Don’t Lose Hope…Keep Your Perspective, Go Within, Keep Calm

‘Keeping Perspective’ by Amâeil

The US Presidential Inauguration took place yesterday – or did it? Watch the revealing video conversation below.

This is an opportune time to learn discernment. If you watched the event what did you see? Firstly, for me, it was incredibly hard to feel all the black magic of the Satanic and Luciferian forces, and the deception of the deep state. The energy was far from celebratory – it was lifeless, anti-life. It was hard to listen to the lies about their intention for Unity. It was stomach-churning to listen to the hypocrisy when JB spoke about their concern for the welfare of the children.  But there’s even more to it than that.

The following commentary will be very enlightening. Please watch – for your discernment.

Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, David Nino Rodriguez & Tiana Islam

We have lots of expectations and hopes.

What’s important to appreciate is that CHOICE is at the forefront in this awakening. This why quite a few articles in my blog in the last year have been about choice. Everyone always has choice – you, the people that you know, the collective, the dark entities, those who are entangled in the Satanic and Luciferian deep state, and those who stand for truth. That’s the reason that nothing is absolute as to when and how the ascension will occur both in the spiritual realms and in our physical reality. In the US we’re witnessing the art of war and both sides have a strategy, waiting to see how the other responds before making their next move, their next choice.

There is a strategic plan by the white hats/US military and the Trump Team to optimize the manner in which people can see the corruption for themselves, and maximize the number of traitors that can be caught (multiple sting operations it seems). But we won’t be told the entirety of the strategy – it would be unwise. A perception is being created- as it often is on Earth. So we only truly know what will happen when it happens.

It’s therefore healthy to keep perspective on the big picture, and that all that we’re experiencing in this dark night of the soul is moving us in the direction of humanity’s liberation, sovereignty and a higher life. There is no question about that part anymore. Nothing will stop our ascension.

Most importantly, there’s Divine orchestration. Things Are Not As They Appear. Please read this article I wrote last month.

How can you keep your perspective? Go within. It’s where you’ll find your truth. Ask yourself:

  • “Am I choosing love or fear now?”
  • “What is the reality I choose to create for myself and for humanity?
  • “In what do I keep my faith?”

This is not to say that there won’t be some times when we, or those around us, are shocked by a turn of events or a new realization. We can feel a myriad of emotions- disappointment, fear, confusion, sadness, anxiety and more.

For those of you in shock, doubting, or saddened, my article “Shock and Awe” and many other posts on my blog will help you to come back to your centre.

Breathe deeply. Be patient. In the dark night of the soul, the most profound change often comes at the 11th hour. Stay connected to your inner God-Source Light.

May you stay present in your heart of trust, and calm in the ‘now’ moment of God’s grace.

For all of humanity, declare: “I AM awake today and I AM so grateful that I uphold truth and claim my sovereignty.”

May there be truth be revealed and peace prevail.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so.