Cultivating Peace Now

One would be hard-pressed to turn on any media and not find your eyes, ears and mind, sooner or later, bombarded with the information and images about war, bio-weapons, financial collapse, or food shortages. Some is helpful truth, and most on mainstream media is blatant gaslighting. Is this really new? No – this has ALL been around for a very long-time including dehumanization, nanotechnology, DNA modification, harmful jabs, division and fear-mongering. We’re cycling through some of the same repetitive, old patterns, but with a big difference. It’s amplified for healing because we’re not coming back to it again. This is the great dismantling that’s happening in tandem with the great awakening and restructuring.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice if at least the same devotion was given to peace. We have choice in that matter. To quote Jimi Hendrix: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

Cultivating peace on this earth is needed now more than ever. While there is a momentum of blessed positive change occurring, one must be aware that where there is great light, there is also the opposing force of darkness. To manifest a new Earth, beyond the deceptions, distortions and suppression, we must recognize that a healthy future for humanity and our planet – ecologically, politically, economically, socially, and spiritually  – will flourish with positive intention, honest communication, transparency, imagination, unity, faith, Divine will, benevolence, justice and respect, truth-seeking, healing, sovereignty and accountability. These values are the seeds that will give bloom to love. But do not look to others for these values. Instead, ask yourself whether they are yours. Are you living them?

World peace begins within each one of us, the quality of each of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is choice, moment by conscious moment. Regardless of how you have lived your life in the past, let this day mark a new beginning for living in greater harmony with yourselfcommit to thinking, feeling and acting with deeper self-compassion for this is the foundation of empathy and unity. Let this be your prayer. The light that shines within you will, without doubt, cast a beam of peace on the rest of the world.

May these few ideas help you to give attention to your intention:

Define peace for yourself. Where do you find your peace?hearts on body

Grant peace to your body temple. Set your eyes upon, tune your ears, calm your mind, and lift your emotions to that which is gentle, kind, and life-affirming. As best possible, remove yourself from the assault on your senses. Pay attention to the tranquility that softens your being. Be mindful of what you watch and listen to that hurts your heart, and what soothes your soul. That message is always timely. Stay aware of what’s happening in the collective, but not overwhelmed by it.

Be willing to move through pain to anchor your peace. Do not turn away from pain or confusion, or deny what is confronting you. This only prolongs discomfort. Healing your barriers to peace is life transforming for you and, in turn, all beings. Commit to a conscious path of self-realization, and be sure to embrace self-forgiveness along the way.

Commit to being free of any anger, judgment or drama for at least a day – no matter what. Experiment. Keep working through it.

Practice non-violent language. Pay attention to what you say to yourself and how often your language is casually hardened with such phrases as “It’s killing me.”, “I hate……..”, “Damn it”, and “I would die for………”. Alternatively, substitute more gentle phrases such as “I’m so excited about……”, “I prefer…….”,  “Bless it!”, and “I would really thrive with ……..”.

Call a truce with yourself. Your inner self may be experiencing an insidious inner war that can manifest as thinking in black and white terms, making simple decisions with great angst and effort, fending off authentic desires, compromising needs to please others, or denying difficult truths. Self-criticism, comparing yourself to others and unrealistic expectations further weaken your ability to enjoy freedom.

Live in the present moment. Check in with yourself throughout the day and notice whether your thoughts are occupied with the regrets of the past or fear of the future. Bring your thoughts to ‘now’ by focusing on a few full, nourishing belly breaths. Trust that all is in Divine order.

Love your enemy. If you have a relationship that often leaves you feeling angry, frustrated, conflicted, inferior or not enough, make a conscious effort to understand how this is a mirror of your own inner world. Ask yourself how you feel this way in your relationship with yourself. Commit to healing that through self-love. Be grateful to the other person for this lesson.

Adopt a new peace ritual. The profoundly nourishing book by renowned Buddhist monk and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn called Peace is Every Step is filled with many graceful and simple suggestions that can be incorporated into your daily living.

Look for signs, symbols and expressions of peace. It’s natural law that what you focus on expands.

Unite with your Source of peace. The most profound obstacle to inner peace is the illusion of separation from Source/God/Spirit/the Universe. If you believe that the Divine is only “out there”, you will find that you easily fall into patterns of fear, scarcity, limitation, powerlessness, and instability. You will have difficulty knowing in your heart that we are all connected as One despite our differences, and then struggle against harmony. Take the time to examine your view of Spirit and nurture your own miraculous, overflowing-with-possibility Divinity.

Reclaim your crystal heart. In your higher heart, at your thymus gland, there is a beautiful sacred, crystal that is holding the key to your intelligent God consciousness and your consciousness expansion into deeper love, truth, wisdom and the peace of safety. Intend to reclaim your Crystal Heart so that all life flows through you to the Higher Heavens and back. So that in this accelerated transformation for humanity and revelations, you’re never left wondering, “Am I the crazy one?” Know who you are.

Finally, believe that peace already exists – now. In every cell of your being there is a magnitude of self-acceptance that would be betrayed by mere words, and the tranquility there erases any need to judge, control, or fear. Time is suspended in an exquisite stillness that knows not what it is to hurry, or rush off. No worries or “what ifs” exist, no limits or ideas of separation persist. The frequency of its vibration is familiar – this is home, your Essence. BE your true Self. BE PEACE.

‘Beautiful Peace’ by Amâeil

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