Cosmic Heart Unification

May 2023 be a very beautiful year of graceful flourishing change for you and for all.

The first month of 2023 has already flown by with an intense start as we feel more of the rapid changes and instability. I understand that we can expect the entire year to move rapidly. Despite all the revelations, egoic posturing, speculations, theatrics, and desperately nonsensical controlling endeavours to make it a frighteningly inhumane reality, remember that all this that we’re seeing now has been the distortion in our reality for a very long time. Those people who are noticing are just now starting to only glimpse of the negative alien anti-human, anti-Christos agenda of hatred and deception. It’s just now becoming more visible as it purges out. So please remember how far we’ve come and where we’re certainly headed. Personally, keep choosing God, and the most benevolent and freeing experience for humanity.

The more you move toward your God-self, it sets off a cascade of internal reconciliation, which is what is required now to bring peace to the past and embrace what is inviting you forward. The past is painful and the past is old. So a valuable question to ask is, “What must I release now in order to be unified in my true nature?”

It’s all about Unification as we move to the next stage of Emerald Order Guardian Ascension Support. Unification includes many things: human and Divine, head and heart; masculine and feminine; dimensional bodies; physical-emotional-mental-spiritual; past-present-future; higher heavens to matter manifestation, etc.

Cosmic Heart Unification continues:

  • Triple Solar Feminine Principle merged with Triple Solar Masculine Principle.
  • The Eternal Cosmic Spirit Sun is now down-stepping into the Universal Solar Female Melchizedek Sun of our Universal Time Matrix.
  • This means Reclamation of the Melchizedek Planetary Logos, which is the Collective Cosmic Consciousness Blueprint, Blue Ray of the Threefold Founder Flames.
  • For this Cosmic Spirit Sun to become accessible the Universal 12D Tree of Life of our Universal Mother has come into sacred marriage with its parallel spiritual double Universe, the 12D Tree of Life of our Universal Father.
  • This now creates 24-dimensional alignment into another merged 12 Tree Grid with more corrections to restore our organic matrix.
  • This reunification is a celebration of Angelic Humanity’s origins: the HieroGamic union of these two Suns was split apart when consciousness fell in Lyra, resulting in trapped fallen Melchizedek consciousness and gender reversals. The rest is dark history!
  • We are returning to our home! Can you see now why we can say that nothing can stop this ascension?

What does this all mean for you?

  • The dismantling of our old AI manipulated world continues, and the Spiritual War continues.
  • But we’re rapidly expanding on an ascending timeline, and greater bifurcation with descending timelines.
  • Remember that you are the microcosm of the macrocosm! And there is so much unfolding – much more than what I described above.
  • Keep trusting, keep aligning with your true Cosmic Mother and Father Within, and keep doing your inner work and heal your heart.
  • This is all for more Freedom for Humanity! Thank you God!!

Be sincere in your heart to align with the next evolution of your ascending timeline in unity with the Planetary-Universal-Cosmic body, and so are you blessed.