Awaken the Truth Vibration with Love

When someone takes it upon themselves to be truthful it’s a recognition that these energies are abiding by the natural laws of God, and therefore, will be supported as such. When someone decides that the truth is better withheld and that lies and deceptions should be placed into the consciousness of others, this is a deliberate attempt to thwart what is true and the cornerstone of all life on Earth. We must see these opposing forces now and choose from them. It’s not always easy to see what is what because at times what is false appears to be true and what is true appears to be false. So how does one know what to believe?

The heart is the barometer for the truth seeker. In the heart there exists an exquisite mechanism that vibrates and awakens with life, and life aligns with truth. In other words, what resonates as truth is an indication that energy is moving into the expansion of consciousness: it takes that energy into another level of revelation for all to see. The darkness in the path of this Light dissolves because the truth that is aligned with God illuminates it. The darkness that is hidden, deceiving, and wiping away the God-given right to gnosis is dispersed by simply acknowledging what is true to the heart.

Now everybody’s heart will be a little different because its history is very complex. Where our soul has travelled, our genetics, our experiences, and purpose all influence our heart. Also influencing our heart is our hurt. Heart scars come from unhealed pain and heartbreak, and unhealed torture to the heart. While this sounds severe it’s without doubt part of the human experience to have known this torture – this separation from God, the evil that wants to defy goodness. So the heart requires tender, healing love in order to shed the pain, to flourish, and to know its truth.

If everyone were to stay focused in their heart, it might be said that there would be a great deal of work to be done. A lot of inner healing would be underway to move beyond the frequency fences. And yet, if everyone stayed in their heart it would dissolve the darkness. The darkness can’t co-exist with compassion, respect, unconditional love, gentleness, forgiveness and with the intention to lift someone up into the Light. This is why we all came to this Earth. To do exactly this. To learn this. To remember this.

‘Luminescence’ by Amâeil

So, as we face the demons that are still reluctant to let go, and desperate to maintain their hold in our reality, we must remember that the love of the heart will conquer the darkness in any battle. The love of the heart, the Divine Mother Within, the Divine Father Within, the Christ-Sophia Within, this Holy Trinity, this magnanimous force of infinite grace is ushering in a new Earth now. If we choose this, if everyone chooses this, the journey ahead is so completely effortless. But this is wishful thinking, in that everyone’s heart and everyone’s journey is different. But do not worry about others as much yourself. Take such good care of your heart that darkness has nothing on which to feed. Take such healing to your heart that it can deflect any attempt to destroy you and return you to the tyranny that created its hurt, and the disconnection. Fear not the darkness. Turn your love to everything now and so it will be our future.

♥ ♥ ♥

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CC license 88x31 2020 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban