Why The Illusion of the 2016 US Election Matters to Everyone

'NoBody For President' flickrcc.net

‘NoBody For President’ flickrcc.net

In February I spoke about the main archontic deception strategies on this planet, run by off-planet sources. Archon behaviour is never in alignment with the truth of what our reality is really about, and nor does it support the human race and Earth. Archons will never decide to show themselves in their deceptions, and nor will they ever assist anyone to expand in consciousness. They overshadow bodies and interfere in people’s lives as though they own the individual and own humanity. They control through superficiality and manipulation. Right now the US election process is an example of this deception in play.

There is a big illusion being played out now by the so-called leaders who are steering the citizens of the United States, and the global community, into some false promises. They are not leaders but they are deceivers. For example, we are seeing Trump, Clinton, Saunders and Cruz in a race to control the United States. But none of these beings truly align with the minds and hearts of the people and the greater good. Think of the number of times that any one of them has probably travelled in the circles of the common man. Perhaps they had at one time, as children, but those stories are long forgotten and now they live in the world of political games and political rhetoric in order to sway and manipulate. Political theatre is an example of what has been forced upon humanity to become an acceptable practice. Once again there is a false assurance of how reality will change and yet these beings operate from the very strategies that have created the problem on Earth. Archons are frauds, and they have no intention of bringing good to bear in the United States.

So why does this matter to the common man, and why does this matter to someone who is awakening and already more consciousness of what’s beyond this reality? It matters because if we can see through this falseness then we have choice to enact the truth and not to have to join them in their games anymore. This is the purpose of being awake: to see beyond illusion and shift consciousness – our personal consciousness, and therefore, the collective. Nothing will change unless we do. Now people will have a choice as to whether they believe what they are being told or whether they can feel the dissonance of what is taking place. In the United States you can choose whether to vote or not, but it’s not your vote that counts the most, it’s your consciousness: what you are willing to see of the truth that is happening, and how you see yourself on this planet. For this reason, while in Canada our vote does not count, raising our consciousness certainly does.

'Unmasked!' flickrcc.net

‘Unmasked!’ flickrcc.net

Things are not as they appear. If you’ve been paying the least amount of attention you know that Trump has become the joke of the election process. His inflated ego may seem obvious to those awake, but many were falling for the hype, because he was different from the same old, same old.  Notice, however, that the core energy being created by him was chaos, aggression, divisiveness, instability and inconsistency, which are certainly lower frequencies. Yet, also take note of how his bluster became a liability and he started to lose favour. Look deeper: the entire time that he was distracting the masses, what was going on? The archons use a very distinct pattern of drawing attention away from what matters – a “look here, don’t look there” tactic.  It seems that if Clinton were elected president it would suit to raise the collective consciousness because she is a woman, or would it? She might seem like a better choice in comparison to Trump, but upholding Oneness, no. Cruz clearly operates from ego as well. It seems like Bernie Saunders holds a higher consciousness for serving the people and resonates more with those that want honest, heart-based leadership. He does indeed appear to have much more integrity. But make no mistake about it, he too knows how to play the game and has for many years. Bernie Saunders also has a political agenda, meaning he wants to appear as the hero, he wants to bring people forward into his thinking, and he wants to appear as though all that he thinks and says is more correct and more helpful and more true. Saunders is still playing a game like the others, it’s just that his game is more gentle. Still, it’s not suited to true change any more than any other politician. You might notice that the response to Saunders is much like all the manipulated “hope for change”  that arose around Obama.  All of them are mired in the political arena and there is no true choice here. They are participating in this process as puppets, possibly unknowingly. Politics is a very slow moving machine for the kind of change this planet needs. It’s just a very superficial game and one that never seems to create true change, because the real agenda is the negative alien archontic deception and off-planet sources control this deceptive election process.

“To this day, it does not matter what person is elected President or any other office, because it’s not controlled by them, they are just the talking head to distract the public, while the Black Sun and other split off factions, dictate policy and government.”
Lisa Renee
Emissary for the Guardian Groups
& a spokesperson for the shift of humanity to “Ascension”

Look deeper into the stories being spun by the media and the candidates. Look into their eyes and read the energy frequency that they hide in their beings. Listen and watch the frenzy being created at some conventions and debates, driving up the energy into a pulse of persuasion, false promise and a push for wanting more without critical analysis and clear intention for greater good and for greater understanding. In the same way that we can feel someone who is ingenuine, someone who doesn’t care, someone who is self-centred, and someone who holds ill-intention, we can use our expanded awareness and higher sensory perception to detect any energy that doesn’t align with the natural Universal Law of One. This game can serve the higher purpose of helping us to see that which is skewed with distortion. The US election is a perfect opportunity to practice the ability to read energy signatures.

The true change that is needed on this planet is through education about ascension and the dark agenda, and awakening to truth, not through politics and not by picking one political candidate over another. This is a message of clarity being put before us if we choose to see it. We can see through the archontic deception and see that it doesn’t have to be this way. What would happen if everyone saw through this? We would have the crumbling of what is no longer supportive to the return of Christ/Krystic consciousness on this planet. We would see the dismantling of the plans to enslave humanity. Do not be mistaken about the reality show being played out now. This leadership game is not a game-changer, it is more of the same. Humanity is being played. But if we see through the lies and deception, then we will see just how empowered we are. We can claim our sovereignty now.

Again, as always, please take only what resonates.


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