Prayer to End All Wars

Beloved Holy Presence of God, I thank you for the Divine Mother within me who offers me assurances of self-trust, by knowing my own heart with clarity. I thank you for the Divine Father within me who extends wisdom to my actions, to move forward with natural authority and compassion. I thank you for their sacred union within me as Christos-Sophia, anchored in the Divine love that protects me and […] Read more »

Cultivating Peace Now

One would be hard-pressed to turn on any media and not find your eyes, ears and mind, sooner or later, bombarded with the information and images about war, bio-weapons, financial collapse, or food shortages. Some is helpful truth, and most on mainstream media is blatant gaslighting. Is this really new? No – this has ALL been around for a very long-time including dehumanization, nanotechnology, DNA modification, harmful jabs, division and fear-mongering. We’re […] Read more »

Prayer to Move Through Change

Beloved Holy Presence of Mother-Father God and Christos-Sophia, Beloved Krystal Guardians and all Christ Families Serving the Law of One, I AM your compassionate witness in God’s Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, and hold heart-felt blessings for all courageous souls experiencing unprecedented change at this time on Earth. May the flow of Divine life free our bodies, minds and hearts from the burdens of pain, dis-ease, heartache, illusions and disconnection […] Read more »

Peace in Simplicity

Driving in the countryside at this time of year feels like waking up from a delicious, afternoon nap; you know that you have to get up and move onto to other things but the cells in your body balk at the idea of any hurry. As you linger in the peacefulness, your senses slowly stirring, everything just feels good. That’s the way I felt as I let the open road free […] Read more »

Storm Warning: pause for peace

snow storm

I look out the window to see millions of snowflakes falling, straight down to the ground. No whipping wind, just a purposeful dance. I am grateful. I can feel its calm, slowing the movements of everything around, muffling its sounds. I sense urgency downshift in my mind. Today will be unhurried. The past few weeks have been busy for me. They have been joyful, but they have pulled my energies outward into the world, while my Higher Self […] Read more »