand statistics that indicate CV-19 deaths is no more rampant than the flu and equal or less lethal than the flu.
  • The death rate is very low. Those who are already compromised with other illnesses
  • Making statistical comparisons between California, Norway and Sweden (no lock-down) to demonstrate that lock-down is not necessary. To see the control agenda it serves look at the other videos and my articles.
  • How isolating the healthy is unhealthy for communities and why we may see more illness after the lock-down lifts due to the loss of healthy flora.
  • How the lock-down and the preventative measures such as wearing masks and gloves and isolating suppress our immune system, and do not make sense.
  • Discussing the detriment to from having healthy people stay at home.
  • Discussing secondary effects of the lockdown such as suppression by fear-mongering, repressed healthcare for other illnesses, domestic violence and child abuse, suicide, job loss, etc. If you think that this is just unfortunate fall out please watch the other videos or read my blog
  • The lack of consistency in protection measures. Example: why is it okay to go to the grocery store, but not a local cafe, or not the park, or be told that you can’t leave your home when you’re healthy? Please watch the other videos or read my blog to understand the control agenda.

Personal note: I do not agree with their comment regarding the need for a vaccine because it is tied to many more tentacles of the dark agenda. Nor do I consent to mandatory testing. Both risk our freedoms.


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