A Simple Act of Love

‘I Love My Heart’ by Amâeil

Children need to hear it. Animals rejoice in hearing it. Spouses, partners, friends and cherished ones certainly appreciate it when it’s said. And so it’s no less important to say this to ourselves – “I love you”. But do we?

It’s fairly commonly understood that in our spiritual journey the primary lesson we’re here to learn is self-love. Self-forgiveness comes a close second and they are braided together with grace to catalyze healing change.

We may have each found our way to a practice of loving ourselves. Perhaps it’s a daily affirmation. Maybe it’s a practice of tapping out any negative messages housed in our bodies. Maybe it’s allowing things to be as they are. Or perhaps we give ourselves the space we need in order to be our most balanced. Nurturing comfort is quite compassionate, as is no judgment, and no self-admonishment.

But in these days of complex energies and intense shifts, I like to come back to the really simple. To find a minute with my breath and to simply say to my own heart, “I love you.”

Nothing added, nothing embellished, no caveats, and not to trying to change anything. Just “I love you.”

Because the truth is that love changes everything……

  • whether we’re extend gentleness to someone we hold dear
  • show it with a hug
  • take responsibility for hurt we have caused
  • compassionately witness a trauma we’ve endured
  • extend a little kindness
  • smile to soften someone’s day
  • help someone see a brighter perspective
  • just listen
  • or acknowledge the Light that we are

All it takes is a little love to make things better.

“I love you” is only three words, but they’re profound. They ring with truth and shimmer as brightly as all the tones of creation emanating the Light of God, and celebrating your magnificence.

Allow it, let your God-self celebrate you.

Go ahead – say it now.

It’s okay. You have time for this.

Take a deep breath.

Bring your awareness to your heart.

Whisper “I love you”.

Feel it.

Receive it.

Linger here a little while.


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2019 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban www.MelindaUrban.com