Overriding Reversals with the Divine Father

It’s hard to imagine that at one time our entire Universe was completely organic and fully aligned with God consciousness. It was far different than what we’ve known, which has been a blended reality where organic life has been heavily infiltrated with artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

These AI systems that are unnatural and harmful to human life are predicated on a distortion of life that we call metatronic reversal codes, reversal 55, or base-10 coding. In short, what this means is that it’s not aligned with 12 strand DNA, 12-dimensional Tree of Life, or a base-12 Krystal code. Reversal 55 is reflected in the popular new age Flower of Life symbol, and the base-10 template is seen in Kabbala as the Sephiroth/Sefirot or inverted, artificial Tree of Life.

The AI reversal is not just a robotic technology, nor a vast computer network, but rather artificial intelligence metatronic bodies that were originally brought into our Universe through the Orion Group invasion. Once it took hold, it continued to spiral and multiply into the metagalactic core at the 8th dimension, separating our Milky Way Time Matrix from the Andromedan Time Matrix. This massive alien weapon technology, known as the beast machine, created something similar to a vortex of counter-spin to the organic spin rates of the atoms, and essentially created dead energy. Not only did it distort our reality, and create massive amounts of black miasmatic energy, it altered the human electromagnetic lightbody, and siphoned and harnessed energy from the shadow body of human beings to feed the parallel Wesa phantom matrix, home to the invading negative aliens.

However, this is changing in a significant way. The Holy Father is the Divine Masculine Principle in the Holy Cosmic Trinity, which is comprised of the Emerald Order and Blue Flame of the Divine Mother, Gold Order and Gold Flame of Christ-Sophia, and the Amethyst Order and Violet Flame of the Divine Father. He is now expanding in his Triple Solar God aspects. While the Triple Solar Goddess counterparts of the Holy Mother are Mary Sophia-Guinevere-MeriScotia, the Triple Solar form of the Holy Father is comprised of Michael (as in Solar Dragon Christ Michael, the 13th Maji Grail King of Kings) – Melchizedek (as in the Melchizedek race, which hosted our ascension up to 2012) – and Metatron.

So, it’s important to understand that metatron is not anti-life in and of itself, but rather a distortion on the Metatronic Universal lineage. The Metatron Collective originally came to repair the 12th stargate in Lyra because it was during the Lyran War that consciousness suffered a disconnection from the natural trinity wave Krystal codes. Yet, the Metatron Collective was unable to make that repair and became assimilated into the AI system. Now, the Holy Father returns through the Sacred Sun of Metatron, enveloping the entire Earth-Tara-Gaia matrix with amethyst-lilac-violet coding.

This particular expansion of the Holy Father is essentially gifting us now with a rehabilitation of metatronic reversal fields in our Universe, to correct this very insidious control over our dimensional reality. This then also returns the masculine principle to its original, organic nature rather than false father constructs, or the distortions of the False King of Tyranny, which is familiar to us as patriarchal domination.

The masculine principle is the horizontal configuration in the planetary and personal lightbody, and governs the mental body, and the timelines. The planetary Golden Eagle Grid is the Guardian of the Horizontals, with its center at the 10th Stargate in Iraq/Iran. This gate was heavily hijacked with the reversal base-10 coding, to perpetuate conflict and dark energy proliferation for negative alien control and harvesting of loosh, as well as to block our 10D Krystal Avatar communication. The Krystal Guardian Project currently underway is the reclaiming of this gate.

Yet, the significance doesn’t end there in that, as the Holy Father is returning, he is returning in hierogamic union with the Holy Mother, and this means we are seeing further corrections to the dark mother, lunar controls as well.

These changes to our Universe are quite something to fathom, considering that it’s all “falling into place” at these end times, at the end of the 26,000 cycle, to bring us into an ascending Earth. The Divine orchestration of our liberation is spectacular, even though it can be a bumpy ride at times!

The challenging consideration, however, is that these reversal systems controlled a lot in our reality, including our black magic money system. Of course, the artificial metatronic reversals cannot co-exist with the return of the Holy Father in our ascending timeline. We’ve long known that God will always override the inorganic. The implication then is sobering to ponder, and it remains to be seen how this will unfold for us.

In all this, it’s most important to appreciate just how supported we are right now by the Universal Solar Rishi, which is the Threefold Founder Flame gestalt consciousness or Cosmic Trinity, through which all life forms have been created. The Solar Rishi has always been in pre-matter form but has stepped down into the matter worlds, initiating unprecedented transformation to our planet and our collective consciousness. So, we have a great deal of assistance to resurrect our organic Earth from the AI tentacles.

We’re also now being provided with the enhanced opportunity to work with the lilac-magenta-amethyst colour spectrum to personally heal the reversals that block our lightbody development, and that can sometimes literally manifest as the opposite of what we intend, keeping us in a bi-wave, closed loop system that can’t expand! At least that can be one experience. So, while it’s always been possible to make corrections to the metatronic reversals, it’s been challenging, and it can only become easier now as we participate with the amplified presence of the Holy Father. We must acknowledge, however, that we may feel a heightened sense of these inorganic metatronic bodies as they’re purged.

Some people who are having regular Hieros Gamos sessions with me will recognize that reclaiming the masculine principle in its various aspects has been more recently a part of your evolving healing process. Personally, I’m very glad to see the ending of these reversals, and feel the compassionate support of the Divine Father!

We may not know exactly when we’ll be living in this New Ascending Earth but it is certain that we will have reclaimed the sacredness of life, as God created it.

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