Demonstrating Love not Demanding Justice



Anytime we treat others with respect, or disrespect, it will return to us. This is something that many of us understand at this timing, because we know that it can’t be any other way. For in this Universe that we inhabit, there is a natural law of cause and effect, which means that our intent and actions have energetic consequences. The Universe moves toward balance.

Illusion and Delusion

'3D Screaming'

‘3D Screaming’

We are still in the process of learning and healing. While we may be clear that we wish to be treated with respect, we do not always treat others that way. A game of mind control is playing out on the world stage: some people feel entitled to strike out from their hurt and make a huge ruckus. While there’s healthy progress in people asking for respect, and to be seen and heard, it’s not progress when someone chooses to push their beliefs and their differences on another, with the anticipation that this force will create the acceptance that they want.

It’s as though a great misunderstanding has developed about what it means to be diverse in our communities. This confusion comes from painful wounding that we all inherited, in personal and planetary timelines, when we were not accepted for who we were, abused, enslaved, or forced to conform. We sometimes felt that anything we did that ‘rocked the boat’, or brought attention to us only led to greater pain. It seems only naturally human to get angry about that upon awakening to truth. It feels good to be liberated from repression! Of course, we want equality, fairness and freedom! But when we get in touch with our anger it’s not okay to spew it on anyone else. This is never healing and an abuse of power. At the same time, we’re seeing a dark force exploitation of these triggers. Playing right into the controller agenda, we’re seeing humanity swing back and forth from being oppressed and victimized, to the polarity of aggressively demanding justice, pushing back with more discrimination and only reversed, and even sometimes expecting unreasonable entitlement, all in the name of gaining back power. But it’s a false power. It’s a controlled, socially engineered diversity. Apparently it’s evident in educational institutions now, and would be anywhere for that matter, where mandated programs and pressures to conform override wisdom and free expression, and twist the truth. And it’s still feeding the victim-victimizer and divide-and-conquer programs. Humanity’s liberty is still being stolen.

Inner before Outer Synthesis

'alara whisper'

‘alara whisper’

Opposing energies like this surface when those wounds have not yet fully healed. When we feel that we must push ourselves onto others there is some imbalance within, and some unmet need. Meeting that need will never come from our outer reality, only the inner.

Many more are waking up to the idea of self-responsibility. However, change cannot remain just as an idea or something that we can expect to happen through sheer happenstance, and it will never happen through blaming external forces. The healing has to involve active, conscious participation. It requires that we listen to ourselves to understand what is out of balance in our relationship with ourselves.

'Hypnotic anamorphosis'

‘Hypnotic anamorphosis’

We can heal pain, trauma and fragmented sub-personalities. We do not have to keep swinging back and forth between the polarities of being oppressed and being the oppressor. We do not have to keep playing out the victim-victimizer addiction program. We do not have to keep perpetuating the divide- and-conquer negative alien agenda. These mind control games, alien machinery and implants continue to manipulate the masses so that we stay in one polarity or the other, repressed and trapped in our consciousness, and never truly heal. Instead, we can choose to see the game for what it is. We do not have to force our differences on others. We can heal ourselves, connect into infinite Source energy, and settle into neutral compassionate balance – one in which there is only the simple and easy place of allowing what is. Then we truly have acceptance: we respect others and don’t expect others to respect us. Mutual respect will occur simply because we accept ourselves.

bird hanging out

Differences can Offer Expansion

"turn things upside down it's more interesting that way" credit -Mario Gustavo F

“turn things upside down it’s more interesting that way” credit -Mario Gustavo F

When we come across others who are different than we are, who hold a different opinion or perspective, we can remain open to the understanding that all possibilities co-exist in this universe until one is chosen as our preference. That preference is formed from being informed and knowing ourselves well. That preference becomes clear when we learn from others and discern what feels true for us. Listening doesn’t have to take anything away from us. But if we close our minds to others and what they see, make prejudicial or snap judgments, or accept rhetoric, we limit our own expansion. If we attack, it will boomerang back.

“To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.”

Robert Louis Stevenson

Clarity About Compassion

'Sleeping on My Friend'

‘Sleeping on My Friend’

These mind control manipulations have created obfuscation about having compassion too. It’s common for those awakening to misunderstand how far to take their lenience. Acceptance does not mean that we allow boundary violations, or tolerate harm to ourselves or others. It does not mean that we say nothing. If we continue to tolerate power abuses we have accomplished nothing in healing the same old patterns. It may seem obvious to say, but this is why it is tremendously important that everybody now see the deceptions and abuses that have run rampant for so long, and stop participating with it – by recognizing that we have to heal the ways that we abuse ourselves, abandon ourselves, or are aggressive with ourselves. If we are still unclear in our pain and our compassion for ourselves, how can we be clear in our boundaries with others?

In most instances, it means that we can live in our hearts and recognize we are responsible for our wounds, and others for theirs. It means we act with love and appreciation when others cannot and because others cannot.

It can all be said simply: “I can allow you to be who you are. I have no control over your thoughts, emotions, choices and actions. I can allow you your individuated expression, and love myself too. We can co-exist. But that does not mean that I have to agree with you and all your choices and actions and you with mine. I’m responsible for me and what I choose, and you are responsible for you and what you choose. We may choose each other as valued friends, but if we don’t, we can respect each other.

However, if you violate me, I do not have to allow the violation. I have a right to defend myself through my authentic power, but not my aggression or oppression of you. As someone who values life, this also extends to my right and choice to uphold the sanctity of life whether that is another adult, child or animal. If you act from intent to harm, I can extend my forgiveness and unconditional love to the truth of who you are, but I do not allow behaviours of power abuses to continue.”  

Return to Love

So, it’s possible to create respect for individuality and respect for differences, allow true diversity and equality, while standing in our truth and authentic power. It’s about choosing to demonstrate love, to ourselves and all others, not demanding justice. From that love, peace and unity prevails. It’s love that creates justice, returns sacred balance, and generates positive results. This is what’s naturally, Divinely human.

'Shining Through-2'

‘Shining Through-2’

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2018 Amâeil (Melinda Urban)