The Wisdom of Sacred, Inner Balance

In every person, place or thing there is the gender principle of creation: the natural pairs of opposites, the feminine (magnetic) and the masculine (electrical). The unity of the two is the creation of balance and harmony, and it is the core of the spiritual ascension process for Earth and within the human body. It is this sacred, inner marriage that gives rise to the hiero-gamic union between the human and Divine God, the Christ-Sophia. It’s this return to energetic balance that allows for the life force of God consciousness to integrate and flow with self-perpetuating energy in neutrality. This is what it means to live as inner-sustained Living Light consciousness.

‘Morphogenesis’ by Amâeil

This energetic synthesis comes about through a series of organic transmutations. It is an on-going, gradual process, as our intelligent energy shifts into higher dimensional perceptions, from our personality/ego focus (dimensions/chakras 1-3), to the soul body (dimensions/chakras 4-6), then the monad (dimensions/chakras 7-9), and finally the Avatar consciousness (dimensions/chakras 10-12). While the overall direction for expansion of consciousness is the same for every human, this is not a linear process, meaning that we do not fully complete one stage before moving to the next.

It would be more accurate to say that we are each moving through multi-dimensional spiral consciousness, in which all dimensions are simultaneously active, and we connect into these through our unfolding experiences and awareness. As that happens, we access even more of our energy field, and each dimension offers more healing opportunities. It is infinite layers upon layers of energy. This is important to acknowledge because the ego mind has a tendency to define success by measurement, based upon hierarchical thinking, and arriving at some destination that’s been fulfilled. In truth, there is no value in self-comparison or judgment of anyone’s value as more or less, and there is no final goal or destination. There is, however, for each and every person, always the choice of operating less from limiting, ego programs and deepening our inner connection to God-Source.

Collectively, we are now integrating soul consciousness. Humanity’s evolution is occurring in tandem with planet Earth’s consciousness. We are one with the planetary body as a group human soul. What we shift in our bodies shifts the planet and vice versa. However, a person’s embodiment experience is entirely unique due to countless variables such as the consciousness with which they incarnated, their ancestral history, genetics, cumulative experiences through all lives, astrological influences and the imprint of the collective at birth, and the willingness of the individual to participate. If someone takes the time to nurture self-awareness then there is the movement of both Spirit and matter through time and space into higher dimensional realities. There is the movement of the life form from density to a Lighter energy, a greater silicate matrix that is more crystalline in nature. This is the restoration of the original 12-strand human DNA body that existed before the Luciferian Rebellion and Atlantian Cataclysm, and before the Lyran War, at which time humanity’s consciousness fell.

Participating means paying attention –

to how the body works, what is available and coming into the body, what is transforming, and what is releasing.


What is most notable at this timing is to acknowledge that humanity cannot stay at the level of ego consciousness. For this reason, the darkness, the shadow, the limiting self-perceptions, and the reversals in consciousness must be revealed for transmutation into a higher frequency. As we bear witness to what is occurring around us in the collective consciousness, we can be horrified to see what has been lurking in the lower mind of humanity. This darkness is both an inorganic fabrication of the false father Luciferian and false/dark mother Satanic forces, as well as the organic reaction to those frequencies. Think of it as a massive purging of what doesn’t belong, and that doesn’t sit well in our experience any longer. In the short-term this is uncomfortable and sometimes deeply painful, but healing takes place through the process of eliminating what is unhealthy. It is through the release of the pain body that we come to a welcome respite, for it is then that we see what we couldn’t see before – more supportive choices aligned with our true nature.

This time for humanity is filled with countless choicepoints, and not one alone is going to change our reality. Instead, it’s like watching an orchestration of choices and how they come together or move apart, how they impact each other and eventually settle. We are far from settled, but it is to understand that the movement is necessary and it must come before the new can anchor into place.

Understandably then, we bear witness to what no longer serves us and surrender this to God so that we may be guided to the creational wisdom of Divine timing, Divine will, and Divine harmonization. As long as there is a sense that the overall movement is toward to a higher expression, the smaller movements are less a consideration than the synergy they create. Keeping an eye on the intention for positive change is therefore critical. Don’t get lost in the pain, instead grab a hold of the power that is pulsing up through the dross.

The creation of Life values both the Divine feminine and masculine energies. The feminine is essential to receive the wisdom and honour the heart – the human heart that sits in the present with what is before it, in universal trust and intuitive understanding. The masculine is vital for compassionate action and to cut through obstacles with clarity and Divine, authentic will power. In balanced partnership they give expression to the Divine child Christos-Sophia. Let this be our guide in the days and months ahead. Know that how we have been created is remarkably intelligent. At this time, in this great awakening, it is our tool to know how to move forward. In turn, we live as One with the natural flow of Life. That’s the direction we all want to move. It’s our Lives that we are reclaiming.

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2021 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban