Where Do We Go From Here?

This is definitely a big question to answer right now: “Where do we go from here?” We’re transitioning and in limbo: we’re no longer the same way in the old structures but not yet anchored in new. We’ve moved from the shock of sudden change, have been seeing what’s no longer resonant about the way things have been, and wondering what it’s going to look like ahead. I suppose if you asked that question of people from various walks of life you would get just as many answers.  Their responses, of course, would be based on their current perceptions, which are framed from their beliefs and experiences. I’ll offer mine through my higher consciousness, and trust that you’ll find it meaningful too.

Everyone is looking for some answers, trying their best to anticipate more hurdles or challenges and staple the instability into some certainty so that the future doesn’t seem so unknown. That seeking looks outward. And humans are so incredibly practiced at that.

What if the answer, the foundation to the grand change we’ve longed to manifest as a reality, a far cry from the lies, reversals, trauma and pain, corruption and games of smoke and mirrors, and theatre of the absurd, was not in the external? It’s certainly not in our false leaders. It’s not even in what we have to imagine might happen, or for what eventuality we have to prepare. Of course, some action is needed, but it matters that it’s Divinely informed and wise.

Looking at our history we can recognize that we’ve come a long way away from sacred balance and we’re moving back to that. What is profound to consider is that in all the self-enslavement and the suppression on our consciousness there has been a lot of manipulation of the perception of who we are. There’s been extensive exploitation at the hands of the negative alien agenda whereby humans have remembered only that they are human, not Angelic Human.

At one time we had such as beautiful consciousness, in Oneness with God’s natural laws and creation. But then the consciousness fell, not because we wanted it this way, but because it was a consequence of conflict and missed-perception. It’s also been a consequence of us allowing it: we’ve perceived the controlling elite as powerful authorities. That’s their thinking and the ego mind they’ve given us. This is not about blaming them nor ourselves though. We’re very proficient at that too. It is what it is now.

What if “where we go from here” is best answered by looking within? What if we go to self-love? Too impractical? Too theoretical? Too hard? Out of reach? No, not really.

If you reflect upon just how far we’ve come to forgetting that love for ourselves, it’s painfully obvious that there’s healing work to be done. That love for ourselves though isn’t about self-justification, accomplishment or achievement, and it isn’t about intellectual heights, nor physical feats, nor money success. That love for ourselves is about grasping that our authenticity is our purpose. Self-love is the precursor to any outward action. Action without self-love can ring hollow. Action with inflated ego is not true to our nature either. Our self-love is the capacity to be the Spirit, the Angelic Divine Being, as we have been created. This is what grounds and balances us. This is where we find our authentic power.

There are countless influences that try to prevent, quash, deaden, deny and mute self-love. There are so many that we journey through our entire lives witnessing and healing them. We could check them off one-by-one and feel that we’re moving along. And indeed we would. We would be helping ourselves to expand our consciousness, understanding though that we are so extraordinarily vast!!! But self-love isn’t that. Self-love is really about accepting who we are in the present. Even if we have shadow for which we are taking responsibility, love wraps itself around that and sees opportunity. We have many precious chances to reclaim our diamond heart.

Isn’t it time that we started seeing ourselves through our truth rather than the distorted mirror of the wounded mother and father, the victim of trauma, the crucified outcast, the powerless slave, the limiting labels of false self-identity, or the impositions placed upon us by the psychopaths, and liars? This is what we’re reclaiming in our freedom. This is the only way we can create the new Earth.

Self-love can happen right now.

It would feel like surrender into inner peace, allowing Life to flow undeterred, blessing every experience and leading with Light and Truth, in compassion.

Really, we are already that Divine Angelic Human in God’s eyes. We are infinite awareness and possibility. We just have to see through that perception as we go higher from here.

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