Prayer for Reclaiming Sacred Life

This prayer is intended to override the Armageddon/911 timelines in any Earth geographic area(s) which you choose to represent. Of note at the time of publication, May 2023, is the 10th Stargate in Iran/Iraq, which has always been under heavy negative alien control, and is currently being reclaimed by Earth’s Krystal Guardian support teams.

Please prepare for meditation and fortify your 12D Shield.

[The audio meditation is found at the bottom of the page.]

I call upon my 12-dimensional Christ Avatar Self to join with the beloved Holy Presence of Mother-Father God and Christos-Sophia, in Holy Trinity, the Krystal Star and Cosmic Intelligences, and all Krystal Guardian and Christos Families serving God’s Natural Laws, and supporting and defending Earth’s ascension now.

At this time of collective awakening to truth on Earth, I open my heart in Unity through this sacred prayer to choose my sacred life, and sacred life on Earth, all that is God-created, God-given, and God blessed.

As the Light of God that I AM,
as the Love of God that I AM,
as the Truth of God that I AM,
and as the Power of God that I AM,
I choose to represent all human beings who hold a heart-centered desire for
liberation, sovereignty and peace for all.
I offer myself in service as a clear vessel of God’s infinite blessing upon Earth.
In alignment with God’s natural laws, and in alignment with my soul evolution,
I honour my highest soul purpose in being here on Earth, now,
for the Earth body, all people, all children, all animals, and all natural kingdoms.

I command that my intention and prayer, in purity and clarity, be extended to the weakened areas in the planetary grids that are currently vulnerable to the propagation of the Armageddon/911 agendas and the geographic area(s) that feel personally resonant in my heart to represent.

Specifically, I dedicate this prayer now to the following areas of the Earth:   __________________.

Beloveds, I lovingly command to invoke your blessings of 12-dimensional frequencies and your direct intervention, that we may open to the highest probability for our ascending Earth and the organic timewave.

I declare that I do not consent to the manipulation of my consciousness, DNA, the elements of life, and the minds, emotions, thoughts and bodies of Angelic Humans, or any of God’s natural kingdoms, in any way.

I lovingly command to collapse, cancel and terminate all timelines, trigger events and false flags of armageddon, genocide, slavery, terrorism, martyrdom, destruction, war, nuclear events, enslavement, cataclysm, pestilence and hatred, and free myself and humanity through the ‘resignation of programming’ now.

I lovingly command to cancel all contracts and/or agreements that I have made with any entity, guide or being, that was not of 100% Light and aligned with Oneness, and that is utilizing any armageddon program to harm humanity, in this or any timeline, dimension or reality. I declare that these contracts or agreements, and any false matrices, reversals and inversions, victim-victimizer programs, splitter technology, implants or tracking devices, or veils of illusion, be immediately terminated and purged from my energetic-spiritual template in all timelines, dimensions and realities.

I terminate all blood sacrifice, bindings, blood covenants, and satanic ritual abuse of my consciousness bodies, at any and all levels of my being now.

I do not consent to any type of mind control or the use of artificial intelligence technology, to be used on my being, my physical body, ethereal body, electromagnetic body, astral body, clones, consciousness, or 12-dimensional blueprint, which could possibly have any effect upon my physical body, mind, emotions, consciousness, soul or spirit, in any shape or form.

I terminate all targeting and attack of my Christos 12-dimensional blueprint, my human physical, etheric, or astral bodies, my unique DNA, my cells, my mind, my living consciousness, soul, spirit or avatar, in any way that is negative or feeding the controller and negative alien agenda. This includes any type of secretive, covert, Earth-based or off-world based AI technology, which includes locations on moons, asteroids, satellites or other undisclosed places that project pulses, beams, waves or any known or unknown frequencies, which are harmfully violating to the human body or any life form.

I command to terminate all AI timewaves and timelines to free Earth from the lunar, parasitic controls that have enslaved and entrapped life in servitude to service-to-self agendas of the controlling elite, Satanic and Luciferian forces, and negative alien forces and their hierarchies.

I command all this in the name of truth, and command that disclosure of alien control over Earth be revealed, so that we reclaim our sovereignty, our peace, our freedom, and live in our true, infinite nature as Angelic Humans.

To all living beings on Earth, please apply the core soul protection and negative form removal.

Cleanse and release all ancestral and miasmatic record, and all cellular memories through the human holographic and planetary interface records and our histories of origin.

In reverence for all of life, please reinstate the Divine blueprint record to all of humanity, and all of God’s creations, on all levels of existence, and align us with the truth of our Christ Consciousness intelligence. Reclaim and re-encrypt the elements of life – earth, water, fire, and air – to be re-animated in all living things with the holy healing presence of God.

I claim the sovereign right of all living beings to be restored to all natural laws, in all grid systems and planetary networks throughout all geographic areas, and those I have specifically named and represent, through the power and authority of God and Christos-Sophia.

Beloveds, for those souls who are living in fear, pain, discomfort, uncertainty, and vulnerability, embrace them with the compassion of our Divine Cosmic Parents. May grace always surround us all and protect us from trauma, injury and injustice. In the highest and best possible way, provide those who need food, water, shelter or medical attention with the fulfillment of all their basic human needs, always. Restore inner peace in our hearts, and restore our bodies, minds, emotions and souls with that which is life-affirming. When hope is elusive, re-ignite our God-spark as our Highest Selves will allow and as God would have it be, that we may always know we are loved, and we are love.

For those whose lives are lost through war and conflict, trauma, medical tyranny and bio-weapons, please carry their souls in safe passage through the Divine Mother’s Aqua Portal, and please assist them in all levels of transit.

I reclaim the power of my Angelic Human Krystal Diamond Heart and the eternal life of God that is within me, and each and every being, and that cannot be extinguished.

My intent, consent and authority is with God only, and Unity Consciousness as an energetic reality on our ascending Earth, here and now.

I hold steady, invincible and fearless, in neutral witness, with God in my intentions, thoughts and actions to be love amidst fear, compassion amidst hatred, transparency in deception, and truth amidst lies.

May I always remember that it is my consciousness, and my choices and my decisions that co-create the reality that is liberating and natural to our collective ascension and my personal ascension.

I AM powerful.
I reclaim my true nature
to empathize,
to heal with love,
to neutralize harm,
to reclaim freedom
and to be the peace.

I choose sacred balance in my light-energy-sound body, harmlessness with nature and God’s creations, and harmony with others.

I choose my consciousness expansion and my heroic probability.
I align my will with Divine will,
in Divine right order and harmony now.

I AM that I AM
I AM Unity
I AM One with the Holy Mother
I AM One with the Holy Father
I AM One with the Christos-Sophia

I feel the truth of all this in my heart, and amplify it throughout my bodies and energy field, to extend it to the Earth locations I represent today.

I send the Light of God to Earth’s grids now, instilling 12D frequencies, Krystal algorithms and Krystal tones.

I command this with my whole heart, fully, completely, thoroughly, totally, permanently and irrevocably.

Please take this prayer through all timelines, dimensions and realities, my now self, other selves and logos selves, all genetic and ancestral layers, all universes, parallels, existences and the unknown.

Through the quantum spaces, through inner space time and through outer space time, clear all memories, imprints and influences permanently and completely.

Eliminate and release all that is unneeded, unnecessary and obsolete, protect us and set us free, as we reclaim our sovereignty.

Please take this prayer into the zero point of the God matrix, the sacred eternal source of life.

Anchor, lock and seal this into peace and grace, and with All That Is Unity, Wholeness and Truth.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you God.
It is done. It is done. It is done.


Listen: 16.54 mins. (first turn off the website’s background chant – top right of this page)

Music by RelaxingTime from Pixabay

♥ ♥ ♥

2023 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban