When Will ‘More’ Be Enough for You?

sad little boy‘More’ – it’s a word that’s used profusely, full of hope and selling fulfillment. It seems that no matter where you turn, someone is offering you more – more food, more success, or more financial security, as though this will solve your craving. Seldom does this satisfy when made in promise of ego-gratification. Instead, consider that this four-letter word can be the source of much of your pain.

‘More’ likely showed up in your life from a very young age, from the pivotal moment someone deemed you inadequate in some way and you bought into it: “Why can’t you be more like your brother?”, “Can’t you be more quiet?”  Of course, it could also have been inferred and sounded like, “you’re useless”, or “you’re not enough”.  Other times, the words were never spoken, but the sting of feeling diminished or humiliated was sufficient to set you off into attempts to right what felt wrong.

Your early sense of self then became defined by a sense of lack. All attempts to change this self-definition were futile as long as the subconscious, core belief about yourself remained distorted in shame. Therefore, despite all the strategies you used, no amount of outward efforting was sufficient to change your inner perceived wrong. Doing more, without positive effect, only resulted in a greater sense of inadequacy. As a child, however, you didn’t know what else to do but to keep trying harder and a pattern of striving became established as your way of managing in the world.

If you still carry this unhealed perfectionist and addictive pattern of your ego, you likely believe that ‘more’ is the answer. You may recognize yourself in these behaviours: before you reach your goal you raise the bar for more sense of satisfaction, or you compare yourself to others to be more like them and come up short, or you get frustrated with yourself for not being more of the person who you thought you should be by now.  In reality, ‘more’ keeps you astray of your core truth, which is that there’s nothing to do about you.

Your wholeness is permanent and impenetrable. If you did nothing it would thrive, by simply allowing this consciousness to be freed from enslavement and distraction. It would yield dramatic inner change and alter your negative ego profoundly. Those who have awakened to the ultimate knowing of Self in oneness with All That Is have shown us this truth. It is possible for everyone.

Most people, however, can benefit from direct healing to find clarity about their wholeness. Over the years, I’ve customized the integration of energy psychotherapy and multi-dimensional healing that I offer so that, within each session, you can experience gentle emotional cleansing, address a vast number of limiting beliefs, and receive a deep, thorough release of the issue we are exploring – from this timeline, past lives, and at a soul level – all at once, and quickly. You come to see through your mistaken identity to your brilliant Light and the truth of your powerful Self. Eventually, it becomes easier and easier to leave yourself in peace to view the perfection of who you already are; there’s nothing more to do or be.

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