10 Reminders to Keep You Stable Now

‘Walk with Trust’ by Amâeil

  1. You are not alone. They are others of like mind and like heart. Steer your intention to connect with them. Love and  truth are the frequencies that are supported now.
  2. This is temporary. We are ascending and moving to disclosure, no question about it. Keep choosing the timeline of truth and freedom. Choosing later will be too late.
  3. Daily, affirm your intent, consent and authority to be with God only. Declare it, sing it, dance it with abandon – like nobody’s watching.
  4. Don’t let them break your heart. The controllers will try. They will without a second thought, weaponize those around you, target you, and create interference to wear you down. Learn to spot it and rise above it. It may be hard at times, but your Spirit is resilient.
  5. Be alert to feeding your ego fears. They make you more susceptible to mind control. Instead, focus on your courage and your power to heal them.
  6. Be willing to confront the darkness that you see before you and within you. Only then can it be changed. Feeling frustration, anger, fear of persecution, alienation, betrayal? These are your triggers from the pain body and your subconscious memories. There’s more depth to them than you realize. Acknowledge them and heal them. Find your way back to your centre.
  7. Turn off your television and stop supporting mainstream news – they’re colluding in the lies.
  8. The spiritual war is escalating, while the old structures are dismantling. Be aware of what is happening around you, and pay attention to your inner God wisdom to guide you to safety when necessary.
  9. Stop feeding into divide-and-conquer. The victimizer-victim and predator-prey programs will dissolve if we stop participating and complying. Practice compassion and empathy.
  10. Boost your beautiful, intelligent, NATURAL physical and spiritual immune system. God gave it to you. It’s intelligent.

Oh, one more – love yourself and be love!