Your Heart is the Center of All Things

It doesn’t take heroic measures to be in your heart. It does not require that everything change in life to suit the heart. It does not mean that the heart is always open either to allow this graceful tool for our living. And yet the truth remains: the heart is the center of ALL things. So much so that it would be astonishing to truly understand how much.

In our lives right now on Earth there is an unprecedented shift of energies taking place that is opening to spaces in the Universe that are beyond fathomable even to those who are awakened, and near impossible to those who are not. How it informs us and changes us will depend on a number of factors but without question, the place to begin, from which all things lead, is in the heart.

It’s wise to establish a relationship with your heart, whether the focus for you in your spiritual journey right now is the astral lower heart or the higher heart. Without question the 8th dimensional higher heart is golden, and much more relevant to those intending to embody their Christos consciousness. But the first connection to the heart will be through the 4th dimensional astral layer and so this is a necessary stage through which to move because it’s the first sense of rising above the dross and density that is in the lower three ego dimensions. When we’re nearing full embodiment of the higher heart there are a number of markers that take place, and the one most indicative is the fact that your consciousness starts to move into spaces beyond the planetary body. You begin to access what has occurred not just on the planet in this lifetime, but in many ways, what has occurred for you in multiple timelines in other identities and aspects of your consciousness: your monadic consciousness (7-9D) and your avatar consciousness (10-12D), and then beyond. There are some who are now travelling freely in the highest dimensions, beyond the avatar solar consciousness and into the Ankh body, and the many layers and levels expanding within the new universe of the Holy Mother, and the reclamation of the Star Human. But this is still very rare. So why mention it? Because it’s important to realize that much of this, in fact all of this, begins with the heart connection.

This relationship with your heart has to be one without conditions. Acknowledge your heart as the sanctuary where all wounds are healed, and where all celebrations manifest into glorious wonders beyond the thresholds of what the mind can imagine. When you are coming into your heart for that exquisite comfort and peace, your heart opens into the God Worlds. It takes you into a place that is unknown on Earth really. What we know of the energetic heart is so completely limited that it’s safe to say that many people are totally blind to what love really is and feels like, what ‘unconditional’ truly means. Instead, humans fabricate facsimiles with the mind that really only amount to lust, romantic love, attachment, neediness, urgency or only a small sensation of what it means to bring God into the present self. So, when you move into your heart, and welcome and cherish it like a newborn child, it truly is that – a newborn. And so, it needs all attention, all nourishment, and all tenderness.

The energetic heart has been very wounded in the Angelic Human. So much has transpired to corrupt the heart, that sometimes, and often, this simple but powerful conduit to All Things is blocked from fear, programming, pain and trauma, karmic imbalances, miasma, immeasurable suffering and quite simply, an absence of life and light. One of the deepest cuts is feeling that your heart has been dismissed as irrelevant. It would seem beyond repair, but this is not the case. As with everything that is worthwhile, it takes time, or more accurately put, it takes sweet, gentle, unhurried compassion, to breathe out the pain and reclaim the infinite, organic nature of your spiritual center.

To recognize that the heart is your lifeline to All Things that are healing and expanding, it’s worth asking yourself, “If my heart was completely absent, even in the way that I know it, whether that’s through joy, kindness, or fondness, how would it be for me? What would be left to trust in? How would life feel? Hollow? Painful? Would I feel indifferent? Who would I be without my heart?” Whatever answer specifically emerges for you when you ask this question is your uniquely valuable realization.

Now turn this around and ask yourself, “If I embrace my heart, truly embrace it, and love my heart as though it’s the only thing that mattered, then what would my Life be like? Would Life flow? Would I be able to feel more settled inside? Would my view of others be enveloped in understanding, patience and forgiveness? Would the little aggravations of today carry as much weight?” Do you see? Now you begin to appreciate that the heart changes everything.

But don’t take my word for it. Why not commit to taking care of your energetic heart? Each day, for one or two minutes, simply turn to your heart and say, “I know you matter to me more that anything else, and I am always taking care of you.” And when your heart hurts, do not stay in anger or emotional turmoil, or let discouragement grip you. Instead cleanse your heart with a sweet breath of God, and just intend to allow God’s grace. Because it’s not you that will clear the heart of the past wounds, it is God. And if you can just be present with God, then already your heart is healing.

The heart scars can feel permanent but they’re not. The heart scars can feel as though they will always close your consciousness from remembering that you are Christos-Sophia, the sacred balance of your true Cosmic Mother and true Cosmic Father. But the heart is ever-changing, always leading you to deeper love. And there is nothing that matters more now on Earth than being that love, that pure love.


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