Honouring Our Divine Alchemy

When there’s something in the energy field that flows outward and then moves that energy to a place of zero-point or stillness it’s considered a field of creation. Meaning, it holds a patterning of Krystal architecture that expands and fills the consciousness field with a frequency of highest proportions. It can be considered Divine architecture.

However, on planet Earth there’s been a great of destruction to this architecture, as though a force came through and dismantled all the beauty and harmony that was built up over time. And indeed, organic life was destroyed to become what we’ve come to think of as life on Earth and the way that things transpire and unfold.

With that said, the architecture that’s being created now, is more magnificent. In other words, while it seems that a destructive force was “negative” it can also serve a higher purpose, which is to allow energy to emerge in a new form and then manifest with even greater radiance.

Most people will not understand that this is the way of things – the cycles that ebb and flow – but overall, they are expanding, spiraling out into higher and higher creations.

This is also true for the individual consciousness as much as the planet and the universe. In our individual consciousness there is a time to let go, a time to reclaim, a time to integrate, and a time to then express that form in a way that couldn’t have existed previously without adjustment or transformation. The Natural Laws of Alchemy in our Universe provide those movements through the 13 constellations of the Galactic Zodiac, so that we can keep developing our best self, or highest expression, to be given to others and shared in the unification of our hearts.

What this means on a daily basis as life is lived is that we can pay attention to which phase we are experiencing because this informs us as to what the body, and the mind, is needing to remain centered and balanced.

As a very simple example, if the body is undergoing integration, it means that pieces are flowing together and restructuring. They have moved beyond the pattern of simply reconnecting and are creating synthesized harmonics that establish a stronger foundation to the new architecture. This would be the case in Virgo. Conversely, if we are dismantling an aspect of consciousness that no longer serves our way of being and relating, such as with the alchemical stage of Cancer, then we may find that the energies that present themselves and the way that our energies interact are stilted, or getting caught like a fine web on rough sandpaper: there isn’t flow but friction.

And so, if we recognize the differences of these energy signatures we can respond accordingly. For example, when integration is underway the body may need the time to rest, and we may need to literally to lie down, so that 100% of the energy can go to this inner processing. If an ego wound is purging, then rather than react in frustration, confusion or anxiety, the mind can allow what is happening in a more peaceful and accepting manner. The constellation of Libra, from October 31st to November 22nd, is giving us a chance to truly appreciate that we are not our emotions or thoughts, and that we can redirect disharmony within through neutral witness and sublimate them into higher substances.

While a study of the alchemical stages of the Galactic Zodiac can surely guide us, the discernment can be simply achieved by inquiring, “At this timing, what does my body need for God alignment?” or “What ascension alchemy am I undergoing at this timing to create the harmonization of my sacred inner union?”

This suggestion isn’t an absolute in that inner processing can feel differently for each person, and God knows, we are created with great intelligent complexity, so more than one thing can be transpiring through us simultaneously. This then brings emphasis to understanding that the ‘now’ moment is where the greatest clarity will arise. If we are attempting to contain, override or resist what we’re experiencing with future or past thinking, or trying to mentally “figure out” the God intelligence, then it will be much more challenging to work with the Divine support that we’re generously being offered.

The intensity with which we’re feeling these ascension stages is amplified with Earth’s global awakening. The implication here is that things can shift fairly quickly. We may feel that one path is unfolding and we can see or sense the trajectory, and then it will collapse and that stream of energy is now simply unavailable. We can be pointed to other possibilities. These sudden turns or separations really shouldn’t be a surprise at this timing, for we’re living in spiral time, not linear time as previously. It’s up to us, in self-awareness, to move with the flow not against it when creation is underway!

To be able to breathe with this knowing in our hearts, is to value that what is happening for us in our lives is with Divine purpose. To trust this is a God-send. If we pay attention to the Divine orchestration, and listen to our inner compass, the next most aligned step will be revealed, one ‘now’ moment at a time. Hold that intention to help you move through the wonderfully beautiful, infinite God Worlds, and Unity as a manifest reality on Earth here and now. And so, it is.

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