Are You Choosing Peace Over War?

With the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine (or any other war) it’s helpful to remember a few things to hold perspective:

  • There are always at least 3 sides to every conflict, within which somewhere lies truth. Things are not always as they appear.
  • Very often life is not black and white, and trying to make it so can create blindspots and wishful thinking. All-or-nothing and black-and-white thinking is easier, but it’s a mind control trap so that you don’t discern the truth.
  • The negative alien agenda always places their value on destruction and war not life and peace.
  • The negative aliens are desperately trying to hang onto their artificial timelines, manipulations of sacred union/gender splitting, experimentation and hybridization, and many sources of loosh. Do you really think this war is just about what we see on the physical level and on the ground?
  • Tyranny masks itself in divide-and-conquer, predator-prey and victimizer-victim programs that incite fear. Are you participating with that? Because your consciousness matters. Stay in your Observer and don’t get caught in the false narrative.
  • The conflict in 3D reality between Ukraine and Russia didn’t begin just a couple of weeks ago. It began in that region long ago. It began long before that between Christ consciousness and the anti-Christ. The war is still about control over human consciousness. It takes on many forms.
  • One tactic of the negative alien agenda is to make you “look here not there” while other controlling initiatives are being quietly put into place.
  • Misinformation in the media is rampant right now. The truth is being highly distorted to create confusion and more inner conflict to disempower you.
  • Don’t forget to follow the money.
  • Most importantly, always remember that we ARE ascending.

Just a few thoughts for your discernment. Also, for your consideration, taking what resonates:

David Icke talks here about the dark agenda-Why Take Sides When It’s All the Same Web?

From the Corbett Report:

“We all know that when a politician walks like a globalist, talks like a globalist, acts like a globalist and quacks like a globalist, that means they’re a globalist, right? And what about when that politician comes out with an unbelievable, in-your-face endorsement of the UN-led Agenda 2030 to remodel the world order and lead us into the maws of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset in the name of “sustainable development.” Then we all know they’re a globalist, right?”

Episode 416 – SHOCKING Document Reveals Trudeau’s REAL Plan!

Follow the link below to Gene Decode’s up-date. He’s known for his insider intelligence especially as it relates to D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) and shares his insights to the conflict in Ukraine.

Gene Decode: Explosive Intel You Can’t Afford to Miss

A documentary providing an excellent overview of the history in that region: Ukraine on Fire: Russian Aggression or American Interference? You Decide.

Beloved Holy Presence of God, help us to hold steady in our purpose and our Light. Please protect all those who are “caught in the middle” of the falsity and its fallout. Please calm the hearts of those who are confused and scared, and feeling abandoned or lost in any way. We pray for peace on Earth. We pray for truth on Earth. We pray for love on Earth to unite humanity as One.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so.

♥ ♥ ♥