What Do You Value in this Planetary Upheaval?

When the soul awakens, it’s similar to an alarm clock going off. It is a call to rise, a call to rejoin, and a call to reinvent. We can feel that call because within it feels as though something is nudging us into a new phase. Sometimes we actually feel pushed. It’s unfamiliar but it can also feel welcome – it’s time! That doesn’t mean we don’t fear at moments, and it doesn’t mean it’s always comfortable, especially when the ego is dying, but we can embrace it and open to ‘what’s next?’ This is ascension.

Right now, there is a returning in the cosmic field of All That Is related to the Emerald Order Founder Christos consciousness, aligning yet another level of the Divine Mother’s magnificent aqua frequency into the hearts of humanity. This return has now made possible a repositioning of the organic Cosmic Clock with our Universal Time Matrix, setting off another planetary initiation for awakening the Divine Angelic Humans’ DNA and consciousness. With this unfolding in the God Worlds, humanity moves into greater probability of realizing the freedom for which we have long-awaited. It impacts each individual’s lightbody relative to their stage of consciousness development, and in relationship to the planetary, galactic and universal levels. This Divine reset will collapse artificial timelines and alien machinery on a large scale, as well as release mind locks and density locks that have prevented access into higher levels of higher sensory perception beyond the mind controlled perceptions. While all this is extraordinarily and beautifully complex, perhaps more than we can grasp, we can participate by continuing to nurture our Divinely authentic hearts through this time of profound transformation.

Once we feel a pull to expansion, the heart starts to engage with the field of All That Is in new ways. It may be apparent that some things that were never considered in the past now seem plausible and even preferable. It feels like this opportunity can open up a new world, where there is greater expression. The soul loves that! It’s natural.

It’s one thing to feel this, and another matter entirely to heed it and then act on it. If we don’t listen to its whisperings, and our inner directives, then we feel as though some promising possibility has just deflated. To listen to the encouragements we must be willing to be still, so that wishful thinking is differentiated from authentic pulses of liberation. To listen and be still requires that we have cultivated some of this capacity. But no worries, the soul knows what to do. It’s only that we must be open and be willing, to get curious about what stillness brings. There might be some discipline required because if the old way was to distract, the new way will require attention. If the old way was to be complacent, the new way will require self-accountability. If the old way was to believe the same old same old, the new way requires you to question it. See how this works? It means moving beyond a threshold of easiness so that something more wonderful can emerge. It doesn’t require heroic changes, just a simple curiosity in trust, and a desire to let go of the painful limitation.

But this stage of stillness and listening also requires something else. It does require some self-reflection and inquiry. That contemplation is about clarity: getting clear about what matters to us. These are our values: those guiding principles that steer us. When we are in alignment with our values, we are operating with more coherence and integrity. We can feel good about what we create and how we carry that out with our actions. If we are unclear about our values then this can also be evident in our choices: our choices can be confused, contradictory and even unhealthy.

Most people feel that they inherently know their values. They know for example, that honesty matters to them more than perhaps fairness. But what may not be as evident is whether the values, choices and actions line up – consistently!

Why would that be? Often it’s because we don’t know ourselves. We haven’t developed a relationship with ourselves whereby we’re willing to challenge our thoughts and the various programs we have adopted over the years. These are the stories put forward by parents, society, peers, communities, or religions. It’s no exaggeration to say that almost all of these came from the reptilians who have controlled humanity’s perceptions! Perceptions create our beliefs. If beliefs are never questioned then they are more than just blind acceptance, they are often consciousness traps to perpetuate the victim consciousness programs.

For example, if someone says that they value honesty but lie on an application then this is out of integrity. Why lie? Perhaps there’s some core self-perception of not being good enough and lying appears to be the only way to get ahead. A person might tell themselves that this lie is acceptable because in their mind the value of honesty refers to face-to-face exchanges only, and they never bother reconciling this incongruence. So this type of manipulation of ‘what is’, and the compartmentalization of what they allow and do not allow can start to create a fracturing or disassembling of energetic coherence, which determines the ability to ascend into higher levels of consciousness. Principles that shift and sway with circumstances create inconsistency. At that point, sovereignty and consciousness become eroded. The person is adapting and accepting the brainwashing as the only possibility for the “small me”.

Values are core to how we want to live our life, and they give our life meaning. If honesty matters, then honesty matters. We uphold that honesty even if it would be easier to choose dishonesty. We grow and gain competency and confidence, and authentic power, as we move through life experiences when we choose to see ourselves as infinite consciousness in the true nature of reality. Especially the challenging ones are opportunities that serve our spiritual evolution. Further, when we stay aligned with a value such as honesty, and then resonate with others who also uphold honesty, we build a group consciousness anchored in a cohesive foundation. We build community.

On this planet we have two fundamental consciousness groups: those that align with service-to-others and Christ consciousness behaviours, and those that don’t. Those who align with service-to-self have values that are rooted into parasitism or consumptive modelling, manipulation and the archontic deception strategies of the negative alien agenda. We can certainly choose that but it offers no resonance with spiritual expansion. It is an energy of contraction and a closed-loop system. It may offer instant gratification like an addiction pattern does, or it may seem to provide life’s pleasures or power, but it’s at the expense of others, and more importantly, it’s at the expense of one’s soul and sovereignty.

For many, choosing between service-to-others versus service-to-self may seem generally self-evident. It becomes less so when we are pressured or pushed into risky circumstances, or difficult choices. This is when the ego can be tempted to put values aside and choose ease over integrity. If we have a heart-centred consciousness we know when we cross the line. It doesn’t feel good to betray our own soul, what resonates with our infinite true nature, and what matters to us.

So why bring this forward? Some challenging choices may lie ahead as the world as we’ve known it evolves. To prepare, it’s worth taking some time now to inquire. Revisiting and refining our values in the face of global upheaval can bring us more gracefully through those moments when we’re faced with adversity.

First come into stillness and connect with your higher self or 12D Christ Avatar Self.

Ask, “What are my values?”

For a sample list of values you can go to this link.

Another way to go about this is to think of 5 people whose qualities you have admired. Try to draw upon those individuals you’ve known in your life.

Start with your top 10 values, and then to prioritize them keep weighing them against each other until you’ve narrowed it down to your top 3-5.

The following questions can be supportive as you explore and prioritize:

  • How do I know these are my values? Review your direct experiences.
  • Have I been consistent about applying these values in my actions?
  • If I have fallen short of that integrity with myself, what was the reason?
  • What needs to change?

It’s helpful to remember that our blueprint will direct our motivations that then shape our perceptions, which define our beliefs, and those beliefs determine our choices in our living.

Maybe a good place to start then is to ask, “What motivates me?” or “What inspires me?”

May the answers you find speak volumes to your loving heart, and always lead you to your inner peace in this Unity ascending timeline of rebirth.

♥ ♥ ♥

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