With Unwavering Conviction

The time is coming in our lives now when there is no turning back. In fact, that moment has long passed. But it’s to say that if we do try to turn back, if we place our focus in the past self, the old self, then we are giving ourselves the opportunity to move into what is called a descension. This is not to be judged as wrong, and certainly there is also absolutely the need to process and integrate soul fragments from previous times. However, what I’m referring to is the tendency to stay in the old way and expect expansion at the same time.


“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”



It’s very difficult to flow into our highest expression if the mind is caught in some false narrative. There are many fabricated narratives right now, but none are more dangerous than the one that says, “I can’t expand. I can’t move forward. I can’t do anything about the current situation on Earth.” This massively and readily feeds the agenda of those controllers and evil forces who have enslaved us into this very place we are now: still struggling to move beyond the thresholds placed on our conscious awareness to remember and reclaim who we truly are.

If it feels a bit like I’m repeating my message I am! But please know this message isn’t from my ego, and it is purposeful. It comes through the higher realms and the Guardian forces who wish to bring humanity into freedom and immeasurable peace. They have been with us for quite a few years now, watching, helping, guiding, and mitigating travesties on this planet. It isn’t that they don’t want to help more or can’t because they have and are, but it’s that as the saying goes, humanity must also help itself. This is the way it is in the personal healing journey and this is the way it is in the collective journey.

The challenge with this is that the current false reality is like a veil that blinds someone from even knowing that they are in false reality. And so if that is the case, how does someone even begin to think that they can change it?

It’s a curious and painful realization that humans are caught in this consciousness trap of believing that the limitation that has been thrust upon them is acceptable, and somehow Divinely orchestrated. Humanity will blame God for their pain without realizing that there has been a hijack on the consciousness, the human Spirit by the negative alien agenda, and it requires some indication, and dedication, on the part of the human to say – “Okay, help me to let this go. Reveal my illusions. Point the way so that I can see, feel and know the truth, and stop feeding the negative controller agenda. Your will God, not my ego will.”

But life is busy. There are an endless number of priorities that get dropped in front of us, and before we can take each step forward we must first clear the path of the debris and the destruction. It’s not an easy journey to keep unblocking the sabotage that’s in the way. It can be exhausting, and frustrating and trigger us into feeling resigned to a fate of suppression or a perpetual battle of wills. It IS however quite simple to say, “There is no other way to move forward than to keep coming into my heart and step with calm and clear intention. There is no other way to move beyond the deception except to pray and intend that something far greater than the pain before me is what will bring me beyond it.”

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anaïs Nin


The current state of the world is like a fierce storm in that people are being tossed left and right with lies and abrupt deceitful changes that keep us spinning, trying to figure out which way to go, what to defend from next, and how to take safe action. But safety might not be the most useful guideline. Of course, we want to be safe and well and keep our families safe. But at some point in order to say “no more, enough!” one has to risk and sometimes risk big. It doesn’t mean to be careless. It means to gather the wisdom and courage within to say, “I know what is no longer helpful for me, my family, my children or grandchildren, or humanity, and I will align with letting that go with conviction. And even though I do not have certainty about what appears next, I am certain that leaving behind the tyranny, lies and pain is definitely the only direction to embrace.”

We can do this. We do it often. For those on the healing path, there have been thousands of times, in the other timelines and now, that we have walked in this same place of uncertainty. This time though our heart can be assured that there is real freedom awaiting us, as the end of this ascension cycle holds open that possibility more than it has in 26,000 years. This is a spiritual war and humanity is the victor now and will be the victor. We are marshaling our God intelligence in a way that no other race can. We are the gift to the Omniverse. And we can be certain of one thing – our power lies in our choice.

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