Prayers Urgently Needed for the Children


24,000 children were injected on mass in NSW Australia. They were separated from their parents, who were not permitted to be there with them in the stadium. This is utterly appalling and nothing less than tyranny. Their vaccination is unnecessary and harmful (David Icke speaks of this), and without doubt, part of the dark agenda to experiment on humanity, even though it seems Australia has had strict vaccination policies in the past. I learned this first-hand from a loving individual who lives in Australia.

However, this is not likely to be limited to Australia. These prayers are for all children now, as they are all being targeted, in many ways.

Further, there is an agenda to break the parent-child bond by allowing children, as young as 12 years old, to decide for themselves about whether to get the vaccine and overrule their parents. This is not support for sovereignty, but rather a dark agenda for the government to take control of the children.

I call upon you to please join me in prayer, as often as you possibly can, to change this timeline. Please reinforce your 12D Shield, steady and centre yourself in your heart.

Beloved Holy Presence of the Mother-Father God and Christos-Sophia, all Krystal Guardian and Christos families serving God’s Natural Laws and humanity’s ascension now, and all Guardian defenders of all God’s children,

As the Light of God that I AM, as the Love of God that I AM, as the Truth of God that I AM, as the Power of God that I AM, I command that this prayer and intention, in purity and clarity, to be extended to each and every child on Earth, to utilize only what is required in alignment with their Highest Expression and in Divine Will. I pray for your direct intercession to support the children of the Earth, to be fully protected from the genocidal agenda of harm by injection, and all means of targeting.

On behalf of all the innocent children of God who cannot speak for themselves, who do not have a choice, who cannot defend themselves from false authorities, and who’s parents cannot see or hear the Divine truth, I DO NOT CONSENT to the manipulation of their physical body, their Lightbody, their consciousness and DNA in any way. Please neutralize all poisons and toxins in these injections of genetic experimentation. Override all harm and neutralize this dark agenda at all places and locations where this is carried out. Bring your Light to shine on the darkness and reveal the truth of this manipulation and targeting of the children. I claim the sovereignty of their God-created bodies and the right to their freedom of health and well-being, in mind, body, emotions and Spirit. I claim their right to live in wholeness as an expression of the Divine Angelic Human. No person, place, thing, entity, being, government, corporation, institution or any body is permitted to experiment with or target these children, ever, and steal their innocence, inner Light and right to Live in Love and Peace.

For One, for All, I cancel all contracts and/or agreements that have been made with any entity, being, guide, or race, on-planet or off-planet, in this timeline or in any reality, that are utilizing the armageddon, pestilence, enslavement or genocide programs and medical tyranny to harm the children through these injections. I DO NOT CONSENT to the mind control, abuses of power, and victimization perpetuating suffering on this Earth for any one and for any child. These cancellations are permanent and irrevocable.

Collapse these contracts of evil intention through all timelines, dimensions and realities, past, present and future, and through parallels, universes and the unknown, and cleanse all of the ancestral or miasmatic record through the human holographic record, through the histories of origin and throughout the planetary interface records of cellular memory.

Beloved God, this is our clarion call to bring freedom to humanity and to all children of all ages.  We lovingly command your grace to bless and protect the children with the blessings of the Holy Spirit, and to protect them from the imposters and deceivers of God’s eternal Light.  Please utilize all resources and the infinite possibilities birthed from the unconditional love of God-Creation to end this war game.

Beloved Holy Mother, please open your arms of comfort as we command a safe passage through your Aqua Portal for all children who have died from this injection. For these, and all children who are suffering as a result of harm from these injections and any form of medical abuse, experimentation, or separation from their loving parents, please heal them of the trauma. May they all know your unconditional love.

Through the light of God that I AM, through the power of love in my heart, I consecrate and bless the children to be freed into their highest expression and true nature, that they may be God Sovereign Free in the eternal light of God, now and always.

Thank you, thank you, thank you God. It is so.