Belonging and Betrayal

If you were to look at how humans behave with each other now, it might be startling to recognize that the wounding isn’t really with each other. It is not about how this group is different from that group. Or one mindset is different from the mindset of another group. It’s much more about how the ego consciousness in each individual is fighting to maintain its grip on a reality that is higher in consciousness than what is playing out in the lower dimensions.

If each person were to look at their own thoughts about the virus, masking, injection, or now vax passports, they would see telltale signs of what it takes to move past the density of the artificial timelines and into the higher consciousness. When we’re triggered into anger, hurt, or shock it stirs the pain body, and the shadow presents itself to indicate what needs to be healed – not with the mind, not with the same part that created it, but with the heart. In doing so, the heart of the individual rises above the false narrative and then brings healing to the collective. Conversely, the collective consciousness can hurt the consciousness of the individual if that person isn’t paying attention to what’s in their subconscious mind that’s pulling them down into the mind control. Here we’re examining just how this happens because it’s not that we need to just change our minds. It’s that we need to heal the mind and heal the heart to bring them into unity within.

In the subconscious mind there lives a shadow self that is turned away from God consciousness, compassion and clarity. It’s obfuscated by lies and stories told for such a long time that it’s challenging for the mind itself to trace it back to when it all began. Indeed there are layers upon layers to be unraveled and revealed, because when we look at the subconscious it’s not just the birth family that created the programming, not just the radio, television, internet and newspapers, not just the culture, not just the course of human evolution, not just edicts and rules, not just manipulations, but all of them and more. And mostly, the subconscious mind is holding eons of pain. This pain is registered in the subconscious and conscious mind of an individual based on how that person perceived the events that created the pain. We’re talking about this through multiple lifetimes and identities. One person would see that the event was devastatingly traumatic, while another would focus on the ailment that it created in the body, and another would see that fear divided the head and the heart. The focus changes depending on where you look in the blueprint, and where you look in the complexity of the timelines and the hologram. Each person brings with them a perspective on the experience they moved through, and this is neither right nor wrong: it is what it is. So in understanding this, how can we say that whether a person believes the vaccine or vax passport is helpful or detrimental is an absolute? In actuality, it is not. However, and this is a big ‘however’, when we put together all these views, with a truthful assessment of what took place on earth, both organically and inorganically, we arrive at a perspective that either supports evolutionary expansion or it does not. The marker isn’t about whether that person’s judgment is off or wrong. The question is really what is that view upholding: fear or love, pain or promise, liberation or limitation, darkness or Light?


You see, we are made of countless projections that take us into a field of all possibility that is aligned with Creation, or those projections are controlled in some fashion that take us into a phantom, artificial field, or one that has been manipulated. We have many soul fragments in these phantom spaces. The challenge for many people is knowing which is which. If someone is mind controlled it’s difficult to grasp what they cannot see. It’s not natural in the way that person is viewing the reality. So while they may think that they are holding a truthful perspective and feel their choice is wise and worthy, it’s discoloured by inorganic distortions, memory embeds, trauma wounding, negative ego personality constructs, fears, and many beliefs that are crowded into a narrative as to how life is. It’s from this that needs are developed, such as the need for recognition and acknowledgement, and it’s from these needs that their choices are made.

This brings us to understand that what one person sees as harmful, another may deem it to be helpful. And we gravitate to others who hold the same views in an effort to be validated and to belong and feel safe.

The core belonging comes from an innate recognition that we belong to a human race. That holds a resonance with the angelic human blueprint, as opposed to, for example, the reptilian race. So in that there is a great deal to consider. The heart will seek to know love amongst humans. The soul will look to expansion through this unity in all that is resilient, creative, industrious, inventive and expansive in the human capability. This core connection is in our 12-strand DNA. From there, our experiences bring us together with those who share the same ego beliefs and ideologies, have similar personality preferences, or those who have shared the same experiences of physical, mental, spiritual or emotional pain.  Belonging in this way provides a comfort and a sense of safety because we feel accepted for who we are in our journey. Our affiliations brings us together and there is some peace in that. Even when the connection is predicated on distortion of understanding such as religious doctrine, there can be a sense of unified purpose.

But as a person is exposed to more and more experiences, views and possibilities, what was once accepted to be in alignment with one’s heart and mind can change. We can see people move forward to change their views, change friends, or change loyalties. This happens as a natural course of growth. But we all know that if the subconscious body holds vulnerabilities of pain or fears, choices are influenced by that. This clouds the inner clarity. More profoundly, those same vulnerabilities of the ego personality layers can be hijacked by negative forces to steer a person in another direction. The danger is that if an individual does not know themselves and what they believe and value, they don’t necessarily immediately recognize that this shift is harmful or less than supportive.

dejected person

‘Sad statue in Reykjavik’

For example, a person may have been deeply hurt by rejection as a child. Perhaps a friend turned against them. Perhaps a parent did. Maybe they felt like the unpopular one in school or felt too different from others. In any one of these cases, this can register as a painful event that resulted in movement away from their heart and essence and into fear. Now that person adapts and may keep seeking a person that is overly accepting, or a community that is highly welcoming, or that shares the same attitudes or belief system, so that they can regain a sense of self – even if that community is formed upon a foundation of deception, dysfunction, or distortion. For example, the current governmental mandates can feel, for some people, like rules that create stability and a sense of safety.  In other words, something is appealing about that person or group, and it feels resonant to belong. But what may not be consciously apparent to the unaware individual is that the group frequency is actually resonating with the person’s fear and pain. In truth, the mandates are created by psychopaths, and intended to create dependency on the government through mind control, indoctrination, suppressions and transhumanism that strip humanity of self-respect and self-worth. Yet, if that pain is healed the perception is broadened into other possibilities and choices. That sense of resonance may fade – as a natural course of freeing the mind and heart from the fear.

This is what we’re watching now on Earth. Every individual in the human tribe wants to feel safe, welcomed, and accepted through belonging. Every person has also been subjected to trauma, wounding, emotional pain, abuse, rejection and the list goes on. Some people have been healing their wounds for many years, so they see the shadow and know just how the negative ego can lead to consciousness traps and distorted perceptions. They’re willing to take responsibility for their own consciousness, and recognize the difference between what is life-affirming and what vandalizes the life force. They can see this in the collective. Others have been spellbound by the ego entrapments and are just now stepping into that curve of liberating their mind to know their true human heart. We pray that everyone will do so – the choice is theirs. But not everyone will.

‘Destabilizing Alice’ by Amâeil

It must be acknowledged just how powerful the mind control and gaslighting is right now, and every effort is being made by the dark forces to capture the mind of humanity through the ego consciousness, and bring people into the 1-3D false timelines. This is psychotronic warfare that manipulates the thoughts and emotions to the degree that a ‘person may think these are genuinely their own. I have heard many accounts of this and it’s why we see people suddenly changing their mind about the injections.


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As this bifurcation between what is ascending and what is descending becomes more and more evident, we can personally experience more clashing ideologies, and separation from those whom we trusted to hold the same values and principles as we have. These are the groups that gave us our sense of belonging, safety, comfort and acceptance. It’s painful to find ourselves realizing this is no longer the case. The separation can feel sharp and difficult to reconcile. The more codependent we have been on identifying with them and defining ourselves by this belonging, the more painful this separation can be. It can even feel like betrayal. Especially, it can feel like betrayal when the dark divide-and-conquer strategy forces a wedge of blame, judgment, hate, vilification, segregation and persecution. The dark forces will weaponize those around us to create emotional pain. Understandably, feeling rejected, alienated, and judged hurts, regardless of your which “side” you’re on. We can feel confusion, shock, anger, disgust, sadness, shame and insecurity. No human wins when humanity is pitted against each other. It weakens the collective human spirit and our unity consciousness. The cabal and off-planet controllers count on it.



Humanity has known betrayal well at the hands of the negative aliens – that’s all we’ve known with them. The Lyran War was the first invasion to violate the sacredness of our human consciousness. The reptilians despise who we are and only want to use our energy and resources. Our governments formed agreements with other off-planet races and humans have been traded as slaves ever since. We have been tracked and tagged, abducted, cloned and sacrificed in secret. There have been countless massacres in our history, and repeated genocide of Christ Families who protected the God creation codes. And one of the most emotionally painful betrayal events was the Essene Divide. It was during the Yeshua Guardian mission to reclaim the 11th Stargate from NAA control that they were ambushed. This was devastating to the Essenes as our sacred consciousness records were stolen by the anti-Christ. It was at this time that the NAA implanted the seed fears of spiritual betrayal and negative ego, using psychological warfare and targeting of conflicts within the Essenes to split them apart with the victimizer-victim mind control programs. Each of us hold genetic codes in our DNA that relate to these 12 Essene Tribes and their respective planetary stargates. This is our human gene pool and part of our human identity, so we can be triggered into this memory of soul trauma and the splitting apart of our human family.

This is still the negative alien agenda now. It’s not just that the other person or group is thinking differently or placing value on those things that seem relatively inconsequential next to the fight for humanity’s freedom. It’s that friends, family, and loved ones are not seeing just how they are betraying their own nature and compromising their own dignity. It’s painful to watch people consent to genocide, and accept insanity, and move away from their heart and what makes them so sacredly human! It’s also not just that others are betraying themselves for the sake of belonging, or finding false security: it’s that it’s startling to consider just how easily this has been happening to those we thought we knew, and that it can happen to anyone! It’s not just that we can feel that humanity is so manipulated and violated, it’s that we’re having to confront how we can, and have, betrayed ourselves through our self-enslavement. Every one of us, at one point in our lives if not many, has made a choice that undermined our life force and betrayed our own Spirit. That’s part of our shadow calling for healing.

This is why negative ego healing matters so much. The more we take care of our inner child, the less reliant we become on those outside of us to sustain us in love. The more we are willing to release our attachment to false identities the more liberated our minds, and the less we’re triggered. The more we heal the ego pain the less susceptible we are to mind control, and can see truth from lies. The deeper we look at our shadow the brighter our Light shines. The more we love ourselves the less likely we are to turn against ourselves. Instead, we recognize what is to be left behind, what learning to take forward, and what’s to be embraced as the next phase of our evolution. The more we accept ourselves the more we accept our human family. Let’s not divide. That’s an anti-human agenda. The more we heal the more compassion we can hold for others, not just those who hold the same view as we do, but those who cannot see the truth. This is our Cosmic Christ consciousness and this is what truly makes us human. It’s time that we heal our minds of negative ego deceptions, and heal our hearts of the victimization and betrayal. When we align in unity with God, we’ll find our authentic belonging.

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